TV Recap: S10E15 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Las Vegas National Finals Stages 2, 3 & 4 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Las Vegas National Finals Season Finale Season X Episode 15

Last night was the final night of competition for American Ninja Warrior’s tenth season. And for the first time in ANW history, there is an underwater challenge!!!

How did the ninjas handle the new dynamic? And did anyone earn their shot at Mt Midoriyama this season?

Here are the final 30 ninjas of the season who will attempt Stage 2 tonight:

  1. Jake Murray
  2. Drew Drechsel
  3. Mathis Owhadi
  4. Daniel Gil
  5. Austin Gray
  6. Drew Knapp
  7. Adam Rayl
  8. Josh Salinas
  9. Tyler Gillett
  10. Najee Richardson
  11. R.J Roman
  12. Ethan Swanson
  13. Karson Voiles
  14. Sean Bryan
  15. Josh Levin
  16. Hunter Guerard
  17. Eric Middleton
  18. Lucas Reale
  19. Mike Meyers
  20. Thomas Stillings
  21. Brian Burkhardt
  22. Angel Rodriguez
  23. Jonathan Stevens
  24. Chris Wilczewski
  25. Dan Polizzi
  26. Nicholas Coolridge
  27. Jamie Rahn
  28. Mike Murray
  29. Zach Day
  30. Casey Suchocki

Here’s the Stage 2 Course: Epic Catch and Release, Criss Cross Salmon Ladder, Déjà vu (new obstacle), Swing Surfer, Wingnut Alley, Water Walls (The first ever underwater obstacle).

All ninjas have to complete the course in 4 minutes and 30 seconds to advance to Stage 3.

Also, whichever ninja makes it the farthest (even if they don’t make Mt. Midoriyama), will earn $100,000 prize.

Stage 2

Josh Salinas, 27 year old Ninja Trainer

Salinas moved quickly through Epic Catch and Release.

Salinas was the first ninja to attempt and complete Deja Vu.

After completing Swing Surfer, Salinas took on the obstacle that ended his season last year: Wingnut Alley.

And though he made if farther on obstacle five than he did last season, he still fell, slipping and falling on the next to last Wingnut.

During the break…

Nicholas Coolridge fell on Criss Cross Salmon Ladder.

Tyler Gillett fell on Deja Vu.

Casey Suchocki also fell on Deja Vu.

Daniel Gil, 25 year old Worship Leader

Gil has his hair pulled up and goggles on in case he makes it to the water obstacle.

Gil moved easily through the first two obstacles.

But Gil became another victim of Deja Vu as the bar got stuck and left Gil hanging in the middle of obstacle 3.

During the break…

Chris Wilczewski fell on Wingnuts.

Jake Murray, 31 year old Ninja Trainer

Murray kept missing the first lock on Catch and Release.

Then, he fell on the 2nd part of the first obstacle.

R.J. Roman, 21 year old Musician

The first of 8 rookies competing tonight worked easily through Catch and Release.

Then, Roman threw in a flip on his way to completion of Criss Cross Salmon Ladder.

Roman’s easy run though the course continued through Deja Vu and the Swing Surfer.

Unfortunately, Roman dropped in the middle of Wingnut Alley.

During the break…

Lucas Reale fell on Criss Cross Salmon Ladder.

Dan Polizzi fell on Deja Vu.

Josh Levin fell on the very end of Wingnut Alley.

Najee Richardson, 27 year old Motivational Speaker

Turns out, Richardson suffered an asthma attack last season while completing Stage 2 in Vegas.

So now thanks to the Phoenix, I no longer have an excuse for failing at anything.

And how will the Phoenix handle the Water Walls should he get there?

No issues at all for Richardson through the first two obstacles.

Then, the Phoenix’s aerobic skills shined on Deja Vu.

After completing Swing Surfer, Richardson took a moment to check his breathing.

Only “The Real Life Ninja” gets more hang time on Wingnut Alley than the Phoenix.

And Richardson showed those skills as he became the first ninja to complete the fifth obstacle tonight.

Richardson had to bring his head up many times to catch his breath, costing him valuable time on the final obstacle.

“The Phoenix” had 20 seconds to try and open the last door on Water Walls.

He got the door opened, but the time ran out as “The Phoenix” was just a few feet away from completing the course.

During the break…

Angel Rodriguez fell on Criss Cross Salmon Ladder.

Mike Murray fell on Deja Vu.

Karson Voiles fell on Wingnut Alley.

