TV Recap: S11E07 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Los Angeles City Finals 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Los Angeles California City Finals Season 11 Episode 7

It’s time for City Finals!!!

And moving to the City Finals does not mean we no longer get to watch two ninjas battle it out on the Power Tower. It’s still here and it’s an even more daunting version than the first one.

Like the qualifying rounds, the top two times will compete on the Power Tower. This time, the prize is a do-over on Stage 1 or Stage 2 in the National Finals.

Also, only the top 12 ninjas (plus top 2 females) will qualify for National Finals instead of 15 as in year’s past.

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Walking the Plank (new obstacle), Spring Forward (new obstacle), Diamond Dash, Spin Hopper, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, The Hinge, Leaps of Faith, Spider Trap

Brian Burk, 20-year-old College Student

The number 9 qualifier is autistic and hit the buzzer in his first ever run on the course.

And “The Burkinator” inspired people all over the country with his qualifying run.

Burk got off to a great start, making easy work of the course’s first three obstacles.

After running across the Diamond Dash, Burk barely moved the pegs on Spin Hopper.

Burk climb the Wall and prepared himself for the 2nd half of the course.

The Burkinator continued his strong run working through both the Salmon Ladder and the Leaps of Faith successfully. He needed to brace himself as he slid down the Hinge. But he put a foot on the platform and held on to complete the obstacle.

But the run ended on Leaps of Faiths. Still an impressive run by the rookie.

During the break…

Anthony Trucks fell on Spin Hopper.

Thomas Kofron fell on Spring Forward.

Rebekah Bonilla fell on Walk the Plank.

Verdale Benson, 38-year-old Physician’s Assistant

The veteran who served in Afghanistan was the number 26 qualifier in LA.

Benson worked his way through the first three obstacles before stumbling his way to the finish of Diamond Dash.

Benson didn’t make it to Spin Hopper in qualifying. But he completed the fifth obstacle like a true veteran.

And after completing his first Warped Wall, Benson made is way to the 2nd part of the course.

Benson nearly slipped on Salmon Ladder. But he made a nice save and kept his course run alive.

And a nice backwards jump on the Hinge moved Benson onto the ninth obstacle.

But Benson would not be the first to complete Leaps of Faith, falling on obstacle nine. We’ll see if he did enough to move onto the National Finals.

Anna Shumaker, 27-year-old Medical Saleswoman

Shumaker broke out last year.

Shumaker landed on her back on Walking the Plank.

But she showed no ill effects as she ran across the Diamond Dash and onto Spin Hopper.

Only one woman in the history of the show has made it past this obstacle.

Make that two, as Shumaker made easy work of the fifth obstacle.

Unfortunately, Shumaker was unable to keep hold and pull herself up the Warped Wall.

Kevin Bull, 34-year-old Gym Manager

Bull wasted no time attacking the course. His familiarity with the course showed as he flew through the first four obstacles in 30 seconds.

An easy climb up the Wall set Bull up for the back half of the course.

Obstacles seven and eight were no problem for Bull either.

Could Bull become the first ninja on the night to complete Leaps of Faith?

On the final leap, Bull was unable to attach his hands to the back side of the last handle.

But Bull’s rapid pace should be enough to advance to National Finals.

Jonah Bonner, 21-year-old Gondolior

After needing an extra swing on Shrinking Steps, Bonner moved quickly through the rest of the first four obstacles.

Bonner maintained excellent control through Spin Hopper and climbed the Wall on his way to the 2nd half of the course.

But Bonner’s lack of arm strength showed as he really slowed down on Salmon Ladder.

He did complete the 7th obstacle but fell as he started the Hinge.

During the break…

Emmi Rose fell on Catch and Release.

Westley Silvestri fell on The Hinge.

Adam Rayl fell on Leaps of Faith.

Brian Kretsch, 35-year-old Ninja Gym Manager

Kretsch is running for his dad, who is recovering from multiple strokes with his son’s help.

LA’s number 10 qualifier looked good through the course’s first five obstacles.

After climbing the Wall, Kretsch, took aim at the 2nd part of the course.

Kretsch made quick work of the Salmon Ladder before an exceptional job on the Hedge.

Now, could Kretsch become the first ninja on the night who can work his way through Leaps of Faith?

Yes, he can!!! Nailing the backward hand grab, Kretsch completed the ninth obstacle and set his eyes on Spider Trap.

And after a long climb, Brian Kretsch hit the buzzer, becoming the night’s first finisher.

Brian Kretsch completes the course in 5:42.71.

During the break…

Corey McCoy fell on the Hinge after climbing the Wall he failed to complete in qualifying.

