TV Recap: S12E03 – American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Qualifying Round 3 2020

American Ninja Warrior Season 12 2020: Qualifying Round 3 Season 12 Episode 3

Qualifying for Season 12 continues this week with week 3. Here is a review of this season’s format.

There will be four weeks of qualifying with the top 12 qualifiers and top 3 women from each week moving on to the semifinals.

Then, two weeks of semifinals will advance the top 12 qualifiers and top 2 women to the finals. And the top ninja takes home a $100,000 prize.

Here is a look at the qualifying course:

Shrinking Steps, Lunatic Ledges, the Beehive (new obstacle), Spinning Bridge, Ferris Wheel, Warped Wall

And the 18-foot Mega Wall is still in play with a $10,000 prize for anyone who can climb it.

Also, the top two ninjas will compete on the Power Tower for the chance to send their two team members to the semifinals.

Bootie Cothran, 51-year-old Pine Tree Farmer

Cothran is here with Doug E. Fresh as a part of an all-Southern team.

And Cothran used all of that 105-pound frame to get through the first obstacle.

But he fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Devin Harrelson, 35-year-old Tattoo Artist

Someone vandalized Harrelson’s gym and tattoo shop.

So, the ninja community stepped up and gave Harrelson the money he needed to rebuild.

Doug E. Fresh took the course looking for his first buzzer.

And he got off to a good start completing the first two obstacles.

Harrelson went face first on the landing of Spinning Bridge. Though the landing was painful, it did get the job done.

But as Doug E. Fresh was looking to make the exchange on Ferris Wheel, he slipped and fell.

During the break…

Rachael Goldstein fell on Beehive.

Sean Darling-Hammond fell on Ferris Wheel.

Whitney Sigler, 39-year-old Gymnastics Coach

Sigler went face first on the landing of Shrinking Steps after a few extra swings on the first obstacle.

But Sigler took too few swings and fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Sem Garay, 21-year-old Professional Wrestler

Garay is here with the Towers of Power. And he received quite the introduction from his manager.

Garay made smooth landings on the first two obstacles.

The smooth landings came to an abrupt ending (though not the end of Garay’s night), as Garay fell face first on Spinning Bridge.

Garay became the first ninja tonight to make it to the 2nd wheel on the Ferris Wheel. But he slipped and fell just before the end of the obstacle.

During the break…

Eli Lovelady fell on Ferris Wheel.

Quest O’Neal fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Thomas Stillings, 26-year -old Gym Owner

Stillings and his wife went through the personal struggle of fighting a brain tumor this year.

But six months after a successful surgery, she is symptom free!!!

Stillings goes fast whenever he takes the course, and this time was no exception.

Stillings made quick work of the first four obstacle.

Then, the Genie Ninja became the first ninja of the night to complete Ferris Wheel and the course!!!

Thomas Stillings completes the course in 1:29.38.

During the break…

Zhanique Lovett fell on the Spinning Bridge.

Brandon Dodson fell with a bloody eye on Lunatic Ledges.

DC Banks also fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Kyle Wheeler, 24-year-old Ninja Coach

Wheeler works at Michelle Warnkey’s gym and could not do a pull-up when he first arrived there.

Now he is a coach at that gym!!!

Wheeler ran with music in his ears as he worked his way through the first two obstacles.

But Wheelers run ended as he slipped on the last honeycomb on Beehive.

Tage Herrington, 19-year-old College Student

Ninja Blue is one of thirteen kids and is here with Adam Rayl from Arizona.

After making quick work of the first two obstacles, Harrington struggled to lock the middle honeycomb on the Beehive.

But Herrington kept his composure and completed the third obstacle.

On Ferris Wheel, Herrington handled the drop and finished obstacle five!!!

And after Herrington climbed the Warped Wall, he hit the buzzer and finished the course on his first try!!!

Tage Herrington completes the course in 2:06.99.

During the break…

Brandon Mears fell on Spinning Bridge.

Dan Polizzi hit the buzzer after missing on the Mega Wall.

Ezra Rivera fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Najee Richardson, 29-year-old Motivational Speaker

Richardson is coming off a rare buzzer-less season for the Phoenix.

The Phoenix had slight slip ups on both the Beehive and the Spinning Bridge.

But Richardson kept his composure on both obstacles.

And after completing the Ferris Wheel, the Phoenix made his way to the Mega Wall.

But he came up just short.

Richardson did make it up the regular wall this time, starting 2020 out right with a buzzer.

Najee Richardson completes the course in 2:49.36.

During the break…      

Elizabeth Leslie, Don Thompson, and Devante Phillips all fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Michelle Warnkey Buurma, 36-year-old Gym Owner

Warnkey got married this offseason. And Warnkey does not know what the future holds with her and her husband looking to start a family at the end of this season.

