TV Recap: S10E09 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Miami Florida City Finals 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Miami Florida City Finals Season X Episode 9

The City Final circuit continues this week with the Miami City Finals. And what might be the top male and female competitor (Drew Dreschel and Jessie Graff) in American Ninja Warrior are both looking to qualify for Vegas (how did Miami get so lucky?).

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Ninjas will run a similar course to the one they did in qualifiers with four additional obstacles added.

-The top 15 ninjas and top 2 women will advance to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

The Course: Archer Steps, Cannonball Drop, Razor’s Edge, Ring Turn (New Obstacle), Slippery Summit (New Obstacle), Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Crazy Clocks (New Obstacle), Stair Hopper, Spider Trap

Michael Johnson, 25 year old Gym Manager

The number 30 qualifier has his grandma and aunt (the women who raised him) watching from Brooklyn as he attacks the course.

Johnson made a nice slide all the way across the platform to complete Razor’s Edge.

Johnson’s epic upper body (and I mean epic!!!) helped him complete Ring Turn with ease.

It was Slippery Summit that Johnson fell on in qualifying, making it all the way to the last rung before falling.

But he made it this time and ran his way quickly up the Warped Wall to save time.

After dominating Salmon Ladder, Johnson became the first competitor to try Crazy Clocks.

He would also be the first ninja to fall at that obstacle.

During the break…

Lindsay Eskildsen fell at Cannonball Drop.

Ethan Suprenant fell at Slippery Summit.

Calle Alexander fell at Salmon Ladder.

Drew Hendry, 34 year old Nursery Farm Director

Hendry’s wife, Heather, is in attendance with their little girl, Violet. The couple struggled for years to have a child before Violet was born last year.

Hendry seemed to be running with extra pep as Miami’s number 16 qualifier moved quickly through the first four obstacles.

Then, Hendry became the 2nd competitor on the night to overcome Slippery Summit after falling off it in qualifying.

After making it up his first Warped Wall, Hendry made it past the Salmon Ladder before falling on Crazy Clocks.

Jessica Clayton, 36 year old Customer Service Rep

Clayton was the mother of three who was recently homeless. But now she has a job and a home for her kids.

Her inspiring run was one of the highlights of qualifying.

Unfortunately, she got stuck on the end of Cannonball Run and couldn’t stick the landing.

R.J Roman, 21 year old Musician

R.J. and his parents give credit to ANW for helping bring them together after substance abuse kept them a part for years.

And Roman’s parents were cheering him on enthusiastically as he worked all the way through Slippery Summit, the obstacle he fell on in qualifying.

After the number 14 qualifier made his way up his first Wall, Roman fell on the middle section of the Crazy Clocks.

During the break…

Jason Bergstrom fell on Cannonball Drop.

Todd Bourgeous fell on Crazy Clocks.

Eddy Stewart, 35 year old Firefighter

Many of the ninjas with similar physiques to Stewart have been trying his signature peck moving move: left, right, double, double.

Well, those pecks were not enough to keep Stewart from falling off to the side of the course on Cannonball Drop.

Devin Harrelson, 34 year old Tattoo Artist

Harrelson is running for his friend, Chris, who died in a car crash this year.

Unfortunately, just like Stewart, Harrelson fell on Cannoball Drop.

Ryan Stratis, 35 year old Ninja Coach

Stratis and fellow ninja Brett Sims have put their beards on the line this season. The one who falls the earliest on the course loses his beard.

Both men hit the buzzer in qualifying, so the bet moves on to City Finals.

Stratis has no issue with the first part of the course.

Then, he became the first competitor ever to complete Crazy Clocks.

Stair Hopper was a struggle, but Stratis made it. Just one obstacle to go!!!!

And Stratis became the first ninja to complete the course tonight, climbing up the Spider Trap and hitting the buzzer.

Ryan Stratis completes the course in 8:25.63.

During the break…

Greg Manders, Jordan Brown, and Eli Bell all fell on Cannonball Drop. That’s eight victims for the 2nd obstacle of the night.

Neil Craver, 37 year old Artist

“Crazy Craver” has been training with ice to get ready for this year’s competition.

That ice training didn’t appear to be paying off as he took a long time to get through the Ring Swing.

The approach was awkward, but Craver had enough to complete Slippery Summit.

