TV Recap: S14E02 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 Qualifying Round 2 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: Qualifying Round 2 Season 14 Episode 2

Time for week 2 of qualifying from the Alamo Dome!!!

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Overpass, Split Decision (Domino Effect or the Serpent), Carnival, Piston Plunge (new obstacle), Warped Wall

Ace Goodson, 38-year-old Director of Operations

Goodson crawled over the steps on Shrinking Steps.

With pick in hair, Goodson made it past Overpass before falling on Split Decision.

The pick did not stay in during Goodson’s fall.

Ryan Hermstein, 26-year-old Software Engineer

Hermstein is out to prove that nerds can be athletic too.

Because he missed the moving bar, Hermstein needed a little extra time on Overpass.

And Hermstein held on to the platform to complete the Serpent.

Another near platform miss as Hermstein held the platform by a single foot on Carnival!!!

Hermstein’s run fell short when his arm strength started to give on Piston Plunge.

We’ll see if his time for was enough to move onto the semifinals.

During the break…

Mary Leighton fell on Overpass.

Bryan Mendez fell on the Serpent.

Robert Moffitt, 36-year-old Restaurant Owner

Moffitt makes authentic Italian food with his wife (who is from Italy).

Moffit was another ninja who needed the extra swings on Overpass.

But that extra work did not keep him from moving past Split Decision.

Moffitt’s run would end on Carnival.

Lyndsey Littefield, 25-year-old Science Teacher

Littlefield is a former Miss America contestant who was Miss Massachusetts. She used ninja to get ready for the swimsuit competition and uses ninja examples in her science class.

The bar passed Littlefield on Overpass and she fell short on the long leap that followed.

During the break…

Josh Giles fell on Overpass.

Zac Palazzo fell on Domino Effect.

Sophia Lavalee fell on Piston Plunge.

Jacob Arnstein, 15-year-old High School Student

Arnstein was adopted from Guatemala when he was 15 months old.

Now he holds fundraisers for the orphanage he was adopted from.

Arnstein ran the course at a fast pace as he moved through the first half of the course.

After moving past Carnival, Arnstein became the first ninja on the night to complete Piston Plunge.

And when he hit the buzzer, Arnstein hit the night’s first buzzer!!!

Jacob Arnstein completes the course in 2:27.27.

During the break…

Quinn Nguyen fell on Domino Effect.

Wes Meador fell on the Serpent.

Jenny Remack fell on Shrinking Steps.

Stewart Mahler, 34-year-old Primary Care Physician

Mahler moved the first two obstacles with few issues.

It was a near fall on Domino Effect.

But Mahler managed to keep his feet out of the water by inches.

Mahler’s run ended on Piston Plunge. We’ll see if he’s done enough to move on.

Sandy Zimmerman, 44-year-old PE Teacher

The first mom to hit a buzzer took the first half of the course with few issues (well other than a face plant on Domino Effect).

But on Carnival, Zimmerman was unable to get a ball in any of the three slots.

Because of that, she needed to make the hardest leap and she slipped off the small hand hold.

We’ll see if she did enough to move on later in the show.

During the break…

Nick Roalef fell on Overpass.

McKinley Pierce fell on Domino Effect.

Darion Bennett fell Piston Plunge.

Abraham Nova, 28-year-old Boxer

Nova is the WBA Light Heavyweight Champion with an unbeaten record.

But the champ needed a lot of extra swings on Shrinking Steps before his foot touched the water, ending his run on the very first obstacle.

Steve Donnelly, 33-year-old Engineer

Donnelly is the night’s biggest competitor.

Donnelly fell on Split Decision last season.

But this season, he chose the Serpent (and succeeded).

Then, the 6’5, 225-pound Donnelly worked his way past Carnival after hitting the top slot.

Donnelly’s big frame turned out to be too much on Piston Plunge.

During the break…

Conor Galvin fell on the Serpent.

Lucas Reale fell on Piston Plunge.

Jay Lewis hit the buzzer!!!

Josiah Pippel, 16-year-old High School Student

Pippel wants to race Formula One one day. But for now, he’ll settle for go-kart racing.

Pippel runs a fast pace on the course.

And he was through the first three quickly and flawlessly.

I think I counted two swings (maybe three) on Carnival.

And as Pippel approached the Wall, he was well on pace for the night’s fastest time.

But Pippel made the decision to head up the Mega Wall.

And not only did he win the $10,000, he also landed the night’s fastest time so far as well!!!

Josiah Pippel completes the course in 2:21.88.