Warnkey completed the City Finals course last season (only the 2nd woman to do so).

But this season, Warnkey shockingly went out on Lunatic Ledges, the obstacle that has been taking ninjas out all night.

Adam Rayl, 26-year-old Concrete Worker

Rayl came oh so close to Stage 4 last season.

Rayl attacks every course he runs, and this season was no exception as Rayl moved across the first four obstacles in less than a minute.

His time was at 40 seconds as he started the Ferris Wheel.

But the Ferris Wheel started dropping before Rayl’s hands were properly braced.

And Rayl’s run ended on the fifth obstacle.

During the break…

Father Stephen Gadberry fell on Lunatic Ledges.

David Womelsdorf fell on the Beehive.

Sean Bryan, 35-year-old Catholic Church Worker

Bryan dislocated his shoulder last season, requiring a fourth surgery on the shoulder.

We will see if the long rehab journey pays off here.

Bryan looked smooth on the first two obstacles.

And Bryan’s shoulder looked to be in good shape as he moved past the Beehive.

Bryan’s shoulder survived another test as he made progress on Thomas Stillings’s fastest time.

And after he hit the buzzer, Bryan sat atop the field with the best time of the night so far!!!

Sean Bryan completes the course in 1:26.81.

During the break…

Austin Gray hit the buzzer!!!

Lorin Ball fell on Ferris Wheel.

Brittney Durant fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Matt Scott also fell on Lunatic Ledges.

David Campbell, 43-year-old Pizza Delivery Man

Campbell has competed on every season of ANW.

And I am now zero days old since I learned the Godfather delivered pizzas for a living.

But Campbell, just like so many tonight, lost momentum on Lunatic Ledges.

However, unlike so many ninjas, Campbell found a way out. He climbed to the top of the ledge and jumped, keeping his run alive.

From then on, things were smooth sailing for Campbell as he moved past the Ferris Wheel and made his way to the Mega Wall.

And by his fingertips, Campbell held on and made it up the Warped Wall, claiming $10,000!!!

David Campbell completes the course in 3:27.48.

During the break…

Jenn DeBellis fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Davyon Hancox fell on Spinning Bridge.

Jessie Graff, 36-year-old Stuntwoman

Graff competed on the Titan Games this past season.

Graff nearly shorted the landing on Lunatic Ledges. But she held on and completed the 2nd obstacle.

After completing the Beehive, Graff guaranteed her spot in the semifinals.

As a stuntwoman, Graff knows how to fall. And she showed that with her landing on Spinning Bridge.

Graff chose the low road on Ferris Wheel. And she had no issues with it at all.

And after hitting the buzzer, Graff tied “Flex” LaBreck with her fifth overall buzzer!!!

Jessie Graff completes the course in 3:58.76.

During the break…

Amber Dawkins, Ben Whitlow, and Jessica Helmer all fell on Shrinking Steps.

Ben Melick, 38-year-old Farmer

Melick ran as Tarzan back in 2014.

He worked in Hollywood then. But he lives out on a farm in Florida now.

And before his run, Melick retired the loin cloth.

Melick did not look years removed from running a ninja course and he made his way through the first three obstacles.

But Melick got crossed up on the Ferris Wheel and fell on the fifth obstacle.

R.J Roman, 24-year-old Musician

With Roman’s speed, he is a contender to qualify for the Power Tower.

Roman was under forty seconds after four obstacles.

And as Roman worked the Ferris Wheel, he was on pace for the fastest time of the night.

Roman did just that, setting up a matchup with Sean Bryan on the Power Tower!!!

R.J Roman completes the course in 1:10.97.

Power Tower

R.J. Roman vs Sean Bryan

Neither Bryan’s nor Roman’s teammates qualified for the semifinals. So, there are huge stakes in this one.

Bryan had the lead off the steps.

But Roman caught up on the poles.

The pair were neck and neck on the home stretch.

And Roman hit the buzzer a half second before Bryan!!!

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to the Semifinals:

Completed Course

  1. RJ Roman
  2. Sean Bryan
  3. Thomas Stillings
  4. Austin Gray
  5. Tage Herrington
  6. Dan Polizzi
  7. Najee Richardson
  8. David Campbell
  9. Jessie Graff

Failed at Ferris Wheel

  1. Adam Rayl
  2. Devin Harrelson
  3. Lorin Ball

Top 3 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Completed Course

  1. Jessie Graff

Failed at Spinning Bridge

  1. Zhanique Lovett

Failed at Beehive

  1. Rachael Goldstein

Advancing to the Semifinals thanks to Power Tower:

  1. Ben Melick
  2. Jessica Helmer

The last week of qualifying is next week. We will see you then.

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