TV Recap: S11E02 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Atlanta Georgia City Qualifiers 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Atlanta Georgia City Qualifiers Season 11 Episode 2

Time for week 2 of qualifying. This week, ANW is in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s review those changes to the format again.

First, we have the Power Tower: the ninja with the two fastest qualifying times compete on the 40 foot high obstacle. The winner automatically qualifies for the National Finals in Vegas.

We also have a new twist on the Mega Wall. This season, players who choose the Mega Wall get three shots. But all three shots must be on the Mega Wall.

Zuri Hall is your new sideline reporter joining Matt and Akbar covering the action.

Also, we have multiple new obstacles!!!

The Course: Shrinking Steps (new obstacle), Off the Hook (new obstacle), Block Run, Bouncing Spider, Ferris Wheel (new obstacle), Warped Wall

And tonight is “Promote Secret Life of Pets 2” night. Which means dogs everywhere tonight and a special doggy Warped Wall!!!

Mindy Hylton, 39 Year Old Marketing Director

Mindy Hylton’s nickname is BAM (Bad Ass Mom). We have a new coolest nickname on the show.

Mindy is running for her daughter, Addie and is also a cancer survivor.

Hylton needed extra swings on the first two obstacles, but she completed them both.

The crowd went crazy as she completed the third obstacle.

Mindy did fall short at Bouncing Spider, but a great run anyway.

Glenn Davis, 56 year old Gym Owner

Glenn Davis runs the Ninja Quest gym in Atlanta.

Coach Davis moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

Davis is looking to tie the record for oldest to hit a buzzer as he made it halfway through the course.

And that great run continued on Block Run.

Coach Davis became the first competitor to compete on the Ferris Wheel.

And he nearly made it to the end before falling on the last part of the 2nd wheel.

During the break…

Kavon Sadler fell on Shrinking Steps.

Grace Sims made it past the 2nd obstacle for the first time in 5 seasons. She fell on Bouncing Spider.

Caleb Watson fell on Bouncing Spider.

Caleb Bergstrom, 19 year old Ninja Coach

Caleb is part of the Bergstrom Bunch, a ninja family.

His sister, Caitlyn, will compete later in the show.

Bergstrom moved quickly through the first half of the course.

There was much discussion before his run that Caleb might be the best of the Bergstroms.

He lived up to that reputation as he made quick work of the Bouncing Spider.

Then, Bergstrom became the first ever to successfully complete the Ferris Wheel.

And Bergstrom, in his first ever run, decided to go for the Mega Wall.

He just missed on his first try. But he did not miss on his 2nd attempt.

Bergstrom hits the buzzer and claimed $5,000.

Caleb Bergstrom completes the course in (2:00.84)

During the break…

Chris Fail fell on Off the Hook.

Caitlyn Bergstrom fell on Bouncing Spider.

Tyrone Poole fell on Ferris Wheel.

Tony Miles, Professional Poker Player

Miles was the 2018 runner up in the World Series of Poker.

And a friend is giving Miles great odds if he wins (25 to 1 odds on a $5,000 bet).

Miles moved easily through the first two obstacles.

But his bet fell short after falling on Block Run.

Andrey Collins, 24 year old Furniture Mover

Andrey is running for his hometown of Byahlia, Mississippi.

Collins worked quickly through the first two obstacles.

But after running over Block Run with ease, Andrey fell on Bouncing Spider.

During the break…

We get a preview of dogs trying to make it up the Warped Wall.

Which begs the question: why does a dog ninja warrior show not already exist?

Michael Johnson, 26 year old Gym Manager

Michael is one half of “Fire and Ice” (he’s the Ice portion of the duo).

Buff would be the word I’d use to describe the duo (Eddy Stewart is Fire).

Johnson needed a few extra swings on Off the Hook before completing the 2nd obstacle.

But Johnson, a National Finalist the last two years, slipped and fell on Block Run.

R.J Roman, 22 year old Musician

Roman completed Stage One in Vegas last season.

Roman set the fastest pace of the night, making quick work of the first half of the course.

He got hung up on Bouncing Spider but found his way up.

A save was needed on Ferris Wheel as well.

But Roman held on all the way to the Warped Wall with the night’s fastest time so far.

R.J. Roman completes the course in 1:16.90.

During the break…

Eddy Stewart (Fire) fell on the Warped Wall.

Emily Durham fell on Bouncing Spider.

Nick Yokum also fell on Bouncing Spider (with his wife cheering him on all the way).

Alyssa Varsalona, 24 year old College Student

Alyssa has torn her right ACL three times, her left ACL once, and has had five major knee surgeries.

“The Never Quit Ninja” successfully completed the first two obstacles.

She stumbled and fell on Block Run, but stayed out of the water, completing the third obstacle.

Using her leg, Varsalona held on to the landing mat on Bouncing Spider.

After successfully completing the first wheel on Ferris Wheel, Alyssa tried the bottom of Ferris Wheel.

It was there she slipped and fell, ending an impressive run.

During the break…

More dogs!!!! (best promotional episode ever!!!)

Roo Yori, 42 year old Medical Researcher

Of course, the K9 Ninja would be here on “Secret Life of Pets 2” night.

Roo worked quickly through the first three obstacles.

Yori used Varsalona’s hold the leg on the landing pad technique to get past Bouncing Spider.

The K9 Ninja made impressive work of the Ferris Wheel.

