TV Recap: S09E15 – America Ninja Warrior Season 9 Las Vegas National Finals Stages 2, 3 & 4

American Ninja Warrior Season 9 National Finals, Stage 2, 3, and 4

Your Announcers: Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Kristine Leahy

Your Stage 2 Obstacles: Giant Ring Swing, Criss Cross Salmon Ladder, Wave Runner, Swing Surfer (New Obstacle), Wingnut Alley, Wall Flip

Contestants have 4 minutes to complete all six obstacles and advance to Stage 3.

  1. Ian Dory, 26 year old Rock Climber

Dory took over 25% of his time trying to get through the first two obstacles.

But that wouldn’t be costly as Dory fell on the Swing Surfer anyway.

  1. Lance Pekus, 30 year old Rancher

Pekus put up one of his best runs of all time in honor of his wife, who’s struggling with multiple sclerosis, during Stage 1.

And in his 2nd attempt ever at Stage 2, Pekus advanced all the way to Wingnut Alley before falling.

After the break, Tyler Yamauchi became Wingnut Alley’s next victim.

  1. Brent Steffensen, 36 year old Gym Owner

Brent is wearing a shirt in honor of Mr. Mogley, Brent and Kacy Cantanzaro’s (Brent’s former girlfriend) dog, who recently had to be put down (I’m still crying thinking about that video montage).

Steffensen was the first man to complete Stage 2 five years ago. But he hasn’t completed it since.

This time, it was Wave Runner that ended Steffensen’s night.

Before the break, Nick Kostreski and Eric Middleton fell on Wave Runner. Hunter Gerard fell on Wingnut Alley.

After the break, Ryan Stratis, Tyler Gillett, and Travis Rosen all fell (with Rosen making it all the way to Wingnut Alley before falling.

  1. Jamie Rahn, 29 year old Gym Owner

“Captain NBC” is all business tonight sporting no cape. But he (and his cheering section) still has that green hair.

Rahn made an incredible one handed save on the third Wingnut of Wingnut Alley. Unfortunately, he came up just short of the landing pad at the end of the obstacle.

After the break, Nick Hanson, Sean Darling-Hammond, and Jon Alexis Jr. all fell (including the last two becoming two more victims of Wingnut Alley).

  1. Sean Bryan, 32 year old Catholic Church Worker

“The Papal Ninja” became the first competitor to complete Wingnut Alley.

And shortly after that, Bryan hit the buzzer with 15 seconds left to become the first competitor to reach Stage 3 on the night.

Sean Bryan, Course Completed, 3:45.

After the break, Mike Bernardo, Drew Knapp, and Abel Gonzalez fell (the last two became victims 8 and 9 of Wingnut Alley).

  1. Adam Rayl, 23 year old Concrete Worker

Rayl overcome Wave Runner, the obstacle that took him out in Stage 2 last season.

And Rayl made it all the way to the last Wingnut on Wingnut Alley. But his hand slipped off before he could make the leap to the platform.

After the break, Josh Salinas, Jody Avila, Andrew Lowes, and Brian Arnold all fell on you know what (Wingnut Alley).

  1. Najee Richardson, 26 year old Fitness Coach

Richardson is running tonight for his great-grandmother, who died from cancer earlier in the year.

“The Phoenix” overcame the Criss Cross Salmon Ladder, an obstacle similar to the one that took him out in Stage 2 last season.

Then, he held onto one side of the 2nd Wingnut on Wingnut Alley, barely holding on.

After that, it was smooth sailing as “The Phoenix” completed the rest of Wingnut Alley and made it all the way to the buzzer, advancing to Stage 3.

Najee Richardson, Course Completed, 3:40.

After the break, Josh Levin fell on Wave Runner.

  1. Daniel Gil, 24 year old Worship Leader

Why would they not show all of Ninja superstar Daniel Gil’s run?

It’s probably because even “The Kingdom Ninja,” one of two men to make it past Stage 2 last season, was unable to get past Wingnut Alley.

  1. Allyssa Beird, 26 year old Teacher

The only female competing tonight is the 2nd female in history to make it to Stage 2 in Vegas.

She would fall on Criss Cross Salmon Ladder, ending an impressive second season for Beird.

Before the break, Dave Cavanaugh, Grant Clinton, and Karson Voiles all fell.

After the break, Flip Rodriguez came up just short on Wingnut Alley.

  1. Joe Moravsky, 28 year old Meteorologist

“The Weather Man” saw his season end last year at Stage 1 on the Wave Runner. But he made it past the third obstacle this season.

Then, Moravsky made easy work of Wingnut Alley before powering his way through Wall Flip on his way to Stage 3.

Joe Moravsky, Course Completed, 3:35.

After the break, Nicholas Coolridge, David Campbell, and Thomas Stillings all fell.

  1. Drew Drechsel, 28 year old Gym Owner

The final competitor of Stage 2 is the man many think will find his way to the top of the mountain this season.

But he had to get through Stage 2 before even thinking about Stage 4.

And shockingly, Drechsel fell short of the platform on Wingnut Alley.

It looks like he hurt his arm overshooting the final Wingnut.


Now, let’s see if we can shake off that shocking exit with a look at the competitors advancing to Stage 3:

  1. Joe Moravsky
  2. Najee Richardson
  3. Sean Bryan

Your Stage 3 obstacles: Floating Boards, Key Lock Hang, Nail Clipper, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Curved Body Prop, Peg Cloud (New Obstacle), Time Bomb (New Obstacle) The Flying Bar

No time limit here. Complete all the obstacles and get a million dollar shot at Stage 4.

  1. Sean Bryan

“The Papal Ninja” and former gymnast gave nice gymnast like stuck landings at the end of both Key Lock Hang and Nail Clipper.

Unfortunately, Bryan fell on the fourth obstacle, the Ultimate Cliffhanger.

  1. Najee Richardson

“The Phoenix” barely hung on slipping on the landing of Key Lock Hang.

Then, Richardson made it past the part that took down Sean Bryan only to fall later on in “The Ultimate Cliffhanger.”

  1. Joe Moravsky

“The Weatherman” is competing in Stage 3 for the fourth time in five seasons.

And Moravsky clinched the spot as this year’s top finisher after making it past the Ultimate Cliffhanger.

“The Weather Man” is the only competitor to ever compete (and complete) Peg Cloud.

But Time Bomb, Stage 3’s 7th obstacle, would finally end Moravsky’s season.

Season 9 ends with no million dollar winner.

 Photo Credit: David Becker/NBC | 2017 NBCUniversal Media, LLC


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