TV Recap: S14E03 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 Qualifying Round 3 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: Qualifying Round 3 Season 14 Episode 3

It’s time for another night in San Antonio with night 3 of qualifying!!!

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Rollercoaster, Split Decision (Log Runner or Burn Rubber), Kick Boards, Salmon Roll, Warped Wall

Derrick Pavoni, 28-year-old Gym Manager

Pavoni’s gym burned down in a fire back in February.

But Pavoni is keeping his students together in another gym in town.

Pavoni got off to a strong start moving quickly through the first half of the course.

Kick Boards is a new obstacle, but you couldn’t tell with the way Pavoni handled the fourth obstacle.

Unfortunately, Pavoni came up just short on Salmon Roll. We’ll see if that’s enough to get him to the semifinals.

During the break…

Tim Gallenbeck fell on Log Runner.

Steven Bachta fell on Salmon Roll.

Levi Enright, 21-year-old Fitness Instructor

Enright is now engaged to his fellow ninja teens’ cousin, Chris Behrands.

Their relationship is tight, but strange. Though I know we all have a friend who’s mouth we eat cereal from.

Last season, Enright fell on Split Decision.

But not this season as Enright completed Log Runner.

And Enright’s run didn’t stop there as he made it all the way Salmon Roll and stuck the landing on one foot!!!

Enright is engaged, so it makes sense that he’d go for $10,000.

And he got it!!!!

Enright became the seven ninja this season to make it up the Mega Wall.

Levi Enright completes the course in 3:02.31.

During the break…

Ronald Stewart fell on Rollercoaster.

Addy Herman fell on Salmon Roll.

Julianne Vanderaa fell on Log Runner.

Abbey Steffl, 41-year-old Photographer

Abbey’s daughter Molly was a star on ANW Jr. And her mom takes great inspiration from her.

And just like her buzzer hitting daughter, Steffl looked solid on the first two obstacles.

Ella Sankey, 19-year-old College Student

Sankey is one of eight kids. And Ella will be running tonight for two of them: Gavin and Eliza.

Ella looked sharp through the first two obstacles.

But she caught the wrong side of the last log on Log Runner.

During the break…

Elly Hart fell on Log Runner.

Isaiah Barney fell on Kick Board.

Cam Baumgartner hit the buzzer.

Kaden Lebsack, 16-year-old High School Student

Lebsack was the last ninja standing last season as the only ninja who completed Stage 3.

Can he make it up Stage 4 this season?

For that to happen Lebsack has to start from the beginning like everyone else.

And there would be no setbacks tonight as Lebsack made a push for the night’s fastest time.

Lebsack did just that hitting his first buzzer of the season with the top spot on the evening!!!

Kaden Lebsack completes the course in 1:46.63.

During the break…

Ming Yu fell on Shrinking Steps.

Justin Miniard fell on Log Runner.

Mike Silenzi hit the buzzer!!!

Andrew East, 30-year-old Former NFL Player

East’s wife is Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist (pretty sure I copied and pasted that from last season).

And East was through two obstacles with no issues.

After a face landing on Burn Rubber, East couldn’t hold the dismount on Kick Boards.

During the break…

Marquez Green fell on Roller Coaster.

Nathan Green defeated his brother for the first time in their yearly competition before falling on Salmon Roll.

Jackson Twait also fell on Salmon Roll.

Drew Nester, 20-year-old Army Medic

Nester missed last season because of deployment.

But he kept training and is here, Top Gun logo and all (even though he’s Army, not Navy. What are you doing NBC???)

Nester faced down near disaster on Log Runner but held on and kept his run alive.

Then, Nester had to steady the last wheel and Kick Boards to hold on.

Nester’s run finally ended on Salmon Roll.

Yari Breunig, 36-year-old Social Media Influencer

After waving hi to her more than 200,000 Instagram followers, Breunig attacked the first half of the course with ease.

But Breunig could not complete the transition on Kick Boards.

During the break…

Eric Robbins fell on Rollercoster.

Devan Alexander hit the buzzer!!!

Roo Yori also hit the buzzer!!!

KC Boutiette, 51-year-old Olympian

Boutiette’s daughter Brooky has 1P36 deletion syndrome.

And Brooky was looking on as Boutiette attacked the course.

The night’s oldest competitor had no issues with the first half of the course.

Boutiette spent a lot of time working through Kick Boards but fought through it and completed the fourth obstacle.

Boutiette’s strong run ended on Salmon Roll, but a solid run by the Olympian.

During the break…

Andrew Stoinski fell on Salmon Roll.

Max Feinberg hit the buzzer!!!

Elizabeth Leslie fell on Kick Boards (but is moving onto the semifinals).

Chris Behrands, 21-year-old College Student

The other ninja teen moved quickly through the first half of the course.

So fast that he was pushing for the night’s fastest time.

And with the noggin buzzer, Behrands landed the top spot so far.

Chris Behrands completes the course in 1:45.70.

During the break…

Joe Brown hit the buzzer!!!

Maggie Owen fell on Kick Boards (but she’ll be in the semifinals).

Chris DiGangi hit the buzzer!!!

Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck, 32-year-old Gym Manager

LaBreck and her fiancé (Chris DiGangi for those who’ve never watched ANW) entered the night with nine buzzers.

DiGangi recorded his 10th buzzer earlier, so ‘Flex’ is very motivated to even things up with him.

And she was well on her way through the first half of the course.

But there were a few scary moments on Kick Boards.

Well, maybe just some moments for corrections as ‘Flex’ made it past the fourth obstacle.

And ‘Flex’ nearly ran out of room on the podium of Salmon Roll.

But LaBreck fought through it all and hit her 10th buzzer!!!

Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck completes the course in 4:19.39.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 Qualifier 2 advancing to the Semifinals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Chris Behrends
  2. Kaden Lebsack
  3. Ethan Swanson
  4. Max Feinberg
  5. Cam Baumgartner
  6. Tieg Scott
  7. Devan Alexander
  8. Mike Silenzi
  9. Levi Enright
  10. Chris DiGangi
  11. Ethan Gardulski
  12. Jamie Rahn
  13. Joe Brown
  14. Jesse LaBreck
  15. Roo Yori

Fell at Salmon Roll

  1. Jackson Twait
  2. Jon Klippenstein
  3. Michael Bougher
  4. Derrick Pavoni
  5. Leif Sundberg
  6. Addy Herman
  7. Scott Bishop
  8. Kyle Schulze
  9. Brandon Varner
  10. Andrew Stoinski
  11. James Wilson
  12. Nathan Green
  13. Drew Nester
  14. Steven Bachta
  15. KC Boutiette

Top 5 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Completed Course

  1. Jesse LaBreck

Fell at Salmon Roll

  1. Addy Herman

Fell at Kick Boards

  1. Maggie Owen
  2. Maggi Thorne
  3. Elizabeth Leslie

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