And he made it up the Warped Wall, completing the course for the first time in three years.

Roo Yori completes the course in 3:27.91.

After the run, Secret Life of Pets 2 gave Roo Yori $20,000 for his charity.

During the break…

TJ McCallum fell on Shrinking Steps.

Ryan Stratis hit the buzzer on the Mega Wall!!!

Travis Rosen, 44 year old Stock Trader

Rosen broke his ankle during last season’s run.

This run is the culmination of a long, tough road back.

Rosen made quick work of the first obstacle.

After completing Off the Hook, Travis stumbled on Block Run.

But he held on as the show circled his ankle for the 25th time tonight.

After completing Bouncing Spider, Rosen took stock of Ferris Wheel before starting the fifth obstacle.

Rosen needed a few extra swings, but he completed it.

And less than year after breaking his ankle, Travis Rosen hit the buzzer with the leg where the ankle broke.

Travis Rosen completes the course in 2:21.99

During the break…

Charity LeBlanc fell on Block Run.

Neil “Crazy” Craver came up short on the Mega Wall.

Josiah Singleton completed the course!!!

DeShawn Harris, 27 year old Teacher

Harris’s class is here to cheer him on.

DeShawn moved quickly through the first obstacle.

Harris got a ton of hang time as he completed Off the Hook.

But Harris’s run ended on Block Run.

Tim Saguinsin, 45 year old Artist

“The Paper Cut Ninja” created paper cut versions of all the star ninjas and the announcers as well.

Saguinsin needed several extra swings, but he completed the first obstacle.

Saguinsin fell on the 2nd obstacle.

During the break…

Bootie Cothran fell on Bouncing Spider.

Devin Harrelson fell on Ferris Wheel.

Chad Hohn cut his head on an obstacle, but completed the course anyway.

Jessica Clayton, 37 year old IT Consultant

Clayton was a star last season. She was the ninja who was homeless with her three kids before finding a home for them.

Now, she wants to be the first mom to make it up the Warped Wall.

She made quick work of the first two obstacles before holding on using her back on Block Run.

She held on and used her leg on Bouncing Spider to complete the fourth obstacle.

On Ferris Wheel, Clayton held on firmly to the last peg. It looked like her hands would slip, but Clayton held on and completed the landing.

Would she have enough strength to make it up the Warped Wall?

She would not. Clayton’s finger tips made it to the top, but she couldn’t hold on.

Clayton will move on to the City Finals.

During the break…

Elie Cohen fell on Bouncing Spider.

Morgan “Moose” Wright fell on Ferris Wheel.

Kevin Carbone hit the buzzer on the Mega Wall!!!!

Tyler Gillett, 23 year old Ninja

Gillett moved quickly through the first half of the course.

He was on pace with RJ Roman as he worked through Ferris Wheel.

Gillett went straight from the fifth obstacle to the Warped Wall, where he chose fastest time over Mega Wall.

And he got it, qualifying for the Power Tower with the night’s fastest time and only one ninja left.

Tyler Gillett completed the course in 1:07.68.

Before the break…

Ashley Harell fell on Bouncing Spider.

Ben Wilson fell on Ferris Wheel.

Drew Drechsel, 29 year old Gym Owner

According to the montage, Drechsel intends to go for the Mega Wall.

He nearly stumbled on Block Run, but held on and went right to Bouncing Spider.

Drechsel’s time neared a minute and he had a decision to make: Mega Wall or Power Tower?

And what did the real life ninja choose? Both.

He went up the Mega Wall in his first attempt and qualified for the Power Tower.

Drew Drechsel completed the course in 1:08.32.

Power Tower

Drew Drechsel vs Tyler Gillett

Let’s see if I can narrate this a little better this week.

The pair were almost even heading up the steps.

The first run around the horseshoe is where Drew Drechsel took the lead.

But Gillett was not far behind sliding down the poll.

Trying to catch up, Gillett flew across the balance portion and fell.

Gillett climbed back on, but was unable to catch Drechsel as the Real Life Ninja hit the buzzer and qualified for Vegas.


Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Atlanta Georgia City Finals:

Men who completed the Atlanta course

  1. Tyler Gillett
  2. Drew Drechsel (Speed Pass Winner)
  3. R. J. Roman
  4. Caleb Bergstrom
  5. Jody Freeman
  6. Kevin Carbone
  7. Travis Rosen
  8. Kenny Niemitalo
  9. Brett Sims
  10. Jordan Hatton
  11. Casey Suchocki
  12. Josiah Singleton
  13. Chris Howard
  14. Ryan Stratis
  15. Roo Yori
  16. Chad Hohn
  17. Rochambeau Dolcine

Failed at Warped Wall / Mega Wall

  1. Jon Dilullo
  2. Neil Craver
  3. Eddy Stewart
  4. Jessica Clayton

Failed at Ferris Wheel

  1. Travis Rust
  2. Kiril Rebkovets
  3. Ronald Washington
  4. Caleb Auer
  5. Lucas Gomes
  6. Ben Wilson
  7. Glenn Davis
  8. Tyrone Poole
  9. Devin Harrelson

Top 5 Women advancing to the Atlanta Georgia City Finals:

Failed at Warped Wall

  1. Jessica Clayton

Failed at Ferris Wheel

  1. Alyssa Varsalona

Failed at Bouncing Spider

  1. Emily Durham
  2. Caitlyn Bergstrom
  3. Grace Sims

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