TV Recap: S13E10 – American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 1 2021

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 2021: Vegas Finals Stage 1 Part 1 Season 13 Episode 10

It is time for National Finals!!!

ANW is back in Las Vegas after a year away with three nights of National Finals.

Here’s the format:

Ninjas must complete the eight obstacle Stage 1 in two minutes and 45 seconds. Everyone who does moves onto Stage 2. Everyone who doesn’t is done for the season.

The Course: Slide Surfer (new obstacle), Swinging Blades (new obstacle), Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Tire Run, Warped Wall, Dipping Birds (new obstacle), Split Decision: Fly Hooks or The High Road (new obstacle)

Christian Youst, 16-year-old High School Student

Youst is one of 18 teenagers competing in the National Finals.

Good luck having fun in Vegas, guys.

Youst didn’t ease into the course as he quickly moved through the first two obstacles.

That strong pace continued as Youst bounded his way across Tire Run.

As the first to attempt Split Decision, Youst initially tried the High Road.

But he missed the ring, forcing Youst to have to go with Fly Hooks.

And because Youst got caught taking too many swings on the eighth obstacle, the time ran out.

Cam Baumgartner, 23-year-old College Student

“Cam the Baum” is a manny, taking care of two brothers when he’s not training for ninja.

Unfortunately, Baumgartner shockingly fell on Swinging Blades.

Megan Rowe, 24-year-old Barista

In Rowe’s first trip to the National Finals, Rowe needed several extra swings on Swinging Blades.

The time lost wouldn’t prove costly as Rowe fell on the very next obstacle (Double Dipper).

Nate Hansen, 20-year-old Business Student

Hansen lives in a ninja house with three other ninjas (who are also all in the National Finals).

Hansen’s 5’2 frame was no issue on the first two obstacles.

But Hansen’s height was an issue on Jumping Spider as he fell on the fourth obstacle.

During the break…

Jonah Munoz fell on Tire Run.

Devan Alexander fell on Jumping Spider.

Isaiah Thomas, 16-year-old High School Student

Thomas says he owes veteran ninja Karsten Williams for his training and his nickname (The Flyboy Ninja).

And the Flyboy flew through the first half of the course with no issues.

Thomas’s fast pace continued as he approached the net.

Thomas had a minute to hit the net and climb to the top.

And when Thomas hit the buzzer, he became the first ninja of the night to move onto to Stage 2!!!

Isaiah Thomas completes Stage One in 2:14.88.

During the break…

Nate Pardo fell on Dipping Birds.

Rachel DeGutz fell on Double Dipper.

Ava Colasanti, 16-year-old High School Student

Colasanti is the youngest woman to ever compete in the National Finals.

Colasanti took multiple swings on Swinging Blades.

Colasanti pulled out the butt landing on Double Dipper.

But Colasanti’s night ended on Jumping Spider.

Amir Malik, 21-year-old Ninja Coach

Malik and his mom foster dogs and find forever homes for them.

A semi-finalist last season, Malik’s season shockingly ended on Double Dipper.

During the break…

Casey Rothschild fell on Swinging Blades.

Owen Dyer fell on Jumping Spider.

Matt Bradley, 19-year-old College Freshman

Bradley trains for ninja in his barn with obstacles custom made by him and his dad.

Bradley threw up before his run (something that is somewhat of a tradition for Bradley).

But Bradley did not look nervous as he moved quickly through the first half of the course.

After climbing up the Wall, Bradley had plenty of time to swing on Sky Hooks.

And after climbing the net, Bradley hit the buzzer and advanced to Stage 2!!!

Matt Bradley completes Stage One in 2:20.48.

During the break…

Abel Gonzalez, John Uga, and Eric Middleton all fell on Jumping Spider.

Tiana Webberley, 29-year-old Stuntwoman

Webberley’s mom is back on the sideline supporting “Sweet T” after having a successful kidney transplant.

Webberley made a fingertip save on Swinging Blades.

Webberley then had to pause on the last tire of Tire Run before completing the fifth obstacle.

“Sweet T” made it up the Warped Wall after falling short her last time in Vegas.

But time ran out on Webberley while she was swinging on Sky Hooks.

During the break…

Francisco Barajas fell on Double Dipper.

Deren Perez fell on Tire Run.

Sean Bryan fell on hit the buzzer!!!

