TV Recap: S14E13 – American Ninja Warrior Family Championship

Last week ended Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior.

But we’ve got one more episode this season, an episode filmed during last season featuring the first ever family championship.

The popularity of ANW Jr. and the success of the ninjas who’ve come from that show have brought a greater spotlight on the ninja skills passed down through the bloodline.

Here’s tonight’s format:
Each team will run the course as a family twice, relay style.

The four families that complete the most obstacles will advance to the Power Tower, where the champions will be crowned.

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Weight for It, Split Decision (Burn Rubber or Domino Effect), Air Surfer, Sideways, Warped Wall

The Lewis Family (Derrick, Darrius, and Noel)

Derrick is the dad who was a teammate of Akbar’s at San Diego State. He’ll be running the course with his wife and son.
Darius opened things up strong completing the first two obstacles. Noel attempted Burn Rubber but fell.

Derrick was about to take down Sideways but his grip gave out in the end.

The Lewis Family completes two obstacles. The Weber Family (Kaleb, Karessa, and Ian) Ian is an award-winning sign spinner.
His wife Karessa is an avid baker.

And Kaleb is one of about 50 nieces and nephews of Ian and Karessa. Ian completed the first two obstacles.
Karessa then fell on Burn Rubber.
Caleb has never tried a ninja course.

But that didn’t stop him from completing Sideways and the Warped Wall!!!

The Weber Family completes four obstacles. During the break…
The Johnston family completed four obstacles.

The Choi Family (Karina, Miinkay, and Jimmy)

Jimmy has been an impersonation to people all over the country as he runs with Parkinson’s disease. And for Jimmy, this will be his last run at the ninja course.
And he’ll be teaming up with his daughter Karina and their cousin, Miinkay.
Michael J. Foxx provided some inspirational words before the run.

The family took those words to heart as Karina and Miinkay completed two obstacles before Jimmy took the course.

And Jimmy completed Sideways, giving him his first ever shot at a Warped Wall. And he did it!!!! Jimmy Choi will step away from ninja having hit a buzzer!!!
The Choi Family completes four obstacles.
During the break…

The Auer Family completes four obstacles (seems to be a popular number). The Heinrichs Family (Anabella, Shawn, and Secorra)
Shawn is running with his two daughters, who both dive with her dad.
He’s a filmmaker who makes underwater documentaries.

Secorra caught the bar with her stomach on Weight For It.

She completed the first two obstacles and passed the baton to her dad.

Shawn kept the perfect run going for the family and passed the baton to his daughter, Anabella.

And Anabella hit the buzzer, completing the first sweep of a course by a family tonight.

The Heinrichs Family completed six obstacles.

During the break…

The Wright Family completes three obstacles.

The Beckstrand Family (Kai, Holly, and Brian)

With the most ninja experience, the Beckstrands might be the favorites tonight.

Holly opened things up right completing the first two obstacles.

Kai (who made it to Stage Two in 2021) kept the perfect run going.

And after climbing the Warped Wall, Brian assured his family would be at the top of the standings after run one.

The Beckstrands completes six obstacles.

The O’Dell Family (George, Amanda, and Trey)

Amanda is the Lunch Lady Ninja who made a strong impression in 2019 with a strong performance on the course.

And she’s here with her husband and son.
Amanda started things off right completing the first two obstacle.
George fell on Domino Effect.
Trey took it from there climbing the Warped Wall and putting the O’Dell Family squarely in the hunt. The Zimmerman Family (Sandy, Brett, and Charlie)
To be on the team, Charlie had to try out.
Looks like he made the team.
And Charlie showed he belongs on the team after completing the first two obstacles.
The, ANW Jr. Star completed obstacles three and four and tagged his mom.
It was Sandy who shockingly fell, falling on Sideways.
The Zimmerman Family completes four obstacles.
Standings After Run One
1 Beckstrand Family 6
2 Heinrichs Family 6
3 Zimmerman Family 4
4 Auer Family 4
5 Choi Family 4
6 Johnston Family 4
7 Weber Family 4
8 O’Dell Family 4
9 Wright Family 3
10 Lewis Family 2
For run #2, each family will switch up the order and choose the other obstacle on Split Decision.
The Johnston Family (Rylie, Preslie, and Cody)
After a first run total of four, Rylie added two more points at the front end of the course.
Preslie then fell on Domino Effect.

