TV Recap: S14E06 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 SemiFinals Round 1 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: SemiFinals Round 1 Season 14 Episode 6

This week, the scene for Season 14 shifts to Los Angeles for four weeks of semifinals.

Also, we’ve got a brand new Power Tower for the top two qualifiers to compete on at the end of the night.

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Lunatic Ledges, Air Surfer, Spinning Bridge, Kaleidoscope, Warped Wall,  Salmon Ladder, Ghost Town, Split Decision (Dragonback or Spin Zone), Spider Trap

Bob Reese, 26-year-old Content Creator

Reese has 3.8 million followers on Tik Tok.

I wonder how many of them were watching the number 11 qualifier from episode 1 tonight.

Reese looked the part of the guy who climbed the Mega Wall in qualifying as he completed the first part of the course with ease.

He even added a reverse 360 on the Warped Wall.

But Reese’s smooth run ended on the new obstacle, Ghost Town.

During the break…

Ryan Hermstein fell on Air Surfer.

Darion Bennett fell on Kaleidoscope.

Cal Plohoros, 16-year-old High School Student

“Ninja Cal’s” Spanish teacher got to speak with Matt Iseman (her crush) before Plohoros’s run.

“Ninja Cal” moved smoothly through the first part of the course.

And he continued throughout his run trying to connect Matt with his teacher.

But Plohoros’s run would end on Ghost Town.

During the break…

Brett Sims fell on Air Surfer.

Steve Donnelly fell on Spinning Bridge.

Matt D’Amico, 21-year-old Gym Owner

Joined in progress, D’Amico was the first ninja tonight to complete Ghost Town.

But D’Amico didn’t have anything left as he fell on Dragonback.

Jordan Carr, 15-year-old High School Student

In qualifying, Carr became the youngest woman to ever hit a buzzer.

At the time, she wasn’t sure how to celebrate.

But she was sure how to navigate the first four obstacles.

It was on the fifth obstacle, Kaleidoscope, where Carr’s smooth navigation ended.

During the break…

Jennifer Stefano fell on Air Surfer.

Ryan Sanders fell on Ghost Town.

Joe Capo fell on Spinning Bridge

Abby Clark failed on the Warped Wall.

Najee Richardson, 31-year-old Motivational Speaker

Richardson’s grandfather was a part of a student walkout in 1967 Philadelphia.

And this year, Richardson showed his grandfather the historical marker he did not know was there to honor the event.

Richardson reaffirmed the high opinion people have of him in the ninja community with his performance through the first four obstacles.

Richardson kept up the quick pace until he approached the 2nd half of the course as the Phoenix took time to catch his breath.

And Richardson looked to be on his way to a top run until he shockingly fell on Ghost Town.

During the break…

Addy Herman fell on Kaleidoscope.

Dave Cavanagh fell on Dragonback.

Lucas Reale, 23-year-old Gym Owner

Joined in progress, Reale became the third ninja on the night to complete Ghost Town.

Choosing Spin Zone (The first to try it), Reale fell on the ninth obstacle.

Flip Rodriguez, 32-year-old Stuntman

Rodriguez took to the course wearing the mask he wore in his first seasons of American Ninja Warrior.

The mask was symbolic in that, when Flip removed it, he opened up about troubles he’s endured in the past.

It’s also referenced in his new book, “The Man Behind the Mask.”

Flip faced no issues on the first half of the course.

The man has reached Stage 2 in Vegas six times.

And after completing Ghost Town, Flip looked in great shape to get back there and repeat the feat.

Flip’s quick feet paid off as he flew past Spin Zone.

And after climbing Spider Trap, Flip’s spot was assured!!!!

Flip Rodriguez completed the course in 5:06.95.

During the break…

Alex Begolly, John Uga, James Sannella, and Xavier Dantzler all fell on Kaleidoscope.

Josiah Pippel, 16-year-old College Student

Pippel hopes his practicing piano will help his hand-eye coordination for ninja.

