TV Recap: S13E03 – American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Qualifying Round 3 2021

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 2021: Qualifying Round 3 Season 13 Episode 3

It’s time for the third of five qualifying episodes of ANW’s 13th season.

After taking last week off, the ninja’s return to add 30 to 35 more ninjas to the semifinal round.

Here’s the course:

Shrinking Steps, Overpass (new obstacle), Split Decision (Domino Effect or Spinning Log), Air Surfer (new obstacle), Pretzel Twist (new obstacle), Warped Wall

Hector Gomez, 25-year-old Professional Wrestler

“Hector Perfecto” would make a great heel ninja warrior if the show allowed for such characters.

Attacking the course in his wrestling trunks, “Hector Perfecto” was near perfect through the first two obstacles.

Gomez flipped a coin to choose the third obstacle. And it was near disaster on Domino Effect.

But Gomez just barely kept his feet above water as he climbed onto the platform and kept his run alive.

Gomez wouldn’t have the same perfect results as his run ended on Air Surfer.

KC Boutiette, 50-year-old Olympic Speed Skater

With the Olympics a month away, Boutiette is the next in line of the many Olympic athletes taking part in ANW this season.

Boutiette glided across the first two obstacles with few issues.

Boutiette held onto the platform and kept his run alive on Domino Effect.

And Boutiette then became the first ninja tonight to complete Air Surfer.

But after a promising start on Pretzel Twist, Boutiette ran out of energy and fell on the fifth obstacle.

During the break…

Zach DiPaolo fell on Overpass.

Rochambeau Dolcine fell on Air Surfer.

Megan Dudway, 26-year-old Elementary School Teacher

The Opera level soprano loves introducing her students to music.

Budway moved with excitement through the first half of the course.

Budway made a key correction midway through Air Surfer.

But on the jump attempt after that, she came up just short of the next bar.

Brandon Mears, 38-year-old Firefighter

Mears has seen his last four seasons ended on balance obstacles.

Make that five seasons as Mears fell on Spinning Log.

Mears was so disappointed that he was even mulling retirement after he fell this season.

During the break…

David Daniels fell on Domino Effect.

Cara Mack fell on Air Surfer.

Bob Reese fell on Pretzel Twist.

Owen Dyer, 16-year-old Sophomore

Dyer brought his good luck charm with him: his flamingo. Dyer trains with his younger brother and it serves as a bonding experience for the pair.

Dyer let the bar pass him by on Overpass so he could show off his exceptional flying skills.

After gliding over Spinning Log, Dyer attacked the second half of the course.

That attack included becoming the first ninja to complete Pretzel Twist!!!

And on his second attempt up the Wall, Dyer hit the buzzer and became the night’s first finisher.

Owen Dyer completed the course in 2:23.13.

During the break…

Kristine Karlson fell on Overpass.

Landon Nagao fell on Air Surfer.

Alyssa Varsalona, 26-year-old Physical Therapy Student

Varsalona competed two seasons ago.

And this season, she’s competing with her husband, Cole, who will be running later.

Varsalona cruised through the first two obstacles.

Varsalona’s strong run continued as she fought through each leap and completed Air Surfer.

Varsalona’s run ended at Pretzel Twist, but she has the fastest time for a female competitor so far tonight.

During the break…

Cole Rives (Varsalona’s husband) fell on Overpass.

Ben Whitlow fell on Pretzel Twist.

Brad Giles, 38-year-old Health Care Business Owner

Giles works with other entrepreneurs in his community to give back. And his business assists those with special needs.

And “the Give Back Ninja” gave it to the course on the first two obstacles.

It wasn’t always pretty, but Giles continued completing obstacles as he made it past Air Surfer.

Giles would fall on Pretzel Twist. But Giles has not been training ninja for long, so it’s quite impressive he might be moving onto the semifinals.

During the break…

Michelle Warnky Burma fell on Domino Effect.

Elena Borges fell on Domino Effect.

Bootie Cothran fell on Spinning Log.

Austin Hair, 33-year-old Wakeboarder

Austin’s wife, Lisa, struggles with AS, but she trains for ninja despite the condition.

And she would be here competing except she’s pregnant!!!

Hair moved quickly through the first three obstacles.

And Hair had a few dance moves after he completed Air Surfer.

Lisa was going crazy as her rookie husband became the 2nd ninja tonight to get past Pretzel Twist.

And after hitting the buzzer, Hair was the night’s 2nd finisher!!!

Austin Hair completed the course in 2:39.62.

