TV Recap: S13E04 – American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Qualifying Round 4 2021

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 2021: Qualifying Round 4 Season 13 Episode 4

Just one more week of qualifying remain in Season 13. Let’s take a look at this week’s course:

Shrinking Steps, Double Down (new obstacle), Split Decision (Log Runner or Block Run), Air Surfer, Pretzel Twist, Warped Wall

Stephen Edwards, 40-year-old Software Developer

The night’s tallest competitor and father of four is big into autocross (he even races the family minivan).

“Stretch” used his long arms to work his way successfully through Double Down.

Edwards took his time to make the decision to choose Log Runner, the obstacle that would end his run.

Addy Herman, 15-year-old Sophomore

The youngest competitor tonight trains with fellow teen ninja, Taylor Johnson.

Herman had little issue moving through the first half of the course.

And the youngest competitor looked like a veteran as she dominated Air Surfer.

Though the way the teens have been doing this season, that may not be the nicest thing to say.

Herman took a long time locking in the first pretzel on Pretzel Twist.

It worked, but she couldn’t hold onto the second one.

But that run might be enough to qualify for the semifinals.

During the break…

Zach Eichenstein fell on Log Runner.

Jesse Orenshein fell on Double Down.

Melissa St. Vil, 37-year-old Boxer

St. Vil is a current title holder in her sport.

But she was not world championship material on ANW as she fell on the first obstacle.

Guang Cui, 20-year old MIT Student

Cui serenated everyone with his violon playing before his run (fellow ninja Daniel Sun joined him playing the Cello).

Cui spent a long time swinging between bars on Double Down. But he made it through and his run continued all the way to the fourth obstacle.

It was there that Cui’s run ended.

During the break…

Dale Webb fell on Double Down.

Rachel DeGutz fell on Pretzel Twist.

Daniel Sun fell on Double Down.

Jay Lewis, 17-year-old High School Junior

Lewis not only trains with fellow teen ninja, Blake Feero. They live on the same street.

Lewis came close to hitting the Double Down bar with his mouth.

He didn’t, and then he proceeded to ease his way through the first half of the course.

Lewis’ strong run continued on Air Surfer as he advanced to obstacle five.

And Lewis became the first to complete Pretzel Twist tonight.

Then, Lewis took aim at the Mega Wall.

He didn’t make it, but he had no issue climbing the regular wall and becoming the night’s first finisher.

Jay Lewis completes the course in 2:37.53.

During the break…

Blake Feero fell on Air Surfer.

Caroline Lee fell on Double Down.

Judas Licciardello fell on Pretzel Twist.

Paul Fisher, 31-year-old Barn Builder

Fisher and Ivan King are training partners who left the Amish Community at the same time.

Fisher got off to a strong start completing the first half of the course.

Fisher overshot slightly on one of the leaps on Air Surfer.

But he adjusted and continued past the fourth obstacle.

Fisher made it to the middle of Pretzel Twist.

But he just missed the middle Pretzel, then swung back into the water.

During the break…

Ivan King fell on Air Surfer.

Casey Rothschild fell on Pretzel Twist.

Stewart Mahler fell on Log Runner.

Nate Hansen, 20-year-old Business Student

Hansen overcame a growth hormone deficiency to hit the buzzer last season.

That led to Nate meeting Aiden, an 11-year-old ninja with the same condition.

Nate moved quickly through the first half of the course.

Nate nearly came up short on the last part of Air Surfer.

But he held on and moved onto the fifth obstacle.

And with Aiden looking on, Nate climbed the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time.

Nate Hansen completes the course in 2:03.53.

During the break…

Adam Rayl and Sean Bryan hit the buzzer!!!

Andrew East, 29-year-old Former NFL Player

East is the husband of Gold Medal Winning Gymnast Shawn Johnson.

East needed multiple swings to get from one side to the other on Double Down.

Then, East bounded over Log Runner on his way to the 2nd half of the course.

Unfortunately, East’s run ended on Air Surfer.

During the break…

Anthony Eardley fell on Pretzel Twist.

Taylor Johnson fell on Air Surfer.

Rob Pannell fell on Double Down.

Abby Clark, 27-year-old Preschool Sports Director

Clark trains with her boyfriend and her dog, Ace (who competes running dog obstacle courses).

Clark moved quickly through the first half of the course.

Clark’s near flawless run continued as she moved past Air Surfer.

So far this season, no woman has hit a buzzer.

And that unfortunate streak continued here as Clark fell on Pretzel Twist.

But Clark will be advancing to the semifinals.

