TV Recap: S13E07 – American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Semifinals Round 2 2021

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 2021: Semifinals Round 2 Season 13 Episode 7

After taking an Olympic break, American Ninja Warrior is back with the next round of semifinals.

The semifinals were filmed in Los Angeles this season, and this week is the second of four semifinal episodes.

Here’s the format:

The top 15 and top 3 women advance to the Finals in Vegas.

Here’s the course:

Shrinking Steps, Double Twister, Ring Chaser, Spinning Bridge, Wall to Wall, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Pad Lock (new obstacle), Split Decision (Inverter or Tuning Forks), Spider Trap

And don’t forget about the redesigned Power Tower. The top two finishers on the night will race on the Power Tower with the winner taking a Safety Pass (a chance at a do-over should they fall in the National Finals) to Vegas.

Rachel Degutz, 22-year-old Teacher

Degutz trains with the “Jersey Girlz” (Cara Mack, Abby Clark, and herself).

And all three are running tonight.

The rookie got off to a solid start, completing the first three obstacles with few issues.

Degutz slipped a bit on Spinning Bridge. But she crawled across the last half and made it past the fourth obstacle.

The rough falls at the end of obstacles continued for Degutz as she fell across the platform on Wall to Wall. But just like the fourth obstacle, Degutz made it past obstacle five.

Onto the back half of the course (after three attempts on the course), where Degutz became the first ninja to attempt Pad Lock.

And the first ninja to complete it!!!!

Degutz’s run would end on Tuning Forks. But she sure made quite the statement. We’ll see if it is enough to make it to Vegas.

During the break…

Paul Fisher fell on Ring Chaser.

Addy Herman fell on Spinning Bridge.

John Uga, 23-year-old Bricklayer

Uga trains for ninja while he lays brick during the day (I’m sure his boss loves that).

But Uga was recently hired to become a law enforcement officer, so he’ll have to find another place to train for ninja in the future.

Uga moved quickly through the first part of the course, including using his foot to catch the ring on Ring Chaser.

It was on the 2nd half of the course where Uga’s run ended as he fell on Pad Lock.

During the break…

Shaq Leach fell on Spinning Bridge.

Logan Kreglow fell on Wall to Wall.

Alex Begolly fell on Pad Lock.

Xavier Dantzler, 16-year-old Junior

Dantzler took little time between obstacles, maintaining a strong pace on the first half of the course.

Dantzler fell before the Wall in qualifying. So, when he made it past the 6th obstacle, it was the rookie’s first Wall.

Dantzler’s run ended on Pad Lock, and his time might be enough to move onto Vegas.

During the break…

Lenny Lopez fell on Double Twister.

Anthony Eardley fell on Salmon Ladder.

Amir Malik, 20-year-old Ninja Coach

Joined in progress, last season’s top rookie had no issues with the first half of the course.

We’ve only had one ninja tonight get past Pad Lock.

That was until Malik did it, moving onto the ninth obstacle.

On Split Decision, Malik chose the Inverter and passed it with ease.

Last season, Malik’s arms gave out on Spider Trap just five feet from the top.

But not this season, as the 2nd year ninja shot up the tenth obstacle like a rocket and hit the night’s first buzzer!!!

Amir Malik completes the course in 5:04.79.

During the break…

Jeremy Clark fell on Wall to Wall.

Will Schlageter fell on Pad Lock.

Casey Rothschild, 22-year-old Business Analyst

Rothschild leads a group called “Queer Ninjas Unite.”

And she’s sporting her group’s t-shirt as she attacks the course.

Rothschild fell on the first obstacle the last time she was in the semifinals.

But she did not have that issue this time as she made it past the first three obstacles.

Rothschild landed front half only on Spinning Bridge. But she pulled herself up and moved onto complete the first half of the course.

Rothschild’s run ended on Pad Lock. But reaching obstacle eight is Rothschild’s best run ever!!!

During the break…

Brett Hernandez Strong, Caiden Madzelan, and Lucas Reale all fell on Pad Lock.

Chad Flexington, American Hero!!!!

Flexington has lost some weight since he last competed on ANW.

The lost poundage didn’t speed him up, but he made it through the first half of the course with few issues.

