TV Recap: S11E06 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Cincinnati City Qualifiers 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Cincinnati Ohio City Qualifiers Season 11 Episode 6

Time for the final week of qualifying. This week, ANW is in Cincinnati. Let’s review those changes to the format one last time.

There’s the Power Tower: the ninja with the two fastest qualifying times compete on the 40 foot high obstacle. The winner automatically qualifies for the National Finals in Vegas.

We also have a new twist on the Mega Wall. This season, players who choose the Mega Wall get three shots at it. But they can’t go back to the regular wall.

Zuri Hall is your sideline reporter joining Matt and Akbar covering the action.

Also, we have multiple new obstacles!!!

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Ring Swing, Spinning Bridge, Wingnuts, Slingshot (new obstacle), Warped Wall

James Wilson, 33 year old Gym Owner

“The Nati Ninja” is competing in his hometown for the first time. He runs for his wife, Caitlin, who has MS.

Wilson’s run got off to a shaky start as he needed several extra swings on both Shrinking Steps and Ring Swing.

After completing the first three obstacles, “the Nati Ninja” kicked the middle Wingnut with his foot on Wingnuts. That cost him as he fell reaching for it.

Johnnie Pietila, 19-year-old Power Washer

Johnnie has 119 first cousins (seriously, 119).

Akbar made note that the very young looking PIetila looks like he could be on the Junior edition of the show. I concur.

Johnnie took a few extra swings on Ring Swing, but got the job done.

Then, Pietila slipped and fell on Spinning Bridge, but he held on and stayed alive on the course.

But just like Wilson, Pietila slipped reaching for the 2nd wingnut on the fourth obstacle.

During the break…

Logan Broadbent fell on Ring Swing.

Jamie Ross fell on Spinning Bridge.

Hugh Birky fell on Wingnuts.

Amanda O’Dell, 36-year-old Cafeteria Worker

“The Cool Lunch Lady” has a number of the students she serves in the lunch line here to watch her take on the course.

O’Dell made quick work of the first obstacle.

She needed a few extra swings on Ring Swing, but she made it through the 2nd obstacle.

After gliding over Spinning Bridge, Amanda looked to become the first ninja to complete the Wingnuts.

And she did it, holding on with both hands on the front end of each Wingnut before swinging over to the next one.

O’Dell did fall on the front of end of Slingshot, but a really solid run overall.

During the break…

Justin Miniard fell on Spinning Bridge

Ron Zaagman fell on Wingnuts.

Mike Wright fell on Slingshot.

Mike Bernardo, 39-year-old Firefighter

Bernardo suffered a horrifying injury that had doctors concerned he had ALS. After some struggles with alcohol, Bernardo moved in with Chris Wilczewski and recovered.

He doesn’t have ALS, but there are still concerns as Bernardo hits the course tonight.

Bernardo needed an extra swing on Ring Swing, but he made a safe and easy landing.

After no issues with Spinning Bridge, Bernardo made surprisingly easy work of Wingnuts.

Then, Bernardo became the first ninja on the night to complete Slingshot.

And an in the night’s most inspiring run, Bernardo made his way up the Wall and hit the buzzer!!!

Mike Bernardo completes the course in 3:05.11.

During the break…

Lindsay Partenio fell on Ring Swing.

John Wilmas fell on Spinning Bridge.

Tony Geronimo fell on Shrinking Steps.

Cameron Nave, 21-year-old Fast Food Cook

Cameron is running for his father, who died of cancer in 2018. He built all the obstacles at home that Nave trains on.

“The Kilted Ninja” opened things up quickly, completing the Shrinking Steps with good pace.

But Cameron got stuck on the Ring Swing before fighting his way to completing it.

After stumbling across and finishing Spinning Bridge, Nave used perfect technique to finish Wingnuts.

The great run ended, however, on Slingshot.

Tyler Yamauchi, 34-year-old Physical Therapist

The Ball of Muscle needed one extra swing on Ring Swing as he completed the 2nd obstacle.

But shockingly, Yamauchi fell on the Spinning Bridge, likely ending a run of five straight seasons qualifying for City Finals.

Jackson Twait, 21-year-old College Student

Jackson’s best friend is his cat. And the other interesting facts about Jackson: he drives around in a scooter and loves cat puns.

Hades, Jackson’s cat, is watching from back home. Now, who is making that cat sit in front of the webcam?

Twait looked like an established veteran making quick work of the first half of the course.

After showing perfect technique on Wingnuts, Twait moved without a hitch on Slingshot.

And in one of the night’s biggest surprises, Jackson Twait hits the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far!!!

Jackson Twait completes the course in 1:46.19.

Before the break…

Devin Nichols fell on Ring Swing.

Karim Abdullah fell on Spinning Bridge.

Jesse Mauer went for the Mega Wall and came up short.

During the break…

Mitch Wenzel spent more time dancing before the run than actually competing on the course.

Ryan Sutter (the former bachelor contestant) fell on Spinning Bridge.

Naeem Mulkey fell on Wingnuts.

Michelle Warnky, 34-year-old Gym Owner

The Ohio native is looking to hit her 2nd straight buzzer in qualifying.

