TV Recap: S10E01 – America Ninja Warrior Season 10 Dallas Texas Qualifiers 2018

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 2018: Dallas Texas City Qualifiers Season X

American Ninja Warrior is ready for another exciting season.  And the tenth edition of the ANW competition starts in Dallas.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Competitors will be timed attempting to complete six obstacles.
-Each competitor that completes the course automatically moves onto the city finals.
-Competitors can also advance if they have the best time of the competitors who completed the same number of obstacles.
-The thirty best finishers plus the five best female finishers will advance to the city finals.

Here’s the obstacle list for the Season 10 Dallas City Qualifier course: Floating Steps, Catch and Release (new obstacle), Bouncing Spider, Tuning Forks, Crank It Up, Warped Wall.

-And NEW THIS SEASON, there are two Warped Walls: the regular 14.5 foot tall version and an 18 foot tall version. Competitors that make it up the 18 foot wall get $10,000. But competitors will only get one shot on the 14 foot wall if they try for the $10,000.

Let’s get the new season started!!!

Father Stephen Gadberry, Catholic Priest

The priest from Arkansas ministered with Pope Francis 3 times during a four year stint in Rome.

And Gadberry moved his way quickly through the Floating Steps.

Many times, the first person attempting a debuting obstacle really struggles with it. However, Father Gadberry held on tight to the net and made it past Catch and Release.

He was not so fortunate on Bouncing Spider, hitting hard into the wall and ending his run.

During the break…

Former marine Cody Hucal came up short on Catch and Release.

Seventies look-alike Jeff Harris crept his way with his mustache all the way to Bouncing Spider, only to be bounced by the third obstacle.

Karsten Williams made it the farthest of anyone so far. He fought hard to hold on, but ultimately fell on Tuning Forks.

Dr. Favia Dubyk, 30 year old Cancer Specialist (and survivor)

Dubyk was told by doctors that she only had a few weeks to live. She couldn’t walk on her own.

After the cancer disappeared, she had to relearn how to walk.

Yet, here she is competing on American Ninja Warrior.

How far she made it on the course (she fell on Catch and Release) really doesn’t matter.

It’s the first episode and we might already have the best story of the season.

Andrew Naquin, 26 year old Biomedical Tech

A member of the “Cajun Zues’s” cheering section holds up his pet frogs every time Naquin completes an obstacle.

And they don’t look happy, so it kind of stresses me out.

Naquin moved quickly through the first two obstacles, holding tight to the net and finishing Catch and Release.

And that guy holds up the frogs again and they just look miserable.

Naquin’s run did not end well as he trampolined his way straight into the wall on Bouncing Spider.

During the break…

Bernie Maese, a specialist in Beauty Pagent photography (yes that is a thing) fell on Catch and Release.

Tawnee Leonardo made it through two obstacles before falling at the beginning of Bouncing Spider.

And Dallas Cowboy Flag Runner Kevin Klein was tossed off the course at the Tuning Forks.

Karen Wiltin, 39 year old Physician’s Assistant

Wiltin worked carefully through Floating Steps before completing it.

The deliberate approach continued to work as Wiltin completed both Catch and Release and Bouncing Spider.

She was not careful on Tuning Forks. But the results were the same as the 39 year old mother of two completed the fourth obstacle.

Wiltin entered Crank It Up with confidence and moved with purpose through the next to last obstacle.

Unfortunately, she slipped going for third set of Cranks.

But still, a very impressive run from the rookie who has a good chance to advance to the City Finals.

Mathis Owhadi, 19 year old Business Student

The age requirement for ANW was dropped this season to 19 years old. I wonder if the change was made solely so “The Kid” could compete.

Owhadi looks the part of superstar ninja, making easier work of the course than anyone else so far.

He was halfway through the course at 35 seconds.

He was the first competitor of the night to complete Crank It Up and face the Warped Wall.

One more first for “The Kid:” the first competitor to attempt the 18 foot Warped Wall.

Owhadi got a hand up there, but he could not hold on.

“The Kid” did make it up the regular Warped Wall and became the season’s first finisher.

Mathis Owhadi completes the course in 2:36.58.

During the break…

Nicholas Fordney, a promising 19 year old rookie fell on the first obstacle.

Hip Hop Teacher Louis Moore made it all the way to Crank It Up before falling.

And Kat Ratcliff crashed on Bouncing Spider.

Quest O’Neal, 26 year old Waitress

Quest fought a lot of obstacles in life, and she fought for every inch to keep her feet on the platform to get through Floating Steps.

Then, the former course tester did the same with the net on Catch and Release, holding on and completing the second obstacle.

O’Neal didn’t need any extra grip to complete the next two obstacles as she moved quickly to Crank It Up.

Her arms really started shaking as she moved through the first crank.

On the exchange, Quest’s hands slipped and she fell. But a great run by O’Neal might be enough to get her into the City Finals.

Before the break…

Jonathan Bange fell on Bouncing Spider.

Lauren Keen also fell on the third obstacle.

Adam Naids made it past Bouncing Spider. But he wasn’t so lucky on Tuning Forks.

After the break…

Jonathan Horton lost his balance on Tuning Forks.

Melody McGill fell on Catch and Release.

Adam Ster had NFL stars cheering him on as he made it all the way through four obstacles before falling on Crank It Up.

Abel Gonzalez, 34 year old Gym Owner

The former walk-on’s dad is watching his son run for the first time.

Gonzalez moved quickly through Floating Steps.

But Catch and Release looked like it could be a struggle. But Gonzalez stayed calm and completed the 2nd obstacle.

