TV Recap: S10E04 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Indianapolis Indiana Qualifiers 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Indianapolis Indiana City Qualifiers Season X Episode 4

American Ninja Warrior’s 10th season continued Wednesday night in Indianapolis.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Competitors will be timed attempting to complete six obstacles.

-Each competitor that completes the course automatically moves onto the city finals.

-Competitors can also advance if they have the best time of the competitors who completed the same number of obstacles.

-The thirty best finishers plus the five best female finishers will advance to the city finals.

Here’s the course:

Floating Steps, Cannonball Drop, Wheel Flip (New Obstacle), Block Run, Spin Hopper (New Obstacle), Warped Wall.

-And don’t forget there are two Warped Walls: the regular 14.5 foot tall version and an 18 foot tall version. Competitors that make it up the 18 foot wall get $10,000. But competitors will only get one shot on the 14 foot wall if they try for the $10,000.

Derrick Pavoni, 24 year old Pizzamaker

“The Pizza Ninja’s” family handed out pizza before the start of his run.

He struggled with the rope but survived Floating Steps.

And he stuck his feet on the pad of Cannonball Drop, but his weight was leaning backwards. Pavoni fell in the water, ending his run.

Bill Westrick, 50 year old Plumber

“The World’s Greatest Plumber” almost didn’t make it to compete tonight. Westrick tore his knee really bad two years ago. But a successful operation using tissue from an organ donor who passed away allowed Bill to compete in Indy.

The widow of the man who donated the tissue was there cheering Bill on as he completed three obstacles before falling on Block Run.

During the break…

Chris Howard fell on the course’s first obstacle.

US women’s hockey player (and Olympic Gold Medalist) Kendall Coyne fell on Wheel Flip.

Andrew Roland fell on Block Run.

Jody Avila, 32 year old HVAC technician

The 6’6 “Big Dog Ninja” leaped easily through Floating Steps.

Obstacle two and three were no issue.

But the big man stunned the announcers and the crowd when he fell on Block Run.

Nicole Martinez, 27 year old P.E. Teacher

Nicole is running the course for the third time, and she’s struggled to get past the first half of the course each time.

“Nicole Ninja” worked her way through the first two obstacles.

Then, showing great form, Martinez completed Wheel Flip and Block Run.

Martinez was the first competitor on the night to attempt the Spin Hopper, where she fell early on.

But that run might be enough to qualify for the City Finals.

Brandon Mears, 35 year old Firefighter

Mears recently had a baby, and, apparently, his fellow Tower of Power comes over and helps Mears care for the baby.

Mears fell on the third obstacle last year.

He made it that far in less than a minute this year.

But much like last year, Mears fell on a balance challenge, falling on Block Run.

During the break…

Kevin Libertowski made a trick shot before running. But he fell on the 2nd obstacle.

Morgan Sahagian fell on Wheel Flip.

Kyle Schulze came up just short on the Spin Hopper.

Kyle Stradtman, 28 year old Dog Walking Ninja

“The Dog Walking Ninja” credits his dog, Blazzo (who is in attendance tonight), with helping him stay sober for four years.

Stradtman stuck the landing on Cannonball Drop.

Then, the rookie made quick work of Wheel Flip.

And Stradtman almost looked as if he was floating as he made it across Block Run.

No competitor has completed Spin Hopper tonight. That is until the “Dog Walking Ninja” did just that.

And Stradtman became the night’s first finisher, an ending Blazzo was very excited about.

Kyle Stradtman completed the course in 3:14.46

Jeri D’Aurelio made it all the way to Spin Hopper before falling.

Tommy Daly ran the course in a panda suit and fell on the third obstacle.

Mike Wright sported a Speedo on his way to falling on Spin Hopper.

Josh Butler, 32 year old Bus Driver

Josh and his wife adopted three more kids this year.

And they were on hand to watch as Butler moved easily through the first half of the course.

But Butler became one of many veteran runners tonight who’ve fallen on Block Run.

Before the break…

Tariq Sanders fell on Cannonball Drop.

Kaleaha Rayner fell on Wheel Flip.

Eric Sheppard made it all the way to Spin Hopper before falling.

Travis Rosen, 43 year old Stock Trader

Rosen has made it to 8 straight National Finals.

And he moved quickly through the first three obstacles.

And unlike many other competitors on the night, Rosen had no issue with Block Run.

Rosen tried a different approach on Spin Hopper keeping his hands farther apart.

And that approach worked as he completed the fifth obstacle.

Rosen tried the MegaWall and came up short.

But he made quick work of the regular wall and hit the buzzer, moving one step closer to another National Finals.

Travis Rosen completes the course in 3:01.97.

Tyler Yamauchi, 32 year old Physical Therapist

Joined in progress, the “Muscleball Ninja” made quick work of the first four obstacles.

That quick pace continued on Spin Hopper, but Yamauchi couldn’t hold on.

