TV Recap: S13E11 – American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 2 & Stage 2 Part 1 2021

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 2021: Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 2 & Stage 2 Part 1 Season 13 Episode 11

It is time for the second week of National Finals!!!

Last week, half of this season’s National Finalists took to the Stage One course. This week, the rest take their shot at moving onto Stage Two.

We have a recap of the first few runs of Stage 2 tonight as well after the results of Stage 1!

Here’s the format:

Ninjas must complete the eight obstacle Stage 1 in two minutes and 45 seconds. Everyone who does moves onto Stage 2. Everyone who doesn’t is done for the season.

The Course: Slide Surfer (new obstacle), Swinging Blades (new obstacle), Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Tire Run, Warped Wall, Dipping Birds (new obstacle), Split Decision: Fly Hooks or The High Road (new obstacle)

Brett Sims, 35-year-old Gym Owner

Sims has been here since Season One, competing for the tenth time this season.

But a Stage One buzzer has still eluded him.

Sims got off to a good start moving through the first two obstacles.

Sims missed the bar with his left hand on Double Dipper, but the veteran ninja held on and kept his run alive.

When Sims made it up the Warped Wall, he had 50 seconds to make it to the buzzer.

And then Sims got caught swinging on Fly Hooks, where the time ran out.

During the break…

Brittney Durant fell on Swinging Blades.

Dan Champagne fell on Jumping Spider.

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson, 15-year-old High School Student

The youngest ninja to ever attempt a Stage One course continues his work helping with ocean conservation.

And Wilson looked ready to avoid the water as he moved quickly through the first half of the course.

Wilson had a moment of trepidation when he slipped on Tire Run.

But Wilson kept his composure and moved past obstacle five.

In fact, Wilson kept his composure for the entire run, making it up the net and hitting the buzzer with two seconds to spare!!!

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson completes Stage One in 2:42.67.

During the break…

Ryan Meeks hit the buzzer!!!

Jamie Rahn fell on Fly Hooks.

Meagan Martin, 31-year-old Ninja Veteran

Martin is another ninja looking for her first Stage One buzzer.

But it didn’t happen tonight as Martin shockingly fell on Slide Surfer.

Brian Burkhardt, 28-year-old Attorney

Burkhardt has the safety pass tonight in case he doesn’t complete Stage One the first time.

Burkhardt took a lot of extra swings on Swinging Blades before completing the second obstacle.

After that, Burkhardt’s pace picked up.

He overcame another misstep on Tire Run but also held on and pushed through.

After making it past the Warped Wall, Burkhardt had 50 seconds to complete the course.

So, for the sake of time and energy, Burkhardt took the High Road.

And with one hand, Burkhardt caught the moving ring!!!

After Burkhardt climbed the net, he hit the buzzer and held onto his Safety Pass!!!

Brian Burkhardt completed Stage One in 2:20.12.

During the break…

Tyler Yamauchi hit the buzzer!!!

R.J. Roman fell on Sky Hooks.

Joe Moravsky, 32-year-old Meteorologist

“The Weatherman” burned the Safety Pass last week after he fell reaching for the ring on High Road.

Moravsky was all business to start as he worked quickly through the first half of the course.

Moravsky was dealing with a bout of food poisoning, and the pain was noticeable as the Weatherman worked through the fifth obstacle.

But Moravsky pushed through.

It was Sky Hooks for the Weatherman tonight.

And he had no issues swinging onto the net, hitting the buzzer, and moving onto Stage Two!!!

Joe Moravsky completes the course in 2:14.76.

Before the break…

Cara Mack fell on Jumping Spider.

Heather Weissinger fell on Swinging Blades.

Bob Reese fell on Double Dipper.

After the break…

Kai Beckstrand hit the buzzer!!!

Jonathan Godbout hit the buzzer!!!

Brett Hernandez Strong, 20-year-old College Student

Strong lost his grandmother this year. She’s the woman who introduced him to ANW.

Unfortunately, Strong’s run ended on Swinging Blades.

Lance Pekus, 34-year-old Rancher

Lance’s wife, Heather, is here tonight.

She’s able to attend this year because Pekus is now a licensed pilot who can fly her to ninja runs.

Pekus had no issues with the first half of the course.

But “the Cowboy Ninja” lost his balance on the big tire of Tire Run.

During the break…

Josiah Pippel hit the buzzer!!!

Zhanique Lovett fell on Tire Run.

Kyle Soderman rode the High Road to Stage Two!!!

Jake Murray, 34-year-old Ninja Coach

Jake Murray spends time doing crazy stunts over water with “The Blonde Boys (Kyle Soderman and Hunter Guerard).

Murray always goes fast, and tonight was no exception.

Murray was on the course for less than a minute when he’d completed Tire Run.