The run nearly ended suddenly with a rough go through Ring Swing.

First, she nearly fell off the platform before starting her swing.

Then, the ring hit Warnky in the head, drawing blood.

That didn’t stop Michelle from continuing her run as she powered her way through Wingnuts, blood flowing down her face.

And then, Warnky became the first woman to complete Slingshot on her way to hitting the buzzer, bloody face and all.

Michelle Warnky completes the course in 3:54.67.

During the break…

Brandon Mears and Dan Polizzi both fell on Slingshot.

Ethan Swanson, 29-year-old Gym Manager

“The Swan” is incorporating fear into his training. This included climbing 200-foot cranes and leaping 30 feet high with no padding underneath him.

No thank you!!!

Swanson started with a quick pace, moving through the first half of the course with no issues.

Quick transfers on the Wingnuts kept the quick pace going for Swanson.

Ethan hit the 5th obstacle well on pace for the night’s fastest time.

And Swanson would shatter that, hitting the buzzer 27 seconds before anybody else has so far!!!

Ethan Swanson completes the course in 1:19.51.

During the break…

Mickey Wendling fell on Spinning Bridge.

Jeri D’Aurelio fell at Slingshot.

Sem Garay hit the buzzer in his ninja debut!!!!

Drew Lachey, 42-year-old Musician

Yes, that is the name Lachey from 98 Degrees.

And I was not aware they are still together and touring today.

The singer struggled with both of the first two obstacles, including getting caught up in the middle of Ring Swing.

Eventually, Lachey’s fingers slipped and he fell on the 2nd obstacle.

A montage of Walk-on Lottery Winners…

Tamara Kirk fell on the 1st obstacle.

Vinny Tapia fell on Spinning Bridge.

Jonathan Cooley fell on the Slingshot (and is going to the City Finals!!!).

During the break…

Cameron Baumgartner hit the buzzer!!!

Dustin Rocho, a returning ninja, also hit the buzzer!!!

Chris DiGangi fell on Slingshot.

Jesse “Flex” LaBreck, 29-year-old Ninja Gym Manager

LaBreck and DiGangi, long time ninja partners, are now engaged!!!

“Flex” made quick work of the first two obstacles, needing only one extra swing to get through Ring Swing.

After sprinting across the Spinning Bridge, LaBreck made short work of the Wingnuts.

Then, after dominating Slingshot, Jesse made it up the Warped Wall and hit her third straight qualifying buzzer.

Jesse LaBreck completes the course in 2:49.18.

During the break…

Erin Hesch fell on Spinning Bridge.

Tyler Smith came up short going for the Mega Wall.

Michael Torres also missed on the Mega Wall.

Grant McCartney, 30-year-old Ninja Trainer

“The Island Ninja” needed a few extra swings on Ring Swing, but got the job done.

After moving across Spinning Bridge, McCartney was near flawless on Wingnuts.

His time on the Wingnuts guaranteed Grant’s spot in the City Finals.

So after finishing Slingshot, “The Island Ninja” made the decision to climb the Mega Wall.

He was fingertips away on the first attempt.

But he held on and became the night’s only Mega Wall winner on his 2nd attempt!!!

Grant McCartney completes the course in 4:29.24

Power Tower: Ethan Swanson vs Jackson Twait

Swanson took the lead early.

But Twait caught up on the pole.

The Cat Daddy pulled ahead and looked to be on his way to a surprise victory.

But the Swan passed him on the final leg of the obstacle and hit the buzzer after a big leap.

Ethan Swanson wins the Speed Pass!!!

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Cincinnati Ohio City Finals:

Completed Course

  1. Ethan Swanson
  2. Jackson Twait
  3. Cameron Baumgartner
  4. Resse Pankratz
  5. Dustin Rocho
  6. Jesse Labreck
  7. Mike Bernardo
  8. Trevor West
  9. Sam Garay
  10. Michelle Warnky
  11. Grant McCartney

Failed at Mega Wall

  1. Michael Torres
  2. Tyler Smith
  3. Jesse Maurer

Failed at Slingshot

  1. Chris DiGangi
  2. Jonathan Cooley
  3. David Womelsdorf
  4. Jesse Wildman
  5. Dan Polizzi
  6. Derrick Pavoni
  7. Mike Wright
  8. Philip Scott
  9. Zane Paksi
  10. Phillip Hucke
  11. Brandon Mears
  12. Eddie Russell
  13. Christopher Gabayan
  14. Cameron Nave
  15. Amanda O’Dell
  16. Jeri D’Aurelio

Top 5 Women advancing to the Cincinnati Ohio City Finals:

Completed Course

  1. Jesse Labreck
  2. Michelle Warnky

Failed at Slingshot

  1. Amanda O’Dell
  2. Jeri D’Aurelio

Failed at Spinning Bridge

  1. Jamie Ross

Next week is our first city final – the Los Angeles California city finals for 2019. Tune in to see how ninjas like Hunter Guerard, David Campbell, Kevin Bull, Flip Rodriguez, Adam Rayl, Tiana Webberley and more do!

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