During the break…

Vinny Tapia fell on Overpass.

Heather Weissinger fell on Air Surfer.

Dan Polizzi hit the buzzer!!!

Bryce Buckland, 21-year-old Barista

Buckland is running for his father, who died of Leukemia this past year.

And looking on is Bryce and his dad’s favorite band, Cheap Trick.

Buckland moved quickly through the first half of the course.

Buckland nearly overshot the board on Air Surfer.

And that lead to Buckland’s fall on the next leap.

During the break…

Michael Johnson fell on Air Surfer.

Kevin Carbone and Tyler Gillett both hit the buzzer!!!

Brett Hernandez Strong, 19-year-old Mountain Bike Instructor

Strong thinks his skills as a Mountain biker transfer over very well to running a ninja course.

Strong moved quickly through the first half of the course.

Completing Air Surfer likely ensures Strong’s spot in the Semifinals.

And he completed it, moving onto Pretzel Twist.

When Strong made it to obstacle six, he chose the Mega Wall.

And the rookie is now $10,000 dollars richer!!!!

Brett Hernandez Strong completed the course in 2:53.07.

During the break…

Devin Harrelson fell on Pretzel Twist.

Max Feinberg hit the buzzer!!!

Charity LeBlanc, 32-year-old Social Media Influencer

The real-life mermaid sold her home this year. Now, she and her family live on a boat.

LeBlanc needs to make Air Surfer to advance to the semifinals.

And Leblanc was well on her way after the first two obstacles.

After moving past Domino Effect, LeBlanc advanced past qualifying for the first time.

But LeBlanc didn’t stop there.

The real-life mermaid attached a single leg to the platform on the fourth obstacle and held onto complete it.

She would fall on Pretzel Twist, but LeBlanc is moving on to the Semifinals!!!

During the break…

Amir Malik and RJ Roman completed the course!!!

Grant McCartney, 32-year-old Flight Attendant

McCartney spent the year with Nick Hanson having various outdoor adventures.

This year that meant swimming under ice (scares me just thinking about that).

Did the ice swimming improve McCartney’s ninja skills?

The “Island Ninja’s” performance on the first half of the course made it appear so.

But then McCartney shockingly fell on Air Surfer, the “Island Ninja’s” shortest run ever in qualifying.

Nick Hanson, 33-year-old Motivational Speaker

Nick is engaged!!! The “Eskimo Ninja” popped the question this year.

Hanson ice hops in his spare time, so Domino Effect was no issue at all.

But just like McCartney, Hanson fell on Air Surfer.

During the break…

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson (the youngest ever to compete) completes the course!!!

Brett Sims also completes the course!!!

Vance Walker, 16-year-old Sophomore

The two-time American Ninja Warrior Junior champion makes his jump to the big leagues to wrap up the night.

And in his promo, Walker promised he’s going for the Mega Wall.

Another guy who waited for the bar on Overpass, Walker patiently leapt his way to the end of the 2nd obstacle.

Walker continued his strong run through Domino Effect.

Air Surfer required some correction, but Walker completed the fourth obstacle, ending McCartney and Hanson’s seasons.

Walker took the methodical approach on his way to completing Pretzel Twist.

And as promised, Walker took his shot at the Mega Wall….

and hit the buzzer!!!!!

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 13 Qualifier 2 advancing to the Semifinals for 2021:

Completed Course

  1. RJ Roman
  2. Amir Malik
  3. Enzo Wilson
  4. Owen Dyer
  5. Kevin Carbone
  6. Max Feinberg
  7. Austin Hair
  8. Brett Strong
  9. Dan Polizzi
  10. Vance Walker
  11. Brett Sims
  12. Tyler Gillett

Fell at Pretzel Twist

  1. Weiwei Qin
  2. Nico Gentry
  3. Devin Harrelson
  4. Kenny Tran
  5. Shaq Leach
  6. Deshawn Harris
  7. Josh Wagg
  8. Ben Whitlow
  9. Josiah Singleton
  10. Bob Reese
  11. Brad Giles
  12. Todd Bourgeois
  13. KC Boutiette
  14. Glenn Davis
  15. Alyssa Varsalona
  16. Charity LeBlanc
  17. Tony Miles
  18. Lenny Lopez

Top 5 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Fell at Pretzel Twist

  1. Alyssa Varsalona
  2. Charity LeBlanc

Fell at Air Surfer

  1. Megan Budway
  2. Cara Mack
  3. Heather Weissinger

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