But that frantic pace nearly cost him as he almost slipped on Dipping Birds.

Murray was able to save himself and (just for fun, it would appear because he had plenty of time) attempted the High Road.

The adventurous Murray caught the ring and made his way up the net with Stage One’s fastest time!!!

Jake Murray completes Stage One in 1:30.52.

During the break…

Hunter Guerard ran out of time.

Isaiah Wakeham hit the buzzer!!!

Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck, 31-year-old Gym Manager

LaBreck has hit more buzzers than any woman in ANW history.

But like several other ninjas this season, a Stage One buzzer has eluded her.

LaBreck moved quickly through the first half of the course.

LaBreck stayed in control even as she needed a save on Tire Run.

Now for Sky Hooks, where the cargo net has been where LaBreck has come up short three times before.

But she caught the net this time!!!

And after hitting the buzzer, ‘Flex’ has her Stage One buzzer!!!

Jesse LaBreck completes Stage One in 2:24.98.

Full List Ninjas from Las Vegas Finals Stage 1 advancing to Stage 2 for 2021 (including last week’s):

Completed Course

  1. Jake Murray
  2. Kyle Soderman
  3. Isaiah Thomas
  4. Kaden Lebsack
  5. Joe Moravsky (Safety Pass)
  6. Tyler Gillett
  7. Josiah Pippel
  8. Tyler Yamauchi
  9. Sean Bryan
  10. Matt Bradley
  11. Austin Gray
  12. Brian Burkhardt
  13. Vance Walker
  14. Jesse LaBreck
  15. Kai Beckstrand
  16. Tage Herrington
  17. Isaiah Wakeham
  18. Donovan Metoyer
  19. Mike Silenzi
  20. Kevin Carbone
  21. Max Feinberg
  22. Elijah Browning
  23. Jonathan Godbout
  24. Ryan Meeks
  25. Enzo DeFerrari Wilson
  26. Anthony Porter
  27. Adam Rayl

Vegas Finals Stage 2 Part 1 Recap

Now, it’s onto Stage 2!!!

Here’s the format:

Ninjas have three minutes and 30 seconds to complete the revamped six obstacles.

The Course: Striding Steps (new obstacle), Double Salmon Ladder, V Formation, Hammer Drop (the jaw dropping who thought of that obstacle the season!!!), Epic Air Surfer, Falling Shelves

Elijah Browning, 16-year-old High School Student

Browning takes inspiration from his grandmother from Korea.

Browning moved through the first two obstacles with no issues.

Browning lost the hat on V Formation as he completed the third obstacle.

Browning made the Hammer Drop look fairly easy as he was left with 80 seconds to complete the final two obstacles.

And he had 40 seconds to complete the last one!!!

But Browning fell on the reverse grab (the last shelf) of Falling Shelves.

During the break…

Anthony Porter fell on Hammer Drop.

Tage Herrington fell on Air Surfer.

Donovan Metoyer, 33-year-old Gym Owner

Sporting the suit, Metoyer looks to bring the same style to Stage Two that he brought to Stage One.

But that would not be the case here as Metoyer missed the rope at the end of Striding Steps.

Vance Walker, 16-year-old High School Student

Walker has never fell on a course (ANW Jr. and ANW regular).

He also still has his Safety Pass.

And Walker is going to need it as he missed the top rung of Double Salmon Ladder.

During the break…

Tyler Gillett fell on Double Salmon Ladder.

Kevin Carbone, 25-year-old Obstacle Designer

Carbone is one of three ninjas remaining who qualified for Stage Three back in 2019 (that’s out of 21…).

Carbone would not fall victim of the Stage Three curse on the first half of the course.

And though he needed an extra swing, Carbone made it past Hammer Drop.

But the Stage Three curse claimed another victim on Epic Air Surfer as Carbone fell on the fifth obstacle.

Max Feinberg, 16-year-old High School Student

Feinberg runs for his mom, who is fighting breast cancer.

And that run got off to a great start with Feinberg maintaining a great rhythm through the first half of the course.

But that run would end as Feinberg fell off the bottom half of the Hammer Drop.

Vance Walker, 2nd Run Tonight

Let’s see if Walker can make the most of his 2nd chance.

He did make the most of his next attempt at Double Salmon Ladder as Walker made it past the obstacle that ended his first attempt.

Walker somehow held onto Hammer Drop despite not getting his left hand on the hammer initially.

Walker completed Air Surfer with 45 seconds remaining to finish Stage Two.

And with five seconds to spare, Walker hit the buzzer and moved onto Stage Three!!!

Vance Walker completes Stage Three in 3:29.42.

Next week, we’ll see the rest of the ninjas remaining compete on Stage Two as well as Stage Three and Stage Four (???) in the season finale.

See you then.


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