TV Recap: S14E01 – American Ninja Warrior Season 14 Qualifying Round 1 2022

American Ninja Warrior Season 14 2022: Qualifying Round 1 Season 14 Episode 1

It’s time for another season of American Ninja Warrior!!!

And this season is opening in San Antonio for five nights of qualifying.

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Roller Coaster (new obstacle), Split Decision (Domino Effect or the Serpent (new obstacle), Carnival (new obstacle), Salmon Roll (new obstacle), Warped Wall

You counted that right: four new obstacles!!!

David Ninja, 22-year-old Ninja Coach

“The Cake Ninja” kicked things off with a fast start.

But his run came to his sudden end as he attempted the Serpent, a new obstacle on Split Decision.

Lilah Nathison, 15-year-old High School Student

Nathison says ninja has helped her deal with her ADHD.

Nathison worked quickly through the first two obstacles.

And that fast pace continued for “L Grizz” through Carnival.

The rookie’s run did come to an end on Salmon Roll, but her time might be enough to move onto Los Angeles and the semifinals.

During the break…

Rafael Sanz fell on Roller Coaster.

Ian Ham Arashiro fell on Carnival.

Brad Giles fell on Salmon Roll.

Jeff Loftus, 24-year-old Woodworker

Loftus is a part of a group of ninjas, “The Loonies,” hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia.

Loftus muscled his way through Roller Coaster.

And after ripping off his sleeves, the mechanical engineer dropped the ball in the one spot on Carnival (and he completed the fourth obstacle thanks to the benefits of hitting that top spot).

But just like others who’ve run before him, Loftus fell on Salmon Roll.

During the break…

Mark Pressley fell on the Serpent.

Megan Budway fell on Domino Effect.

Josh Wagg fell on Salmon Roll.

Christopher Harding Jones, 17-year-old High School Student

Jones’s father died of lung cancer.

But before he died, he built his son a ninja course in his backyard and started an organization called “Living Wide” that encourages those with terminal illnesses to live to the fullest with the time they have.

Harding Jones set a fast pace on the course moving through the first four obstacles in a breeze.

And Harding Jones continued his strong run as he became the first tonight to complete Salmon Roll.

That wasn’t his only first on the night.

Harding Jones made it up the Warped Wall and became the night’s first buzzer!!!

Christopher Harding Jones completes the course in 2:50.55.

During the break…

the rest of the loonies.

Chad Thornhill fell on Domino Effect.

Carrington Osborne fell on Roller Coaster.

Josiah Singleton hit the buzzer!!!

Gary Hines, 38-year-old Professional Handball Player

Not only is Hines a professional handball player from Germany.

He’s competed on six seasons of Germany’s edition of ANW.

Everything was going smoothly for Hines until he missed all three boxes on Carnival.

Didn’t matter.

Hines used the toughest item on the fourth obstacle to swing to the platform.

And after failing on the Mega Wall, Hines made it up the Warped Wall with ease and became the night’s first finisher!!!

Gary Hines completes the course in 3:00.06.

During the break…

Jake Parker fell on Roller Coaster.

Lindsey Eskildsen fell on Carnival.

Lorin Ball fell on Salmon Ladder.

Eric Middleton fell on Salmon Ladder.

John Loobey, 70-year-old Window Cleaner

The oldest ninja in the competition relies on a diet of raw eggs to prepare for the ninja course.

After an extra swing, Loobey completed the first obstacle.

But Loobey was unable to beat his own record of oldest complete two obstacles when he got stuck and fell on Roller Coaster.

Heather O’Reilly, 37-year-old Soccer Coach

O’Reilly is a former member of USWNT with both Olympic gold medals and a World Cup championship.

After a number of extra swings, O’Reilly moved past Shrinking Steps.

But she did not get past Roller Coaster.

During the break…

Flip Rodriguez fell on Salmon Ladder.

Cal Plohoros hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far.

Alyssa Beird shockingly fell on the Serpent.

James McGrath

“The Beast” has been working really hard rehabbing his shoulder to get back to competing on the ninja course after a three-year absence.

And if he hits a buzzer, he’s proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Alyssa Beird.

The shoulder looked fine on Roller Coaster.

But McGrath wasn’t going to test it on Split Decision.

McGrath has experience with the Salmon Ladder. And the experience paid off as he completed Salmon Roll.

Now, with a proposal on the line, you’d think McGrath would play it safe and hit the standard wall.


