TV Recap: S14E05 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 Qualifying Round 5 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: Qualifying Round 5 Season 14 Episode 5

It is hard to believe we are already on the last week of qualifying.

And next week, the scene shifts to Los Angeles for the semifinals.

But we have one more week in San Antonio, so let’s take a look at the course:

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Shattered Panes Split Decision (Broken Bridge or Despicaballs), Ring Chaser, Final Frontier, Warped Wall

Costin Becheanu, 36-year-old EMT

The graveyard shift EMT played the part of Dracula before hitting the course.

And Dracula was flying like a bat through Shattered Panes until the sun came out and Becheanu fell on the 2nd obstacle.

Jeramiah Boyd, 18-year-old High School Student

You might recognize Boyd from his time on ANW Jr or from his Tik Tok videos climbing up Warped Walls.

Boyd worked quickly and flawlessly through the first half of the course.

And Boyd’s approach didn’t slow down as he made it to Final Frontier.

In fact, Boyd didn’t slow down until he took his time sizing up the Mega Wall.

And Boyd is now $10,000 richer!!!

Jeremiah Boyd completes the course in 2:06.54.

During the break…

Kadeem Aarons fell on Despicaballs.

Ryan Slack fell on Ring Chaser.

Kyndal McKenzie fell on Final Frontier.

Heidi Jorgensen, 21-year-old Photographer

Heidi trains with her friend, Julia, who has cerebral palsy.

And Julia was watching as Heidi completed the first two obstacles.

Heidi’s strong run continued as she made it all the way to Final Frontier before falling on the fifth obstacle.

But that run definitely puts her in contention for a spot in LA.

During the break…

Deren Perez fell on Despicaballs.

Tyler Kurtzhals fell on Final Frontier.

Ava Colasanti fell on Shattered Panes.

Chris O’Connell, 32-year-old Radio Producer

Both O’Connell and his son have had open heart surgeries.

And Cavin (O’Connell’s son) is here to cheer his dad on.

O’Connell gave his son lots to cheer about as he completed the first three obstacles.

But O’Connell fell while swinging on Ring Chaser.

During the break…

Asaf Goren fell on Final Frontier.

Emmanuel Williams fell on Shattered Panes.

Dan Wentworth fell on Despicaballs.

Lance Pekus, 35-year-old Rancher

Elijah Browning visited Pekus out at his Idaho ranch to train.

He also helped Pekus build new obstacles on the ranch.

The new obstacle Browning helped Pekus build was meant to help him prove his lashays.

And the improvements showed on Ring Chaser.

-But Pekus fell just few feet away from completing Final Frontier.

Elijah Browning, 17-year-old High School Student

How will Browning follow up last season’s Stage 2 finish?

Browning looked ready for a repeat as he completed the first half of the course.

Browning was pushing for the night’s fastest time as he approached Final Frontier having been on the course for less than a minute.

And he probably would have had it to if Browning hadn’t chosen to do the Mega Wall.

Browning came up just short on the 18-foot wall.

But Browning did make it the standard wall with another buzzer!!!

Elijah Browning completes the course in 2:22.66.

During the break…

Brian Kretsch fell on his appendix before falling on Final Frontier.

David Campbell hit the buzzer!!!

Liba Yoffe, 35-year-old (profession not stated)

Yoffe is a 4’11 Orthodox Jew running in a skirt.

And she made well completing the first obstacle before falling on Shattered Panes.

Chris Staples, 35-year-old Professional Dunker

Yes, the man makes a living dunking basketballs and that is amazing!!!

Staples took his time working through Shattered Panes.

But he fell short trying to grab the last Pane.

During the break…

Tiana Webberley fell on Final Frontier.

Anthony Porter hit the buzzer!!!

Josh Levin also hit the buzzer!!!

Isaiah Waghiyi, 24-year-old Fisherman

Waghiyi is from Savoonga, Alaska: 4,000 miles from San Antonio and where winter is nine months a year.

And this is also the first time Waghiyi has been away from Alaska.

Waghiyi hung on just barely with his feet on Shattered Panes.

After that save, Waghiyi moved quickly through Split Decision before falling on Ring Chaser.

During the break…

Colton Skuster fell on Shattered Panes.

Megan Johnson fell on Despicaballs.

Kyle Soderman took down the Mega Wall!!!!