After dropping the big elbow, Flexington moved past Salmon Ladder, setting up a showdown on Pad Lock.

But Flexington lost control of the wheel and fell on the 8th obstacle.

During the break…

Julius Ferguson fell on Pad Lock.

Dan Champagne fell on Inverter.

Jay Lewis, 17-year-old Junior

Lewis has been training with ninja legend Joe Moravsky for five years.

And “Lache” Lewis took on a pace worthy of his mentor as he made it through the course’s first half quickly.

After a few near falls, Lewis became the fourth ninja on the night to get past Pad Lock.

At this point, Lewis was well ahead of Amir Malik’s time (the night’s only finisher so far).

And as Lewis made it up the Spider Wall and hit the buzzer, he took over the night’s fastest time!!!

Jay Lewis completes the course in 3:54.05.

During the break…

Judas Licciardello fell on Pad Lock.

Abby Clark fell short of climbing the Warped Wall.

Cara Mack fell on Pad Lock.

Nick Hanson, 22-year-old College Student

Not that Nick Hanson (he came up short in qualifying).

This is the Rugby Ninja Nick Hanson

Hanson moved slowly through Ring Chaser before passing through the third obstacle.

After that, the Rugby Ninja had no issue at with the rest of the first half of the course.

But like so many before him, Hanson fell on Pad Lock.

It’s quite the crowded field of ninjas who will fight for those final spots in Vegas that fell on Pad Lock.

During the break…

Jackson Twait fell on (guess what) Pad Lock (but he is moving onto Vegas).

Chris Behrends fell on (you know what I’m going to say) Pad Lock. But he’s also going to Vegas.

True Becker, 17-year-old College Freshmen

Becker is heading to Tufts University this fall. Along with practicing ninja, Becker is an acapella singer.

Joined in progress, Becker had no issues working his way through the first half of the course.

Unlike so many before him, Becker worked his way past Pad Lock (ensuring his spot in Vegas).

And with the Tufts University Mascot Jumbo the Elephant looking on, Becker hit the buzzer with the number two time of the night so far!!!

True Becker completes the course in 4:44.29.

Sandy Zimmerman, 44-year-old PE Teacher

The first mom to ever hit a buzzer is looking to add more accolades to her accomplished resume.

Unfortunately, Zimmerman’s season ended on Ring Chaser.

During the break…

Devin Harrelson fell on Salmon Ladder.

Kaden Lebsack hit the buzzer with the night’s second fastest time so far!!!

Joe Moravsky, 32-year-old Meteorologist

Will “The Weatherman” meet his protégé in a showdown at the Power Tower?

Moravsky survived a stumble at Spinning Bridge.

But will that cost him the time he needs to get to the Power Tower?

Moravsky hit the 2nd half of the course with two minutes plus to get through the 2nd half of the course.

Moravsky’s pace picked up a bit, but he still had just one minute to make the Power Tower.

And as Moravsky approached Spider Trap, he had 30 seconds!!!

With the clock ticking…

Moravsky hit the buzzer with four seconds to spare, earning a spot on the Power Tower!!!

Joe Moravsky completes the course in 4:09.86.

Power Tower

Jay Lewis vs Joe Moravsky

Moravsky raced out to the early lead.

That lead only grew as the Weatherman’s experience showed.

Lewis made up a lot of ground on the last leg of the Tower.

But in the end, it was Moravksy who hit the buzzer and took the Safety Pass.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 13 Semifinals 2 advancing to the Las Vegas Finals for 2021:

Completed Course

  1. Jay Lewis
  2. Joe Moravsky (Safety Pass)
  3. Kaden Lebsack
  4. True Becker
  5. Amir Malik

Fell at Split Decision (Inverter or Tuning Forks)

  1. Dan Champagne
  2. Rachel Degutz

Fell at Pad Lock

  1. Jackson Twait
  2. Chris Behrends
  3. Brett Hernandez Strong
  4. Caiden Madzelan
  5. Lucas Reale
  6. Nick Hanson
  7. Alex Begolly
  8. John Uga

Top 3 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Fell at Split Decision (Inverter or Tuning Forks)

  1. Rachel Degutz

Fell at PadLock

  1. Casey Rothschild
  2. Cara Mack

Two semifinals down, two more to go. See you next week.



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