Adam Rayl, 28-year-old Concrete Worker

Rayl recently moved to Northern California where he has been working on his spiritual life.

Rayl had a fast pace going as he only needed 45 seconds to complete the first four obstacles.

But Rayl got stuck on the wheel of Tire Run, slowing him down significantly.

After going up the Warped Wall, Rayl took his time as he approached the last two obstacles.

Rayl caught the net with 10 seconds to climb.

And he hit the buzzer, but did he do it before the time ran out?

He did with one tenth of a second to spare!!!

Adam Rayl completes Stage One in 2:44.90.

DeShawn Harris fell on Slide Surfer.

Kevin Carbone hit the buzzer!!!

Tyler Gillett also hit the buzzer!!!

Lucas Reale, 22-year-old Gym Owner

Reale is one of 21 ninjas who made Stage 3 two years ago.

Of those 21, only 7 are still in the competition this season.

Reale was through the first four obstacles in less than a minute.

After climbing up the Warped Wall, Reale was ready to try the High Road.

But he didn’t jump high enough, and Reale’s run ended.

Isabella Wakeham, 17-year-old High School Student

Wakeham is one of two Wakeham siblings in Vegas this season.

And their mom now has a tattoo of Matt and Akbar (one on each arm) in honor of the accomplishment.

Wakeham became the seventh woman (and the youngest of those women) to make it past Jumping Spider.

Time was an issue at this point as Wakeham only had 40 seconds to complete the final three obstacles.

And a failed first attempt on the Warped Wall didn’t help.

Time ran out as Wakeham was on Dipping Birds, ending an impressive season.

During the break…

Jay Lewis fell on Double Dipper.

Max Feinberg hit the buzzer!!!

Vance Walker, 16-year-old High School Student

Walker was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a child, making his journey to top ninja even more incredible.

Walker had no issue with the first half of the course.

Walker’s strong run continued as he pushed past Tire Run.

Walker said his legs were tightening up at the end of his semifinal run.

But that would not be an issue here as Walker hit the buzzer!!!

Vance Walker completes Stage One in 2:24.18.

During the break…

True Becker fell on Tire Run.

Elijah Browning hit the buzzer!!!

Austin Gray also hit the buzzer!!! (no safety pass needed).

Jody Avila, 35-year-old HVAC Technician

Avila is running in Daniel Gil’s spot, who is missing National Finals because he tested positive for COVID.

And Avila opened the run making the most of the opportunity as he completed the first three obstacles.

Two years ago, Avila fell on Tire Run.

But that would not be an issue this season as Avila completed obstacle five.

Avila, with his 6’6 height, was ready to give the High Road a shot.

But as he was building momentum to make the leap, Avila slipped and fell on Dipping Birds.

Donovan Metoyer, 33-year-old Gym Owner

Metoyer took the flow approach on Slide Surfer as Metoyer worked his way through the first three obstacles.

Metoyer’s strong run continued through Tire Run.

He even had time for his trademark 360 on the Warped Wall.

But Metoyer wasn’t done bringing style to the course.

Metoyer became the first ninja tonight to take the High Road successfully.

And when Metoyer hit the buzzer, he joined the growing list of ninjas advancing to Stage 2!!!

Donovan Metoyer completes Stage One in 2:30.72.

During the break…

Caiden Madzelan fell just short of the buzzer.

Kaden Lebsack hit the buzzer!!!

Joe Moravsky, 32-year-old Meteorologist

Moravsky has made it to Stage 3 more than any other ninja.

But he’s never made it past Stage 3.

To get there, Moravsky must take care of business tonight.

And the Weatherman looked confident as he was through the first five obstacles in a minute and 15 seconds.

Moravsky had a minute left as he approached Split Decision.

But Moravsky decided to go after the High Road…

and he came up short.

Moravsky will have to use his safety pass and try again next week.

Top Ninjas from Las Vegas Finals Stage 1 advancing to Stage 2 for 2021:

Completed Course

  1. Isaiah Thomas
  2. Kaden Lebsack
  3. Tyler Gillett
  4. Sean Bryan
  5. Matt Bradley
  6. Austin Gray
  7. Vance Walker
  8. Donovan Metoyer
  9. Kevin Carbone
  10. Max Feinberg
  11. Elijah Browning
  12. Adam Rayl

Next week is the rest of Stage One. See you then.

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