TV Recap: S10E03 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Miami Florida Qualifiers 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Miami Florida City Qualifiers Season X Episode 3

American Ninja Warrior’s 10th season continued Wednesday night in Miami.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Competitors will be timed attempting to complete six obstacles.  Each competitor that completes the course automatically moves onto the city finals.  Competitors can also advance if they have the best time of the competitors who completed the same number of obstacles. The thirty best finishers plus the five best female finishers will advance to the city finals.

Here’s the obstacle list for the Season 10 Miami Florida City Qualifier course:  Floating Steps, Fly Wheels, Razor’s Edge, Ring Turn (New Obstacle), Slippery Summit (New Obstacle), Warped Wall.

-And NEW THIS SEASON, there are two Warped Walls: the regular 14.5 foot tall version and an 18 foot tall version. Competitors that make it up the 18 foot wall get $10,000. But competitors will only get one shot on the 14 foot wall if they try for the $10,000.

Bootie Cothran, 49 year old Machete Back Scratcher?

Bootie is from Possum Kingdom, South Carolina (and he might be the only one living there) and he’s tried and failed to hit a buzzer every time he’s competed.

Cothran’s light weight proves to be an advantage on Fly Wheels.

And Razor’s Edge was a breeze for Bootie.

As for the technique heavy Ring Turn, well Cothran had little issue with that one as well.

But did Cothran have enough strength to pull himself up Slippery Summit?

He did!!!

And Bootie climbed the Wall on his first attempt, kicking off the night with the rare leadoff buzzer, Cothran’s first.

Bootie Cothran completed the course in 4:53.73.

During the break…

BJ Robinson fell on Ring Turn.

Andy Johnson fell on Razor’s Edge.

Halei Jo Fuller also fell on Ring Turn.

Jessica Clayton, 36 year old I.T. Consultant

Clayton and her three kids have been homeless recently. But now she’s working, has a place to live, and still finds time to train. Man, Miami is just runneth over with amazing stories.

With her kids cheering her on, the National Guard Captain worked her way deliberately through the first two obstacles.

Then, on Razor’s Edge, Clayton pulled off an amazing save to complete the third obstacle.

Clayton’s long legs were a significant advantage as she completed Ring Turn.

Bootie Cothren made the Slippery Summit look easy – and Clayton nearly did the same thing. But she fell right at the end of the fifth obstacle.

But that run will keep Clayton in the race to qualify for City Finals.

Michael Johnson, 25 year old Gym Manager

Joined in progress, Johnson moved easily across the Razor’s Edge.

He removes his shirt and makes most of us guys feel inferior as he moves through Ring Turn.

The next obstacle, Slippery Summit, was submitted by a 12 year old, and I’m sure Johnson appreciated the kid’s contribution as he fell at the end of the fifth obstacle.

Dan Courtenay, 41 year old Computer Programmer

Another great story as Courtenay’s daughter Lucia, who has Down syndrome, is a major inspiration for why he wants to compete.

Unfortunately, Courtenay came up short reaching for the third Fly Wheel.

During the break…

Jesse Johnson, otherwise known as Ninjatron, fell on the Flywheel.

Bree Widener fell on Ring Turn after two minutes of effort trying to complete the 4th obstacle.

Nick Patel completed the course, becoming the night’s second finisher.

Morgan “Moose” Wright, 43 year old PE Teacher

Moose’s movements are anything but graceful.

But the bottom line is he completed the 2nd and 3rd obstacles despite the hard landings.

Wright went with the full barrel roll to complete Ring Turn.

Then, Moose decided to try going backwards on Slippery Summit.

And it worked (even with the backwards landing at the end)!!!

Finally, Moose completed the course for the first time, hitting the buzzer and getting the announcers to sports moose caps in celebration.

Morgan “Moose” Wright completed the course in 5:04.81

Before the break…

Donell Henry, Ashley Harel, TJ Sigler, and Jaquavious Hawthorne all fell spectacularly on Fly Wheel.

During the break…

Zach Thomas looked nothing like Indiana Jones as he fell on Razor’s Edge.

Elle Cohen fell on Ring Turn.

Eddy Stewart completed the course, the night’s fourth finisher.

Megan Dillard, 28 year old Math Teacher

Megan has a three legged dog named Zeus who works has a therapy dog in her classroom (another amazing story tonight!!!)

Unfortunately for Dillard and Zeus, Megan fell on Razor’s Edge.

Gabe Stewart, 23 year old Coach and Teacher

Stewart is a teacher and coach and Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, the school that suffered the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

And Stewart looked strong completing the first two obstacles.

The track coach nearly fell on Razor’s Edge, but he saved it and stayed alive for Ring Turn.

