TV Recap: S09E14 – America Ninja Warrior Season 9 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1 Night 2

American Ninja Warrior Season 9 National Finals, Stage 1, Night 2

Your Announcers: Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Kristine Leahy

The Course: Snake Run, Propeller Bar, Double Dipper (New Obstacle), Jumping Spider, Parkour Run, Warped Wall (with shorter run-up), Domino Pipes, Flying Squirrel.

A farewell montage opens the show as Kacy Cantanzaro, who recently signed with the WWE, likely makes her final run in Las Vegas tonight.

Just like last week, competitors must complete all obstacles in 2 minutes, 35 seconds to advance to Stage 2.

  1. Rigel Henry, 29 year old Construction Worker

The 29 year old Daytona qualifier competed in four different ninja competitions between qualifying and the National Finals. In one of those competitions, Henry had to put a number on his chest. But Henry doesn’t like wearing shirts while competing, so he poked push pins INTO HIS SKIN to wear the number. Ouch!!!

Henry made it all the way to Jumping Spider before falling. Push Pins in the skin were not the cause of his fall.

  1. Benjamin Humphreys, 23 year old Hairstylist

Humphreys is inspired by his brother, Miles, who has autism.

Humphreys had a rough go tonight, falling quickly on Propeller Bar.

After the break, Steve Seiver fell on the very first obstacle, Craig Richard fell on the second, Jeri D’Aureilo fell on the third.

  1. Robin Pietschmann, 27 Year Old Coast Guard Rescuer

Robin’s dad arrived in Vegas from the Czech Republic to watch his son compete for the first time.

And PIetschmann made a great show of it, just barely missing the second lever on Flying Squirrel.

  1. Tyler Yamauchi, 32 year old Stay at Home Dad

Yamauchi has been training for the Warped Wall, the obstacle that did him in last season.

And not only did Yamauchi make it past the Warped Wall, he made it all the way to the buzzer becoming the night’s first finisher.

Tyler Yamauchi, Course Completed, 2:25

  1. Meagan Martin, 27 year old Professional Rock Climber

With her parents looking on, Martin lost a lot of time on the first part of the course.

Then, she missed the platform on the first swing of Parkour Run.

The early stumbles cost Martin a chance at completing the course. But she did complete the Warped Wall for the first time at National Finals before her time ran out.

After the break, Brandon Pannell was making great time before he fell on Domino Pipes. He did recover, and Pannell would end up hitting the buzzer. But the time had run out on him before he did.

  1. Sean Bryan, 32 year old Catholic Church Worker

So apparently, the “Papal Ninja” does his training in a sanctuary?

Sporting the official colors of the Vatican, Bryan made easy work of the course and advanced to Stage 2.

The highlight of Bryan’s run for me, however, was the priests who came to support Bryan chanting “Beat that Wall.”

Sean Bryan, Course Completed, 2:16

Before the break, Bart Copeland ran out of time while swinging on the Flying Squirrel. But Grant Clinton and Hunter Gerard both completed the course and advance to Stage 2.

After the break, Ben Antoine and Ryan Souter both failed to make Stage 2. However, Brian Arnold advanced to Stage 2 for the sixth straight time (the longest current streak going for any ninja).

  1. Cassidy Marks, 28 year old Project Manager

The walk-on fell on the Propellor Bar.

  1. David Campbell, 39 year old Pizza Delivery Man

Campbell has failed to advance past Stage 1 in his last four National Finals’ appearances.

But “The Ninja Godfather” broke the streak, hitting the buzzer for the first time in five seasons.

David Campbell, Course Completed, 2:15

After the break, Jamie Rahn, Ryan Stravis, and Jody Avila all advanced to Stage 2, setting up a potential record number of qualifiers for Stage 2.

  1. Zhanique Lovett, 30 year old Personal Trainer

The first year competitor gives credit to her husband for helping her overcome a troubled past and give American Ninja Warrior a try.

Do you remember her back flipping son from qualifying? Well, he was quiet tonight as Lovett fell on Double Dipper.

  1. Tyler Gillett, 21 year old Delivery Driver

Another rookie, Gillett is a longtime fan whose been training since he was 14.

But after a dazzling debut in Dayton, Gillett had a storm destroy his backyard training course, a bad case of poison ivy, and chicken pox.

The rookie showed no effects of any of that as he completed the course and advanced to Stage 2.

Tyler Gillett, Course Completed, 2:17.

After the break, Rebekah Bonilla and Brian Burkhardt fell. But first time Vegas Finalist, Dave Cavanagh, hit the buzzer and advanced to Stage 2.