And the Bouncing Spider was almost a near miss for Gonzalez. The trampoline threw him straight into the pad. But Gonzalez held on and pulled himself up.

The near misses continued as Gonzalez nearly fell on Tuning Forks. But Gonzalez held on and completed the fourth obstacle.

After three near misses in a row, Gonzalez completed Crank It Up with ease by comparison.

Gonzalez tried the 18 foot wall and missed. But the 14 foot wall was no problem as Gonzalez became the night’s second finisher.

Abel Gonzalez completes the course in 3:52.26.

Brent Steffensen, 37 year old Gym Owner

Steffensen fell in qualifiers the last time he was in Dallas.

The veteran moved quickly through the first three obstacles, including doing the best job so far on Bouncing Spider.

But Steffensen fell again in Dallas, falling on Tuning Forks (and with ex-girlfriend Kacy Cantanzaro looking on).

Before the break…

Jeff Kearney fell backwards on Bouncing Spider.

Chynna Hart fell on Catch and Release.

But Tremayne Dortch became the night’s third finisher.

Victor Gonzalez, 28 year old Pipefitter

Joined in progress, Gonzalez completed Bouncing Spider and Tuning Forks with confidence and personality.

Gonzalez’s arms seemed to tire towards the end of Crank It Up. And it showed as he got all the way to the third crank before falling.

Chris Cambre, 31 Fishing Shop Manager

Cambre wears shrimping boots and jeans for his run.

They seemed to give him confidence on Floating Steps as he moved very quickly through it.

The strong run continued through Catch and Release.

Akbar was starting to become a believer in the boots as Cambre conquered Bouncing Spider.

And I think I might be a believer as well as Cambre dominated Tuning Forks.

However, “The Bayou Ninja” slipped on Crank It Up. But his time might be enough to give us at least one more run with the shrimping boots.

During the break…

Thomas Stillings’s run gets the truncated treatment. The Genie Ninja completed the course.

Brittany Hanks fell on Tuning Forks.

Barclay Stockett, 23 year old Gymnastics Coach

“Barclay Strong” moved quickly through the Floating Steps.

I’m not sure if anyone was able to get the Catch and Release to swing like Barclay did as she completed the second obstacle.

Stockett took a measured approach on Bouncing Spider, bouncing straight up instead of over and completing the third obstacle.

But shockingly, Stockett fell on the Tuning Forks. A spot in the City Finals for Stockett is very much in doubt.

During the break…

Both Kaiti and Cara Haymaker(they are twins) fell the exact same way on Bouncing Spider.

Their fall means Barclay Stockett (well that was kind of anti-climatic) will survive to the City Finals.

Venn Johns, a Professional Bull Rider, made it all the way to the Warped Wall, but was unable to make it up.

Josh Salinas moved quickly through the course, making it up the Warped Wall with the night’s fastest time.

Jon Stewart, 56 year old

Stewart is looking to beat his record as the oldest man to ever complete a course.

The “Rock man” moved quickly through Floating Steps and stuck the landing on Catch and Release.

Then, Stewart exercised demons by completing Bouncing Spider, the obstacle that took him out last season.

Stewart would not be outdone by Tuning Forks, an obstacle that’s taken out several top names tonight.

Stewart’s form didn’t look great on Crank It Up. But his insane upper body strength and soft touch on the landings were enough to get him past the fifth obstacle.

And Stewart, on the same night the youngest to ever complete the course did it earlier, broke his record as the oldest to ever do it.

Jon Stewart completes the course in 5:43.61.

During the break…

Mike Murray, Tyler Humphrey, and Matthew Day all completed the course. Day put in the night’s fastest time so far.

Daniel Gil, 24 year old Worship Leader

Gil and his family had to be rescued from Harvey after his family’s house and property were flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

Gil took an aggressive approach to the course completing four obstacles in 35 seconds.

Crank It Up was no issue either.

Would Gil be able to make it up the 18 foot wall??? Yes he would!!!

Gil’s run showed why he’s a step above so many of the other competitors in this competition.

And that’s also $10,000 to Daniel Gil and the night’s fastest time.

Daniel Gil completes the course in 1:40.79.

Top 30 Qualifiers advancing to Dallas Texas City Finals:

  1. Daniel Gil
  2. Matthew Day
  3. Josh Salinas
  4. Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi
  5. Thomas Stillings
  6. Jeremiah Morgan
  7. Andrew Swinghamer
  8. Abel Gonzalez
  9. Tyler Humphrey
  10. Kevin Jordan
  11. Treymayne Dortch
  12. Mike Murray
  13. Jon Stewart

Failed Warped Wall

  1. Venn Johns

Failed Crank It UP

  1. Andrew Lowes
  2. Nate Burkhalter
  3. Steven Tucker
  4. Chris Cambre
  5. Josh Norton
  6. Adam Ster
  7. Dylan Lancaster
  8. Victor Gonzalez
  9. Louis Moore
  10. Erik Brown
  11. Karen Wiltin
  12. Quest O’Neal

Failed Tuning Forks

  1. Karsten Williams
  2. Brent Steffensen
  3. Brain Burkhardt
  4. Elliott Jolivette

Top 5 Women advancing to the Dallas Texas City Qualifiers:

  1. Karen Wiltin
  2. Quest O’Neal

Failed Tuning Forks

  1. Barclay Stockett
  2. Brittany Hanks
  3. Kat Ratcliff

Next week is Jurassic World Night for American Ninja Warrior. See you then.

Photo Credit: Cooper Neill/NBC | 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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