But Stewart would not be able to save himself on the fourth obstacle.

He still received a wonderful ovation from his many supporters from MSD.

Ryan Stratis, 35 year old Ninja Coach

Stratis is one of four ninjas who’ve competed in every season of ANW.

And he made quick work of the first two obstacles.

The fall was rough, but Stratis continued his quick pace on Razor’s Edge.

And Stratis’s one arm dismount made the finish to Ring Turn look easy.

The first real sign of struggle for Stratis was on Slippery Summit (well, not too difficult).

And now, this season has four men who’ve made it up the MegaWall, as Stratis climbed the 18 foot structure and took home $10,000.

Ryan Stratis completes the course in 4:20.44.

During the break…

Alicia Tavani-Candela came up short on Fly Wheel.

Kevin Carbone and Reko Riveria both fell on Slippery Summit.

Charity LeBlanc, 29 year old Social Media Influencer

Yes, “Social Media Influencer” is a thing.

And the “Mermaid Ninja” moved carefully and completely through the first two obstacles.

But after racing quickly through Razor’s Edge, she slipped reaching for the first ring on Ring Turn.

During the break…

Emily Durham fell on Ring Turn.

Jonathan Sharp Brown ran with his phone in his pocket. The phone fell on the third obstacle. Brown fell on the fifth obstacle.

Brett Sims has a bet with Ryan Stratis. Whoever doesn’t finish shaves his beard. Stratis already completed his course. And so does Sims. Both men keep their beards until at least next round.

Lindsay Eskildsen, 36 year old Graphic Designer

The “Calibama” ninja moved quickly over Razor’s Edge.

And Eskildsen got creative on Ring Turn, guaranteeing herself a spot in the women’s top five.

But she did was not able to get going on Slippery Summit.

JJ Woods, 31 year old Stuntman

Woods runs for Zoe, a friend’s daughter who’s suffering from stage 4 cancer. She is watching him in person for the first time.

Unfortunately, Woods shockingly fell on Razor’s Edge. At least he received a comforting hug from Zoe after the run.

Before the break…

Nico Long and Eli Bell both fell on Slippery Summit.

But Kenny Niemitalo put up the night’s fastest time.

During the break…

Rachel Goldstein fell on Slippery Summit, but she will move onto the City Finals.

Devin Harrelson ran with neon shoes all the way to the Slippery Summit.

Neil Craver made it up the Warped Wall.

Drew Dreschel, 29 year old Ninja Coach

The “Real Life” Ninja brought his trademark speed to the course, completing the first four obstacles in less than a minute.

And as for the Slippery Summit, Dreschel borrowed Moose’s technique of going backwards to finish easily.

But Dreschel was unable to make it up the MegaWall.

However, he still completed the course with the night’s fastest time.

Drew Dreschel completed the course in 2:24.74.

Jessie Graff, 34 year old Stuntwoman

So Graff has been working as a stuntwoman on a top secret project that she cannot tell us about because it’s..well…top secret.

And she looks more muscular than ever as she worked her way easily through the first two obstacles.

A misplaced toe nearly cost her on Razor’s Edge. But Graff held on and completed the third obstacle.

Graff used her whole body to move the rings around and complete Ring Turn.

And No woman has completed Slippery Summit tonight.

Until Graff did just that, setting herself up to become the first woman to hit a buzzer this season.

Jesse Graff completes the course in 4:57.53.

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Miami Florida City Finals:

  1. Drew Dreschel
  2. Kenny Niemitalo
  3. Calle Alexander
  4. Brett Sims
  5. Neil Craver
  6. Ryan Stratis
  7. Eddy Stewart
  8. Nick Patel
  9. Bootie Cothran
  10. Jessie Graff
  11. Morgan “Moose” Wright

Failed at Slippery Summit

  1. Kevin Carbone
  2. Todd Bourgeois
  3. RJ Roman
  4. Eli Bell
  5. Drew Hendry
  6. Doug Legg
  7. Casey Suchocki
  8. Jason Bergstrom
  9. Greg Manders
  10. Ethan Surprenant
  11. Jordan Brown
  12. Nico Long
  13. Rachael Goldstein
  14. Oscar Ramirez
  15. Lindsay Eskildsen
  16. Reko Rivera
  17. Devin Harrelson
  18. Scott Reuter
  19. Michael Johnson

Top 5 Women advancing to the Miami Florida City Finals:

  1. Jessie Graff

Failed at Slippery Summit

  1. Rachael Goldstein
  2. Lindsay Eskildsen
  3. Jessica Clayton

Failed at Ring Turn

  1. Emily Durham

Next week, Isaac Caldiero returns!!! And on the same night, check out the finale to Ninja vs Ninja. We’ll have both recaps

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