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi, 19 year old College Student

After easily surpassing the first two obstacles, Owhadi needed a big save to complete Deja Vu.

Owhadi started to show some fatigue on Wingnut Alley, and “the Kid” was losing momentum.

He came up short on the fifth obstacle, ending his remarkable rookie season.

During the break…

Thomas Stillings, Mike Meyers, and Hunter Guerard all fell on Deja Vu.

Sean Bryan, 33 year old Catholic Church Worker

Bryan is the last of last season’s Stage 2 finishers left competing (Joe Moravsky and Najee Richardson are both out).

“The Papal Ninja” wasted no time flipping through Criss Cross Salmon Ladder and Deja Vu, only taking one minute to complete the first half of the course.

Bryan finally looked to be struggling when he reached Wingnut Alley. But he completed the obstacle, setting up a one minute dash through the Water Walls.

And Bryan squeezed his way through that last door, becoming the first competitor to complete the Water Walls and Stage 2.

Sean Bryan advances to Stage 3 in 4:08.30.

Zach Day, 19 year old College Student

Day is the last competitor to get the commercial break treatment during his run, so you know he’s going to spend a lot of time on the course.

Day made easy work of the first two obstacles before needing to make a great recovery on Deja Vu.

Day made a quick swing through Swing Surfer, setting up a showdown with Wingnut Alley.

Day really struggled to get momentum on the Wingnuts.

But he successfully made the catch and release on each one of them until the last one, when he lost his grip and fell.

Adam Rayl, 25 year old Concrete Worker

The three time national finalist is looking to complete Stage 2 for the first time.

And Rayl’s run looked like it was going to go splendidly, but Rayl knocked the bar off prematurely on Criss Cross Salmon Ladder and fell on the 2nd obstacle.

Austin Gray, 21 year old Ninja Coach

Gray is the ninja who donated his kidney to his friend, Kaylee.

And as it turns out, he only had five weeks to train for the show after giving up the kidney.

I get it, ninjas. I need to work out more. Geez!!!

As for Gray’s run, he really struggled on Epic Catch and Release before completing the first obstacle.

By the time Gray reached Deja Vu, he was exhausted. He slipped from the bar and fell, ending his great season.

During the break…

Eric Middleton fell on Deja Vu.

Drew Knapp fell on Wingnut Alley.

Ethan Swanson also fell on Wingnut Alley.

Jamie Rahn, 30 year old Ninja Coach

How will Rahn top his shoeless completion of Stage 1?

Well, it got off to a rough start as “Captain NBC” had to fight his way through Epic Catch and Release.

But Rahn made up for the time with flawless trips through Criss Cross Salmon Ladder and Deja Vu.

Wingnut Alley was what took Rahn down last season.

And it took him down this season as he was unable to hold on to the 2nd Wingnut.

During the break…

Jonathan Stevens fell on Criss Cross Salmon Ladder.

Brian Burkhardt fell on Wingnut Alley.

Drew Drechsel, 29 year old Ninja Gym Owner

“The Real Life Ninja” is the final competitor attempting Stage 2 tonight.

Drechsel works fast, and he had the first half of the course done in less than a minute.

He took few swings to finish Swing Surfer. Then Drechsel took a breath before trying Wingnut Alley.

The fifth obstacle took him down last season.

It would not this season, as Drechsel had more than a minute to finish Water Walls.

And as it turns out, the “Real Life Ninja” is not slowed down by water. Drechsel swam through the final door and completed Stage 2’s final obstacle.

Drew Drechsel advances to Stage 3 in 3:51.35.

So now, Sean Bryan and Drew Drechsel are the only two competitors left as we head to Stage 3.

Stage 3

Here’s the course: Floating Boards, En Garde (New Obstacle), Crazy Clocks, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Curved Body Prop, Peg Cloud, Cane Lane, Flying Bar

Sean Bryan

Bryan was deliberate as he worked his way carefully through the first three obstacles.

It was Ultimate Cliffhanger that took Bryan down last season. But he nearly made it this season. He made it all the way to the final ledge, but he couldn’t hold on.

Drew Drechsel

Drechsel has 1:28.64 to get through the first three obstacles to guarantee himself $100,000.

And he did it with 28 seconds to spare.

Now can the “Real Life Ninja” get through Stage 3?

He would not as Drechsel fell at the same place Bryan fell.

With the season over, Drew Drechsel is your last ninja standing. And he will walk away with $100,000 for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this season’s recaps. We’ll see you next season.

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