The Beast completed the comeback with a buzzer, $10,000, and a proposal!!!

James McGrath completes the course in 3:46.72.

During the break…

Antwon Reeves fell on the first obstacle.

Karen Potts fell on Salmon Roll (though she’s likely heading to the semifinals).

Parish Cardenas also fell on Salmon Roll.

Kyle McCreight, 34-year-old Occupational Therapist

It’s a three-legged dog!!!

And Trey entered McCreight’s life at the perfect time.

Of course, Trey was there on the sideline supporting McCreight.

McCreight looked solid through the first three obstacles.

The flawless run continued onto Salmon Roll.

But the run ended on the fifth obstacle, a common theme for tonight.

McCreight’s time might be enough to advance to the semifinals.

During the break…

Grace Sims fell on Domino Effect.

Bret Sims hit the buzzer!!!

Becca Anderson fell on Carnival.

Bob Reese hit the buzzer on the Mega Wall!!!

Casey Rothschild, 23-year-old Customer Service Manager

Rothschild hit the buzzer four years ago and became the youngest woman to do so.

But Rothschild has not hit a buzzer since.

Rothschild accomplished another first tonight: conquering the Serpent.

And after completing Salmon Roll, Rothschild looked poised to hit the buzzer again!!!

She did it on her 2nd attempt!!!

Casey Rothschild completes the course in 3:44.25.

During the break…

Kevin Carbone fell on Salmon Roll (but he is moving onto the semifinals).

Mack Roesch also fell on Salmon Roll.

Vance Walker, 16-year-old High School Student

The two-time ANW Jr. Champion made it to Stage 3 in first season competing on the big show.

Can he get to Stage Four this season?

Every journey starts with the opening six obstacles.

And as expected, Walker had no issues with the first four obstacles this season.

But he shockingly fell on Salmon Roll.

Walker’s pace was fast enough to qualify for the semifinals.

Before the break…

Jennifer Bryant fell on the Roller Coaster.

Peyton Glover fell on Dominoes.

Becky Adnot-Haynes also fell on Dominoes.

During the break…

Justin Adelin fell on Salmon Roll.

DeShawn Harris fell on Salmon Roll (but he’s moving onto the Semifinals).

Brent Hernandez Strong, for the second straight season, conquered the Mega Wall.

Jordan Carr, 15-year-old High School Student

The always competing in something Carr is making her debut on the big show this season.

Carr took her time as she moved past Roller Coaster.

The deliberate pace continued to benefit Carr as she completed all the first four obstacles.

And after completing Salmon Roll, Carr looked poised to become the youngest woman to ever complete a course.

And she did it!!!

Jordan Carr completes the course in 3:00.91.

During the break…

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson fell on Salmon Roll (but he will be heading to the semifinals).

Ethan Bartnicki and Vinnie Castranova both hit the buzzer!!!

RJ Roman, 25-year-old Musician

Vinnie Castranova currently sits with the top time.

But Roman has posted the top time in qualifying each of the last two seasons.

And as long as he stays clean, that will be no issue for Roman.

In fact, by the time I was done writing this, Roman was already at the Mega Wall.

And not only is Roman $10,000 richer, he also has the night’s fastest time by about 35 seconds!!!

RJ Roman completes the course in 1:51.47.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 14 Qualifier 1 advancing to the Semifinals for 2022:

Completed Course

  1. RJ Roman
  2. Vinnie Castranova
  3. Cal Plohoros
  4. Josiah Singleton
  5. Brett Sims
  6. Christopher Harding Jones
  7. Brent Hernandez Strong
  8. Gary Hines
  9. Jordan Carr
  10. Ethan Bartnicki
  11. Bob Reese
  12. Casey Rothschild
  13. James McGrath

Fell at Salmon Roll

  1. Kevin Carbone
  2. Ronald Washington
  3. Lorin Ball
  4. Enzo Deferrari Wilson
  5. Vance Walker
  6. Julius Ferguson
  7. DeShawn Harris
  8. Karen Potts
  9. Jason Kotzin
  10. Lilah Nathison
  11. Flip Rodriguez
  12. Eric Middleton
  13. Kyle McCreight
  14. Brad Giles
  15. Jay Flores
  16. Josh Wagg
  17. Parish Cardenas

Top 5 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Fell at Salmon Roll

  1. Jordan Carr
  2. Casey Rothschild
  3. Karen Potts
  4. Lilah Nathison

Fell at Carnival

  1. Lindsay Eskildsen


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