And Pippel looked to top his Mega Wall accomplishing performance in qualifying with a quick run through the first half of the course.

Pippel became another ninja who made it past Ghost Town.

But Pippel is unique up to this point with being the first to complete Dragonback.

And after climbing the Spider Trap, Pippel sits atop the leaderboard with the night’s fastest time!!!

Josiah Pippel completes the course in 4:10.02.

During the break…

Jay Flores fell on Air Surfer.

Sophia Lavalee also fell on Air Surfer.

Anthony Eardley, 31-year-old Welder

Eardley was adopted at two days old and one of his parents seven children (ages 33 to 10).

And Eardley and his wife just adopted their son.

Eardley always qualifies for the semifinal round.

But he’s yet to make it to Vegas.

Eardley was making a strong case tonight with a quick pace through the first four obstacles.

And Eardley was still in a good position as he completed the Salmon Ladder, the obstacle that cost him a spot in Vegas last season.

Eardley’s run ended on Dragonback.

But Eardley, for the first time in his ninja career, is going to the National Finals!!!

During the break….

Matt Bradley fell on Air Surfer.

Cara Mack fell on Kaleidoscope.

Rachel Degutz, 23-year-old Science Teacher

Degutz started teaching 7th and 8th grade science this year and incorporates ninja into her teaching.

And with her class looking on, Degutz needed to reach Kaleidoscope in 90 seconds to advance to Vegas.

She did it with 6 seconds to spare!!!

Degutz fell on the fifth obstacle, but her spot in the National Finals is secured!!!

During the break…

Guang Chi fell on Air Surfer.

Jeremy Warters fell on Ghost Town (but he’s going to Vegas!!!).

Jay Lewis, 18-year-old High School Student

If Lewis hits a buzzer, he will announce his college choice from the top of Spider Trap.

Lewis competed on the Power Tower last season and he was pushing for a spot again this season after the first part of the course.

“Lache” was eyeing the fastest time as he approached Dragonback.

And as Lewis hit the buzzer, he had the fastest time with many seconds to spare!!!

Lewis then announced he’ll be attending Syracuse University this fall.

Jay Lewis completes the course in 3:57.49.

During the break…

James Burns fell on Kaleidoscope.

Luke Dillon hit the buzzer!!!

Joe Moravsky, 33-year-old Meteorologist

No ninja has hit more buzzers (28) than Joe Moravsky.

And the Weatherman faced Jay Lewis last season on the Power Tower.

Could the training partners have a rematch this season?

As expected, Moravsky pace on the front end of the course gave him a great chance at one of those top two spots.

After completing Ghost Town, Moravsky clinched his spot in Vegas.

But on Dragonback, Moravsky fingers slipped off the bar of the ninth obstacle.

Power Tower

Jay Lewis vs Josiah Pippel

This season’s Power Tower starts with the ninjas pushing a 100-pound sled before making their way up the high part of the tower.

Both ninjas lost on the Power Tower last season.

Pippel had the edge after the sleds.

He kept that slight edge towards the cliffhanger.

But the key word is slight as Lewis “lached” past Pippel and hit the buzzer just a tenth of a second ahead of Pippel.

Jay Lewis wins the Safety Pass.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 SemiFinals 1 advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Jay Lewis (Safety Pass)
  2. Josiah Pippel
  3. Flip Rodriguez
  4. Luke Dillon

Fell at Split Decision

  1. Matt D’Amico
  2. Joe Moravsky
  3. Lucas Reale
  4. Dave Cavanagh
  5. Anthony Eardley

Fell at Ghost Town

  1. Najee Richardson
  2. Ryan Sanders
  3. Bob Reese
  4. Jeremy Waters
  5. Cal Plohoros

Fell at Warped Wall

  1. Abby Clark

Top 3 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals for 2022

Fell at Warped Wall

  1. Abby Clark

Fell at Kaleidoscope

  1. Addy Herman
  2. Rachel DeGutz

One week of semifinals are in the book. We’ll see you next week for week two.

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