TV Recap: S13E08 – American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Semifinals Round 3 2021

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 2021: Semifinals Round 3 Season 13 Episode 8

Hello everyone. It’s time for the third set of American Ninja Warrior, Season 13 semifinals.

Here’s the format:

The top 15 and top 3 women advance to the Finals in Vegas.

And here’s tonight course:

Shrinking Steps, Double Twister, Ring Chaser, Diamond Dash, Drop Zone, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Pad Lock, Split Decision (The Dungeon or Diving Boards), Spider Trap

And of course, there’s the redesigned Power Tower. The top two finishers on the night will race on the Power Tower with the winner taking a Safety Pass (a chance at a do-over should they fall in the National Finals) to Vegas.

Sean Bryan, 36-year-old Catholic Church Worker

“The Papal Ninja” recently built a ninja gym meant to serve the community of Richmond, California.

Also, when was the last time ANW led-off with the run they’ve been using to promote the episode?

If you saw the preview last week, you saw Bryan take a hard shot on Drop Zone.

Well, it was two shots, and they opened a massive cut above Bryan’s left eye.

But Bryan kept marching forward, working his way through eight obstacles.

On Split Decision, Bryan chose the Dungeon.

And Bryan looked unphased by the blood on his face as he dominated the ninth obstacle.

And when Bryan made it up Spider Wall, he booked his spot in Las Vegas!!!

Sean Bryan completes the course in 5:57.15.

During the break…

Brad Giles fell on Double Twister.

Josh Wagg fell on Ring Chaser.

Megan Budway fell on Diamond Dash.

Francisco Barajas, 24-year-old Swimming Pool Technician

“The One Percent Ninja” represents the one percent of Americans who stutter.

A nice one-foot landing cleared Ring Chaser for Barajas.

Then, the “One Percent Ninja” performed a one-face landing on Diamond Dash.

After facing (and completing) a Warped Wall for the first time in competition, Barajas moved onto the 2nd half of the course.

The impressive corrections continued after Barajas needed to make a major bar adjustment to complete Salmon Ladder.

But Barajas’s run would end on Pad Lock.

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson, 15-year-old Freshman

In qualifying, Wilson (who just turned 15 before his run), became the youngest ninja ever to hit a buzzer on a ninja course.

He’s also started an organization named O.N.E (Ocean Needs Everyone), a group that cleans up trash on the beach.

Wilson needed an extra swing on Shrinking Steps.

After that, it was mostly smooth sailing through the rest of the first half of the course.

But Wilson’s run ended on Pad Lock after he got turned sideways.

During the break…

Charity LeBlance fell on Ring Chaser.

Glenn Davis fell on Diamond Dash.

David Campbell fell on Drop Zone.

Nate Pardo, 16-year-old Junior

Joined in progress, Pardo had no issues on the first half of the course.

The ANW Jr. runner-up took his time as he shook his arms out and prepared for Salmon Ladder.

After skipping rungs on the 7th obstacle, Pardo moved quickly past Pad Lock.

On Split Decision, Pardo took his shot on Diving Boards.

He didn’t make it, but Pardo is likely to qualify for Vegas with that run.

Brittney Durant, 20-year-old Clothing Designer

Durant balances ninja training, dancing competitions, and running her own clothing business.

Durant needed a lot of swings on Double Twister. But she stayed patient and moved past the 2nd obstacle.

After a few stumbles, Durant held on and kept her run alive on Diamond Dash.

However, Durant was unable to keep her run going on Drop Zone.

During the break…

Sophia Lavalee fell on Ring Chaser.

DeShawn Harris fell on Pad Lock.

Josiah Pippel, 15-year-old Freshman

Pippel’s mentor is non-other than “the Phoenix,” Najee Richardson.

Pippel attacked the course with a quick pace, finishing the first half of the course with few issues.

On the 2nd half, Pippel looked like he was getting stronger as he powered his way up Salmon Ladder.

After moving past Pad Lock, Pippel chose the Dungeon with a chance to claim the night’s fastest time.

After touching down on obstacle nine, Pippel had over a minute to pass Sean Bryan atop the leaderboard.

And when Pippel hit the buzzer, he did so with the night’s top time!!!

Josiah Pippel completes the course in 5:26.21.

During the break…

Tage Herrington, Kevin Carbone, and Brian Kretsch all fell on Pad Lock.

Megan Rowe, 24-year-old Graphic Designer

Rowe, who brings an axe with her to the course, makes earrings inspired by ninja obstacles.