James Wilson, 32 year old Gym Owner

Wilson runs for his fiancée, Caitlyn, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago.

Wilson has never qualified for City Finals in his previous four times running the course.

But Wilson set a personal best tonight as he made it past the fourth obstacle.

Wilson didn’t make it past Spin Hopper. We’ll see if his time was good enough to get him to City Finals.

During the break…

Meghan Anten fell on the Wheel Flip.

Brian Arnold fell on Spin Hopper.

Chris DiGangi made it all the way up the Warped Wall with the night’s fastest time.

Scott Dixon, 37 year old Indycar Driver

So an Indy 500 champion wants to run the ANW course? That’s pretty cool.

The record holder for race car driver on the course is Ricky Steinhouse Jr., who made it to the fourth obstacle.

Dixon took his time through the course, but that was good enough to get through the first two obstacles.

But the Indy Car champ would lose strength on Wheel Flip. Steinhouse stays the racecar champ of ANW.

During the break…

Ethan Swanson fell on Spin Hopper.

Madelynn McNeal also fell on Spin Hopper.

Dan Polizzi went for the MegaWall and just barely missed. But he was able to put forth the night’s fastest time.

Michael Bougher, 22 year old National Guardsman

Joined in progress, “Bougher the Destroyer” put himself in position for the night’s fastest time.

And he was through the Spin Hopper in under 2 minutes.

Bougher just missed on the MegaWall, but he did make it up the regular wall just .16 seconds ahead of Dan Polizzi.

Michael Bougher completes the course in 2:29.54.

Jimmy Choi, 42 year old Technology Consultant

Choi made his debut last year. He has Parkinson’s disease and is running for Team Fox, an organization that raises money for Parkinson’s research.

Choi made it through the first two obstacles with max effort.

Last season, Choi fell on the third obstacle.

This season, he made it to the last wheel on Wheel Flip before slipping and falling.

Regardless, Choi is an amazing story.

Before the break…

Ashley Jones fell on Wheel Flip.

Aaron Rayborn fell on Block Run.

Brad Spine hit his very first buzzer.

During the break…

Wesley Owens Jr. fell on Wheel Flip

Phillip Hocke made it up the Warped Wall on his third attempt.

Rigel Henry became another of the night’s finishers.

Jesse LaBreck, 29 year old Gym Manager

“Flex” made quick work of the first half of the course.

She took a deep breath before moving quickly across Block Run.

Then, she became the first woman to complete the Flip Hopper.

She tried the MegaWall but missed. However, the regular Wall was no issue for “Flex” as she became the second woman to hit a buzzer this year.

Jesse LaBreck completes the course in 4:04.03.

Isaac Caldiero, 36 year old Pro Rock Climber

Caldiero is returning three years after being one of two men to complete all six courses on ANW. 

Now, if Caldiero is considered “the First American Ninja Warrior,” what will they call Geoff Britten if he ever returns?

Before he runs, they did make sure to emphasize that Caldiero was the “First American Ninja Warrior Champion.”

Well, Caldiero didn’t look rusty at all as he worked his way easily through the first three obstacles

And Block Run, an obstacle that’s befallen many a ninja tonight, was no issue for Caldiero.

Caldiero stayed calm as he worked his way through Spin Hopper.

But Indianapolis would feature no one making their way up the Mega Wall.

Caldiero failed at that. But he had no issue with the regular Wall, hitting the buzzer in his return to ANW.

Isaac Caldiero completes the course in 3:59.91.

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Indianapolis Indiana City Finals:

Men who completed the Indianapolis Course

  1. Michael Bougher
  2. Dan Polizzi
  3. Chris DiGangi
  4. Travis Rosen
  5. Brad Spine
  6. Kyle Stradtman
  7. Rigel Henry
  8. Phillip Hucke
  9. Isaac Caldiero
  10. Jesse LaBreck

Failed at Spin Hopper

  1. Ethan Swanson
  2. Trevor West
  3. Brian Arnold
  4. Tyler Yamauchi
  5. Nate Tackett
  6. Eric Sheppard
  7. James Wilson
  8. Alex Carson
  9. Jonas Duncan
  10. Kyle Schulze
  11. Kourtney Timmons
  12. David Womelsdorf
  13. Mario Brown
  14. Mike Wright
  15. Jesse Maurer
  16. Alex Bienz
  17. Mohammed Almarzouq
  18. Nicole Martinez
  19. Jeri D’Aurelio
  20. Marcelino Riley

Top 5 Women advancing to the Indianapolis Indiana City Finals:

Women who completed the Indianapolis Course

  1. Jesse LaBreck

Failed at Spin Hopper

  1. Nicole Martinez
  2. Jeri D’Aurelio
  3. Madelynn McNeal

Fell at Wheel Flip

  1. Meghan Anten

Next week, Allyssa Beird and the Phoenix hit the course in Philadelphia City Qualifiers. See you then.

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