During the break…

Darius Moore fell on Double Down.

Brian Kretsch fell on Pretzel Twist.

David Campbell hit the buzzer!!!

Caiden Madzelan, 15-year-old Sophomore

“The Troutdale Ninja” is unique in his small town in Oregon as the only training ninja in town.

But most important is the relationship Madzelan now has with his once estranged father (who is watching on in person tonight).

Madzelan dominated the first half of the course.

And “The Troutdale Ninja” worked through the course at a blistering pace.

In fact, Madezelan was so dominate that he was confident enough to try the Mega Wall.

He didn’t make it, but he did make it up the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer there!!!

Caiden Madzelan completes the course in 2:34.35.

During the break…

Tage Harrington hit the buzzer!!!

Brandon Richards fell on Air Surfer.

Adam Nasser fell on Pretzel Twist.

Quinn Nguyen, 20-year-old Engineering Student

Nguyen’s drone ran the course before he did.

Then Nguyen took the course on his own and, after a minor hiccup on Double Down, made it through the first three obstacles.

Nguyen called out the Mega Wall as he finished Air Surfer.

But a violent kickback on Pretzel Twist kept him from that shot.

Nguyen will advance to the semifinals after that run.

Ethan Swanson, 30-year-old Ninja Coach

Swanson, a Chicago ninja, has moved to Colorado to live with Jake Murray.

Swanson kept his usual quick pace, even becoming the first to choose (and complete) Block Run.

Swanson approached Pretzel Twist with a legitimate shot at the night’s fastest time.

He just missed it, but Swanson still hit the buzzer!!!

Ethan Swanson completes the course in 1:56.63.

During the break…

Matt Bradley hit the buzzer!!!

Austin Gray fell on Pretzel Twist.

Allyssa Beird fell on Pretzel Twist.

Meagan Martin, 31-year-old Sports Commentator

A lot of stuff to talk about with this run:

Martin is the reigning Women’s champ from last season in St. Louis.

She’s also about to be a commentator for the Olympic coverage of Rock Climbing this summer in Tokyo.

Now for the competition, Beird sits in fifth right now.

Martin had to put in some work to complete Double Down.

And that time could matter if Martin falls at Pretzel Twist.

Martin pushed through the first half of the course.

The board was uneven on and on the edge at several points on Air Surfer.

But Martin completed the fourth obstacle, setting up a huge showdown at Pretzel Twist.

Martin’s time was behind Beird’s, so she needs to complete Pretzel Twist to move on to the semifinals.

And Martin became the first woman to get past the fifth obstacle this season.

Then, Martin made it up the Warped Wall and became the first woman to hit a buzzer this season as well.

Meagan Martin completes the course in 5:56.49.

Also noteworthy, for the first time ever, five women made the top thirty.

During the break…

Chad Flexington fell at Pretzel Twist.

Luke Dillon and Jonah Munoz hit the buzzer!!!

Jake Murray, 33-year-old Gym Owner

Murray had the fastest time in all rounds last season.

And Murray was looking to do it again this season as he knocked out the first half of the course in 30 seconds.

Murray gambled a bit on the last Pretzel of Pretzel Twist.

And the gamble paid off as Murray hit the buzzer with the night’s fastest time yet again!!!

Jake Murray completes the course in 1:47.20.

Top Ninja Qualifiers from Season 13 Qualifier 4 advancing to the Semifinals for 2021:

Completed Course

  1. Jake Murray
  2. Sean Bryan
  3. Ethan Swanson
  4. Nate Hansen
  5. Matt Bradley
  6. Caiden Madzelan
  7. Jay Lewis
  8. Jonah Munoz
  9. Tage Herrington
  10. Adam Rayl
  11. David Campbell
  12. Luke Dillon
  13. Meagan Martin

Fell at Pretzel Twist

  1. Austin Gray
  2. Devan Alexander
  3. Addy Herman
  4. Mike Wright
  5. Chad Flexington
  6. John Uga
  7. Alex Begolly
  8. Logan Kreglow
  9. Abby Clark
  10. Quinn Nguyen
  11. Luciano Acuna Jr.
  12. Anthony Eardley
  13. Paul Fisher
  14. Casey Rothschild
  15. Judas Licciardello
  16. Rachel DeGutz
  17. Brian Kretsch

Top 5 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Completed Course

  1. Meagan Martin

Fell at Pretzel Twist

  1. Abby Clark
  2. Quinn Nguyen
  3. Casey Rothschild
  4. Rachel DeGutz

Just one more week of qualifying remains. See you then!!!

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