Brittney Durant, 21-year-old Clothing Designer

Durant is hosting a tv show where she encourages women to get involved in extreme sports.

Durant took zero missteps through the first half of the course.

And Durant’s flawless run continued as she approached Final Frontier.

After hanging on the bar for a long time, Durant made two accurate jumps on her way to completing the fifth obstacle.

And after missing on the first attempt, Durant was on top of the Warped Wall with her first buzzer!!!

Brittney Durant completes the course in 4:43.37.

During the break…

Adam Jorgensen fell on Despicaballs.

Brigham Youngstrom fell on Final Frontier.

Grant Nguyen hit the buzzer!!!

David Funk, 45-year-old Entertainer

The rookie ninja met his birth sisters for the first time this year.

And his sisters live in San Antonio, meaning they are in attendance tonight.

Funk didn’t look like a 45-year-old rookie as he made it through the first two obstacles.

Following a roll off the finish of Despicaballs, Funk grabbed the ring on Ring Chaser and approached the fifth obstacle.

And Funk’s feet hit the platform at the end of Final Frontier. But his momentum took him back into the water.

During the break…

Michael Pericoloso fell on Shattered Panes.

Evan Andrews fell on Final Frontier.

Izabella Adkins fell just short on the Warped Wall.

Andrews and Adkins are both going to Los Angeles.

Mady Howard, 26-year-old Nurse

Howard took last season off to give birth to her son, Beckham.

And the kid is just adorable when he watches mommy train!!!

Howard overcame a few scary moments on Shattered Panes but made it past the 2nd obstacle.

Beckham started crying after mom completed Split Decision (why Beckham, why???)

His crying continued as Howard stayed focused and approached Final Frontier.

Beckham settled down, but the bar on the fifth obstacle did not as Howard fell.

But Howard is still headed to Los Angeles on her return to the course.

During the break…

Paris Juarez fell on Final Frontier (she’s headed to LA).

Hunter Guerard hit the buzzer with the night’s top time!!!

John Mack, 21-year-old College Student

Mack’s dad committed suicide shortly after directing Mack ninja competition.

The night’s tallest ninja showed his “Reach” while completing Shattered Panes.

And the long strides were making a great push for the night’s fastest time as Mack completed Final Frontier.

And not only did Mack record the top time, but Mack hit the buzzer on the Mega Wall!!!

Jon Mack completes the course in 1:49.65.

During the break…

Sean Bryan and Adam Rayl both hit the buzzer!!!

Jackson Erdos, 15-year-old High School Student

The ANW Jr. champion is the youngest competing this season.

But Erdos’s youth did not show as he flew through the first half of the course.

Erdos didn’t slow down on the 2nd half as he continued past the next two obstacles.

Erdos only slowed down to encourage the crowd as he prepared his attempt at the Mega Wall.

Though he came just short, Erdos did not make it up the regular wall for his first buzzer in adult competition!!!

Jackson Erdos completes the course in 2:28.01.

Nate Hansen completes the course in 2:12.99.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 Qualifier 5 advancing to the Semifinals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. John Mack
  2. Hunter Guerard
  3. Jeremiah Boyd
  4. Caden Madzelan
  5. Elijah Browning
  6. Kyle Soderman
  7. Jackson Erdos
  8. Sean Bryan
  9. Ruben Arellano
  10. David Campbell
  11. Adam Rayl
  12. Grant Nguyen
  13. Alex Nye
  14. Jonah Bonner
  15. Anthony Porter
  16. Josh Levin
  17. Brittney Durant

Fell at Warped Wall

  1. Izabella Adkins

Fell at Final Frontier

  1. Evan Andrews
  2. Tyler Kurtzhals
  3. David Funk
  4. Luke Mizel
  5. Lance Pekus
  6. Steven Cen
  7. Paris Juarez
  8. Mike Beadle
  9. Francisco Barajas
  10. Verdale Benson
  11. Asaf Goren
  12. Mady Howard

Top 5 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Completed Course

  1. Brittney Durant

Fell at Warped Wall

  1. Izabella Adkins

Fell at Final Frontier

  1. Paris Juarez
  2. Mady Howard
  3. Tiana Webberley

Qualifying is done and it’s onto the Semifinals in Los Angeles starting next week!!!

See you then.

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