Cody took over and climbed the Warped Wall, giving the Johnston’s a two-run total of 8.

Run Two: The Johnston Family completes four obstacles. Two-Run Total: 8
The Auer Family (Hannah, Caleb, and Josh)
Josh was “The Bathrobe Ninja” on ANW Jr.

He’s running with his older brother and sister-in-law.
All three work at the family’s ninja gym.
Caleb scored points on the first two obstacles.
Hannah then added another point on Domino Effect but fell on Air Surfer. Josh then hit the buzzer giving the Auer Family the lead in the clubhouse. Run Two: The Auer Family completes five obstacles.

Two-Run Total: 9
During the break….
The Lewis family added no more points. Two-Run Total: 2
The O’Dell family added four more points. Two-Run Total: 8
The Heinrichs Family
Secorra has tea company feature nine different flavors.
Shawn added one point before falling on Weight For It.
Anabella completed her two obstacles before passing things on to Secorra.
Secorra fell on Sideways, leaving the Heinrichs tied for first.
The Heinrichs Family completes three obstacles.
Two-Run Total: 9
The Zimmerman Family
Ninjas in the Zimmerman’s area use the family’s backyard to train.
And Zimmerman, who fell in the first run, added the first two points for the family. Charlie kept his night perfect as he completed obstacles three and four.
And after Brett completed the perfect run, they secured their spot in the Final Four!!! The Zimmerman family completes six obstacles.
Two-Run Total: 10

During the break…
The Wright Family completes three obstacles. Two-Run Total: 6
The Weber Family completes two obstacles. Two-Run Total: 6
The Beckstrand Family
Brian lost a shoe on the first obstacle.
That didn’t keep him from adding two points.
Holly fell on Domino Effect.
With the pressure on, Kai completed his two obstacles to clinch the family’s spot in the Final Four!!! The Beckstrands completes four obstacles.
Two-Run Total: 10
The Choi Family
After hitting a buzzer in the first run, Jimmy scored two more points for his team.
Miinkay picked up one more point, putting the team with seven total.
Karina then finished Sideways and put her family within a point of the top four.
But Karina came just inches short on the Warped Wall.
The Choi Family completes four obstacles. Two-Run Total: 8
The Final Four
The Beckstrands
The Zimmermans
The Auers
The Heinrichs
The Power Tower (Giant Steps, Fire Pole, Angled Steps, Column Climb, Cliffhanger, Dropping Shelves) Just like the course, the Power Tower will be a relay race.
Zimmerman Family vs Auer Family
A stumble by Sandy allowed Hannah to take a slight lead.
Brett needed an extra swing and Caleb increased the Auer family lead.
Caleb grew the lead further on Cliffhanger.
And Josh finished the competition with a strong finish on Dropping Shelves.
The Auer Family moves onto the championship race!!!

Beckstrand Family vs Heinrichs Family

It’s all experience against all rookie.
Shawn gave the Heinrichs the early lead.
Secorra needed an extra swing, giving Brian the chance to pass her.
And Kai kept the lead all the way to the buzzer, advancing the Beckstrands to the final race!!! The Beckstrand Family moves onto the championship race!!!
Family Championship: The Auer Family vs the Beckstrand Family
The race was tight down the Firepole.
Caleb and Brain stayed neck and neck until tagging the final runners on Dropping Shelves. And it was Josh, “The Bathrobe Ninja,” who caught Kai from behind and hit the buzzer.
The Auer Family win the Family Championship!!!

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