Craver looked winded as he worked his way through the 2nd half of the course.

And that loss of energy showed as he fell on Crazy Clocks.

Casey Suchocki, 26 year old Contractor

“The Bama Ninja” got the “commercial runs while I run” treatment tonight.

Now, over the last two weeks, that has meant:

  1. A long run on the course.
  2. A run good enough to qualify for Vegas.
  3. But not a run that was good enough to hit the buzzer.

Well, “the Bama Ninja” lived up to 2 of the 3 for sure as he fell on Crazy Clocks. We’ll see if he makes it 3 out of 3 later.

Kenny Niemitalo, 31 year old Concrete Worker

A fan heard the story of Kenny’s daughter two years ago on the show. She needed a kidney. So the fan donated one to her.

Now, Kenny is paying it forward, using his platform to plead with viewers to donate kidneys to two kids who live near where he lives.

Niemitalo moved quickly through the first part of the course.

Then, he became the 2nd competitor on the night to complete Crazy Clocks.

Niemitalo made a successful one legged landing on Stair Hopper, setting up a climb up the Spider Trap.

And the climb was a successful one, as Niemitalo became the night’s fastest time so far.

Niemitalo completes the course in 7:41.90.

During the break…

Nico Long fell on Cannonball Drop.

Emily Durham fell on Slippery Summit.

Brett Sims made it all the way up the Spider Trap, so the beard battle will continue on in Vegas.

Rachael Goldstein, 34 year old Occupational Therapist

Goldstein was married this year. Then she won a handstand contest over many other ninjas at Jamie Rahn’s wedding.

Goldstein fell on Slippery Summit in qualifying. But if she completes it tonight, she goes to Vegas.

And she did, guaranteeing her spot in the National Finals.

Goldstein missed on her first two attempts at the Warped Wall. But she held on and pulled herself up on the third attempt.

Goldstein also completed the Salmon Ladder for the first time ever in competition before falling on Crazy Clocks.

During the break…

Scott Reuter fell at Razor’ Edge.

Kevin Carbone fell at Cannonball Drop.

Bootie Cothran, 49 year old Media Coordinator

Cothran trained with the Furman University football team this year.

And the Bootie Bandwagon was going strong as the 49 year old moved easily through the first part of the course.

Cothran hit the buzzer in qualifying. And he had no trouble climbing up the Warped Wall tonight.

And once Bootie made it to Crazy Clocks, the obstacle he would ultimately fall on, he qualified for Vegas.

During the break…

Morgan “Moose” Wright fell at Ring Turn.

Doug Legg fell at Slippery Summit.

Drew Drechsel, 29 year old Gym Owner

By the time I’m done typing this sentence, Drechsel was through with the first four obstacles.

That is the “Real Life Ninja’s” usual pace. But he did slow down a bit to get things right on Slippery Summit.

After working easily through Salmon Ladder, Drechsel’s spot in Vegas was clinched.

And no one made Crazy Clock look as easy as the “Real Life Ninja” did.

But Drechsel shockingly fell on Stair Hopper.

Jessie Graff, 34 year old Stuntwoman

Can Graff become the second woman to complete a City Finals course?

The run nearly ended early as Graff nearly lost the landing on Cannonball Drop before holding on.

Graff used her legs effectively to preserve energy on Ring Swing.

Graff clinched her spot in Vegas after completing Slippery Summit.

After dominating the Salmon Ladder, Graff stuck the landing on Crazy Clocks.

But on Stair Hopper, the bar slipped on the left side and she fell on the ninth obstacle.

Top 15 City Finalists advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

Men who completed the Miami Florida City Finals Course

  1. Kenny Niemitalo
  2. Brett Sims
  3. Ryan Stratis

Fell on Stair Hopper

  1. Drew Drechsel
  2. Jessie Graff
  3. Michael Johnson
  4. Casey Suchocki

Fell on Crazy Clocks

  1. Todd Bourgeois
  2. Nick Patel
  3. Neil Craver
  4. R.J. Roman
  5. Drew Hendry
  6. Bootie Cothran
  7. Rachael Goldstein

Fell on Salmon Ladder

  1. Reko Rivera

Top 2 Women Advancing to Las Vegas Nevada National Finals Stage 1:

  1. Jessie Graff
  2. Rachael Goldstein

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