During the break…

Cara Mack (Jersey Girl #1), Rachel Degutz (Jersey Girl #2), and Abby Clark (Jersey Girl #3) all fell on Piston Plunge.

Jonas Harmer, 24-year-old Sales Manager

Olympic Silver Medalist McKayla Skinner is the wife of Harmer.

Harmer is 6’7 and used every inch of that frame on Overpass.

But he was unable to keep his feet out of the water on Serpent.

Jeremy Warters, 21-year-old Rapper

Warters gave everyone a verse before taking to the course.

After two flawless obstacles, Warters stumbled a bit before holding onto the platform on the Serpent.

Warters kept a fast pace as he moved past Piston Plunge (sans glasses).

And then Warters hit the buzzer on his way to his first course finish!!!

Jeremy Warters completes the course in 3:23.25.

During the break…

Anthony Eardley fell on Piston Plunge.

Luke Dillon hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time!!!

Aly Merto fell on Domino Effect.

Najee Richardson, 30-year-old Motivational Speaker

Richardson is back after missing last season with an ankle injury.

While he was rehabbing and training for this season, Richardson broke three world records.

Richardson showed little rust as he worked past the first two obstacles.

And the Phoenix stayed fairly smooth through rest of the course.

When Richardson got to the Wall, he had a decision: regular wall or head up the Mega Wall.

The Phoenix didn’t look ready for the $10,000.

But he did get the standard wall on his second try!!!

Najee Richardson completes the course in 3:41.18.

During the break…

Tyler Behrle fell on Piston Plunge.

Brandon McWilliams also fell on Piston Plunge.

Ryan Sanders hit the buzzer on his first time on the course.

Jennifer Stefano, 21-year-old Thrift Store Owner

Stefano suffered a panic attack last season before her run.

But Stefano credits her fiancé, Ryan (the man who hit the buzzer during the break) with helping her overcome it.

Stefano’s run ended before she started obstacle two last season.

But she would have no issues with Overpass this season.

Nor were there any issues with the next two obstacles.

Stefano would fall on Piston Plunge and currently sits in the women’s top five.

During the break…

Josh Squire fell on Domino Effect.

James Sannella hit the buzzer!!!

Jessie Graff, 38-year-old Stuntwoman

Graff also did not compete last season after enduring three major surgeries.

While she was rehabbing, Graff took up sign language, free diving, and hang gliding.

Graff gave her surgically repaired shoulders a test on Over Pass.

But then Graff shockingly fell on the Serpent.

During the break…

Matt D’Amico hit the buzzer (with the night’s fastest time).

Matt Bradley also hit the buzzer (beating D’Amico’s time).

Daniel Novarro fell on Carnival (sending Ryan Hermstein to Los Angeles).

Joe Moravsky, 32-year-old Meteorologist

Moravksy grabbed the moving bar on Overpass.

The Weatherman wasted no time making decisions on the course as he eyed the night’s fastest time.

Moravksy clinched his semifinal spot after finishing Carnival.

But that’s clearly not enough for the Weatherman.

He won’t be getting the night’s fastest time, but he was looking for his third ever Mega Wall.

And Moravsky did it, becoming the first ninja ever to do so!!!

Joe Moravsky completes the course in 2:16.51.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 Qualifier 2 advancing to the Semifinals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. Matt Bradley
  2. Matt D’Amico
  3. Luke Dillon
  4. Joe Moravsky
  5. Josiah Pippel
  6. James Sannella
  7. Jay Lewis
  8. Jacob Arnstein
  9. Ryan Sanders
  10. Jeremy Warters
  11. Najee Richardson

Fell at Piston Plunge

  1. Xavier Dantzler
  2. Lucas Reale
  3. Joe Capo
  4. Dave Cavanagh
  5. Darion Bennett
  6. James Burns
  7. Sophia Lavallee
  8. Alex Begolly
  9. Abby Clark
  10. Branden McWilliams
  11. Stewart Mahler
  12. Tyler Behrle
  13. Cara Mack
  14. John Uga
  15. Rachel Degutz
  16. Steve Donnelly
  17. Anthony Eardley
  18. Jennifer Stefano
  19. Gung Cui
  20. Ryan Hermstein

Note: The show listed two 11th place finishers.

Top 5 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Fell at Piston Plunge

  1. Sophia Lavallee
  2. Abby Clark
  3. Cara Mack
  4. Rachel Degutz
  5. Jennifer Stefano

Two weeks are in the books. We’ll you see for week three next week.

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