Imagine having the Wingnuts on your ears, folks.

Rowe stayed lose as she caught the ring on Ring Chaser.

She used the advantage of the ring to propel her past the third obstacle.

Rowe became yet another ninja who took a head shot on Drop Down.

And during this run, Rowe would get past the fifth obstacle for the first time (as well as clinching a spot to Vegas).

It’s all gravy for Rowe from here as she climbed the Warped Wall and Salmon Ladder.

Rowe’s run would end when she lost her grip on Pad Lock.

During the break…

Alyssa Varsalona fell on Diamond Dash.

Tyler Gillett fell on Diving Boards.

Adam Rayl, 28-year-old Concrete Worker

Joined in progress, Rayl was pushing for a spot on the Power Tower.

Rayl had less than one minute to get past the final two obstacles.

But Rayl was using a lot of time choosing an obstacle Split Decision.

All that time spent thinking may have cost Rayl a spot on the Power Tower.

But Rayl still hit the buzzer and clinched a spot in Vegas.

Adam Rayl completes the course in 6:31.46.

Jose Gomez, 40-year-old Cyber Security Expert

The “Bow Tie Ninja” is celebrating his 40th birthday tonight, sporting his trademark bow tie.

And multiple family members and friends looked on (sporting bow ties as well) as Gomez made it to the fifth obstacle.

Unfortunately, Gomez fell on Drop Zone.

During the break…

Cody Johnston fell on Double Twister.

Mike Wright fell on Diamond Dash.

Vincent Pane, 27-year-old PhD Student

Pane is a chemist, a painter, an artist, and a dancer.

Pane stumbled to the end of Diamond Dash but stayed out of the water.

Onto the 2nd half of the course, where Pane pushed towards Pad Lock.

And an obstacle that’s been ending runs all night brought an end to the chemist’s run as well.

We’ll see if Pane’s time is good enough to advance.

During the break…

Austin Hair (found out he’s having a girl) fell on Diamond Dash.

Brett Sims hit the buzzer!!!

Meagan Martin, 31-year-old Sports Commentator

Before her run, Martin discussed her time as an Olympic commentator (not sure if that was recorded before or after the run that aired tonight).

Martin fumbled the ring on Ring Chaser.

But she didn’t fumble much else on the first half of the course as Martin clinched her spot in Vegas.

On the 2nd half of the course, Martin took aim at completing a 10-obstacle course for the 2nd time (she completed the course on her way to the Women’s Championship).

But that would not be the case tonight as Martin fell on Pad Lock.

During the break…

Jonathan Godbout hit the buzzer!!!

R.J. Roman fell on Diving Boards.

Vance Walker, 16-year-old Junior

Walker had Kevin Carbone come over and install Wingnuts over his pool.

And ninjas come by often to use both the pool and the course in Walker’s backyard.

You know Walker’s going to go fast.

And Walker took zero pauses as he flew through the first half of the course.

Akbar questioned whether Walker had the endurance to maintain that quick pace through a 10-obstacle course.

The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

Entering obstacle nine, Walker had over two minutes to earn the night’s fastest time and a spot on the Power Tower.

And Walker didn’t just claim the night’s top time. He obliterated it!!!

Vance Walker completes the course in 04:17.90.

The Power Tower

Vance Walker vs Josiah Pippel

For the first time, it’s teen vs teen on the Power Tower.

Walker had a slight lead following first part of the tower as he really showed his upper body strength.

But Pippel stayed close and was the first to the dropping shelves.

They were neck and neck, but it was Walker who edged Pippel to the buzzer.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 13 Semifinals 3 advancing to the Las Vegas Finals for 2021:

Completed Course

  1. Vance Walker
  2. Josiah Pippel
  3. Sean Bryan
  4. Jonathan Godbout
  5. Brett Sims
  6. Adam Rayl

Fell at Split Decision (The Dungeon or Diving Boards)

  1. RJ Roman
  2. Tyler Gillett
  3. Nate Pardo

Fell at Padlock

  1. Kevin Carbone
  2. Tage Herrington
  3. Enzo DeFerrari Wilson
  4. Francisco Barajas
  5. DeShawn Harris
  6. Bob Reese

Top 3 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Fell at Padlock

  1. Megan Rowe
  2. Meagan Martin

Fell at Drop Zone

  1. Brittney Durant

Just one more week left of the semifinals. Then, ANW returns to Las Vegas!!! See you next week.


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