Danell Leyva, 27-year-old Olympic Gymnast

The multi-time medal winner is now an actor.

And this time, he promises to look at his girlfriend first if he hits a buzzer, not Akbar.

Leyva set a quick pace, showing once again how much better these ninjas perform after having already experienced the course.

Leyva climbed the Wall again, setting himself up for the 2nd part of the course.

Salmon Ladder was a bit of a struggle for Leyva, but he persevered and moved all the way past the Hinge.

But just like many others, Leyva fell on Leap of Faith.

During the break…

Lee Cates fell on the Hinge.

Scott Wilson fell on Leaps of Faith.

Samantha Bush fell on Walk the Plank.

Tiana Webberly, 27-year-old Stuntwoman

“Sweet T” qualified for National Finals last season but broke her leg doing stunt training, so she couldn’t compete.

She’s the last female running tonight.

Webberly moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

After finishing Catch and Release, “Sweet T” flew across Diamond Dash.

Last year was the first time Webberly made it past the 5th obstacle.

And she did it again tonight, as well as climbing up the Warped Wall, ensuring her spot in Vegas this season.

Showing impressive arm strength, Webberly completed Salmon Ladder before falling on the Hinge.

Before the break…

David Alvarez was looking for his sister in qualifying. He has not found her yet.

Tonight, he fell on the Spin Hopper.

Chad Flexington, Not sure of his age, Not an actual person

In real life, the man who plays Chad Flexington is a farmer.

In ninja warrior competition, he puts on a mullet, shades, American Flag pants, and a ton of arrogance.

Ben Udy is his real name, and he fell on Spin Hopper in qualifying.

Flexington got off to a great start, moving through Catch and Release.

After recovering from a stumble on Diamond Dash, Udy put away Spin Hopper.

And after climbing up the Wall for the first time, Flexington dropped elbows on his way to the 2nd part of the course.

After powering his way through Salmon Ladder, Udy used exceptional grip to put away the 8th obstacle.

Unfortunately, Flexington’s fingers slipped on Leaps of Faith, ending a strong run.

During the break…

Kyle Soderman fell on the Salmon Ladder.

Kevin Fisch fell on the Hinge.

Flip Rodriguez, 29-year-old Stuntman

Flip speaks out educating people about sexual abuse and assault. He recently spoke to military service men and women.

Of course, he did some training with the soldiers as well.

Joined in progress, Flip had the first five obstacles behind him as he eyed the Wall.

Rodriguez made quick work of the Wall and prepared for the 2nd part of the course.

Flip was in the running for the Power Tower, but he would not be able to do it based on time.

He’ll have to complete Leaps of Faith to make the Power Tower.

And he did it!!!

And not only did he qualify for the top two. Flip hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time.

Flip Rodriguez completes the course in 4:13.48.

During the break…

Davyon Hancox fell on the Hinge.

Seth Rogers fell on Leaps of Faith and qualified for Vegas.

David Campbell, a man who nearly won the Power Tower last time, fell on Leaps of Faith, but also qualified for Vegas.

Hunter Guerard, 30-year-old Ninja Coach

Guerard’s spot in Vegas is clinched. But he wants to run anyway to see if he can make it to the Power Tower again.

Guerard runs like he has nothing to lose because, well he doesn’t.

And Guerard runs fast anyway, but this even pushes his normal pace.

Guerard finished the first half of the course 20 seconds ahead of his pace from qualifying.

After completing the Hinge, Guerard had only been on the course for a little over 2 minutes.

But on the back end of Leaps of Faith, Guerard tried to skip the last handle all together.

He missed, hitting his head and bleeding.

As a result, Guerard will not be going to the Power Tower this evening.

Power Tower

Flip Rodriguez vs Brian Kretsch

This power tower involves way more arm strength and gripping than the previous model did. No steps to climb to start the run.

Flip had a slight lead early.

He was the first to grab the ladder.

But Kretsch stayed close behind.

On the ladder, however, Flip pulled ahead and earned the safety pass for the National Finals.

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Completed Course

  1. Flip Rodriguez
  2. Brian Kretsch

Failed at Leaps of Faith

  1. Kevin Bull
  2. Danell Leyva
  3. David Campbell
  4. Scott Wilson
  5. Adam Rayl
  6. Seth Rogers
  7. Ben Udy (Chad Flexington)
  8. Brian Burk
  9. Hunter Swan
  10. Verdale Benson
  11. Hunter Guerard (moves on with the Speed Pass from Qualifying)

Top 2 Women advancing to the Las Vegas National Finals – Stage 1:

Failed at The Hinge

  1. Tiana Webberley

Failed at Warped Wall

  1. Anna Shumaker

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