  1. Adam Rayl, 23 year old Concrete Worker

In his pre-run feature, Adam talked about Cole, a boy with Autism who Adam has been training.

As Cole and Adam’s nervous mom looked on, Rayl had to make a big save on Parkour Run.

After that, Rayl made easy work of the final three obstacles and advanced to Stage 2.

Adam Rayl, Course Completed, 2:20

After the break, Alex Carson fell on Flying Squirrel. But Karson Voiles and Jon Alexis Jr. both hit the buzzer.

  1. Kyle Mendoza, 28 year old FedEx Delivery Driver

“The FedEx Ninja” is known as “Epic”online.

But after a beautiful move on Propeller Bar, “Epic” fell on Double Dipper.

  1. Jessie Graff, 33 year old Stuntwoman

Graff’s fame on American Ninja Warrior earned her the opportunity to perform with a circus.

As for the course, the first woman to ever complete a stage in Vegas had a hold of the net on Flying Squirrel, but she lost her grip and shockingly fell, ending her season.

After the break, Sara Heesen and Mitch Vedepo fell. But Nicholas Coolridge became the 36th competitor to make it Stage 2.

  1. Najee Richardson, 26 year old Ninja Coach

“The Phoenix” moved easily through the course until a misstep at Parkour Run.

But that was a temporary setback as Richardson recorded one of the night’s best times on his way to Stage 2.

Najee Richardson, Course Completed, 2:07.

  1. Daniel Gil, 24 year old Worship Leader

“The Kingdom Warrior” made quick work of the course and made a run at the top Stage 1 time of Lance Pekus (he set the mark last week).

Gil beat it by 2 seconds and advanced to Stage 2.

Daniel Gil, Course Completed, 1:48

  1. Kacy Cantanzaro, 27 year old Gym Owner

For three weeks, the show has really been playing up the whole “last run for Mighty Kacy” angle. So if this is not her last run, I would be shocked.

The pre run feature showed footage of Kacy training for her new career as a WWE superstar. Also, plenty of fellow Ninja stars gave words of tribute to the retiring ninja. So once again, I would be shocked if this is not her final run.

The first woman to hit a buzzer and only one to finish a City Finals course made it past Propellor Bar, an obstacle that took her out the previous two seasons.

But Mighty Kacy fell on Double Dipper, bringing an end to her trailblazing Ninja career.

After the break, Abel Rodriguez and Josh Salinas both advanced to Stage 2. Salinas set the night’s fastest time.

  1. Drew Dreschel, 28 year old Ninja Gym Owner

Dreschel had Salinas’s time in his sights as he worked his usual quick work of the course.

On Parkour Run, Dreschel avoided the rope and jumped straight to the final step.

As expected, Dreschel hit the buzzer. It was also the night’s fastest time and a clear statement that Dreschel is ready to be the top ninja again this season.

Drew Dreschel, Course Completed, 1:34.

Dreschel was the 41st competitor to advance to Stage 2. That’s an ANW record.

Your Competitors Who Made it to Stage 2 (Including Those From Last Week)…

  1. Drew Dreschel
  2. Josh Salinas
  3. Daniel Gil
  4. Lance Pekus
  5. Hunter Guerard
  6. Joe Moravsky
  7. Dave Cavanagh
  8. Nicholas Coolridge
  9. Jamie Rahn
  10. Brent Steffensen
  11. Thomas Stillings
  12. Matthew Ilgenfritz
  13. Flip Rodriguez
  14. Travis Rosen
  15. Kevin Bull
  16. Najee Richardson
  17. Jody Avila
  18. Tyler Yamauchi
  19. Mike Bernardo
  20. Eric Middleton
  21. Cass Clawson
  22. David Campbell
  23. Adam Rayl
  24. Brian Arnold
  25. Sean Bryan
  26. Michael Silenzi
  27. Tyler Gillett
  28. Nick Kostreski
  29. Abel Gonzalez
  30. JJ Woods
  31. Jon Alexis Jr.
  32. Josh Levin
  33. Karson Voiles
  34. Drew Knapp
  35. Ryan Stratis
  36. Allyssa Beird
  37. Ian Dory
  38. Andrew Lowes
  39. Grant Clinton
  40. Sean Darling-Hammond
  41. Nick Hanson

These 41 compete next week in Stage 2 and beyond in next week’s season finale. See you then!!!

 Photo Credit: David Becker/NBC | 2017 NBCUniversal Media, LLC


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