TV Recap: S12E02 – American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Qualifying Round 2 2020

American Ninja Warrior Season 12 2020: Qualifying Round 2 Season 12 Episode 2

I must give credit to ANW after last week. Despite all the extenuating circumstances surrounding this year’s season, last week still felt like the real deal (even if the only spectators were virtual).

So let us continue the 8-week competition all inside the Enterprise Center in St. Louis featuring the Top 50 ninjas and two friends from each ninja’s community. Here is a review of this season’s format.

There will be four weeks of qualifying with the top 12 qualifiers and top 3 women from each week moving on to the semifinals.

Then, two weeks of semifinals will advance the top 12 qualifiers and top 2 women to the finals. And the top ninja takes home a $100,000 prize.

Here is a look at the qualifying course:

Shrinking Steps, Lunatic Ledges, Ring Chaser (new obstacle), Rib Run (new obstacle), Ferris Wheel, Warped Wall

And the 18-foot Mega Wall is still in play with a $10,000 prize for anyone who can climb it.

Also, this week is the return of the Power Tower with the top two fastest ninjas competing to bring the other two members of their group to the semifinals.

Cassie Dierks, Cat Café Owner

Roo Yori, the K-9 ninja, brought a pair of cat lovers with him. And Dierks’s cat is watching her run tonight.

The only obstacle we did not see last week was Lunatic Ledges.

That is the obstacle where Cassie fell during her run.

Barry Goers, 34-year old Former Pro Hockey Player

Goers is here with Jake Murray from Colorado and played in the AHL for the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Penguins.

Goers handled obstacle #2, the first ninja to complete Lunatic Ledges tonight.

And Goes run stayed strong through four obstacles as he handled Rib Run flawlessly.

But Goers run ended as he transitioned to the 2nd wheel on Ferris Wheel.

During the break…

(Taylor Amann’s Pole Vaulters)

Nicole Breske fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Zane Paksi fell on Rib Run

Taylor Amann, 24-year old Pole Vaulter

Amann was a breakout star last season.

Amann needed a few extra swings on Lunatic Ledges.

That was the only real slip up as she made it to the end of obstacle four.

But just before the ledge, Amann slipped and fell on Rib Run.

JJ Woods, 33-year old Stuntman

Returning after missing 2019, Woods is leading a movement among ninjas called “Ninjas for Black Lives” that supports racial equality across the country.

Woods has put on 22 pounds of muscle since he last ran a ninja course, and that strength showed as he powered his way through the first two obstacles.

Unfortunately, Woods did not catch the ring on Ring Chaser. And he missed the hook with the smaller ring on the third obstacle.

Ronald Washington, 26-year old Fish and Wildlife Officer

Washington is representing black lives and blue lives with his attire.

Washington fell at the Ferris Wheel last season.

Can he overcome the fifth obstacle tonight?

Washington sure was in a hurry to get there as he moved quickly through the first three obstacles (with a ring grab to boot).

Washington’s fast pace continued on Rib Run, setting up a showdown with the Ferris Wheel.

Washington showed he was ready for the fifth obstacle this season, moving quickly through it.

But Washington could not handle the final drop on the 2nd wheel and fell.

Ashley McConville, 20-year old College Student

McConville’s Uncle David (who has Down Syndrome) loves watching his niece compete and even trains with her.

And Uncle David was looking on as McConville made it through the first two obstacles.

McConville did not grab the ring on Ring Chaser, but she still made it through the third obstacle.

After flying through Rib Run, McConville put herself in a great position to advance to the semifinals.

But McConville was not satisfied with making it to the Ferris Wheel.

She took the low road and became the first ninja tonight to complete obstacle five.

And on her third attempt, McConville made it up the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer!!!

Ashley McConville completes the course in 4:26.34.

During the break…

Jessica Clayton fell on Ring Chaser.

DeShawn Harris fell on Ferris Wheel.

LaShaunda Dupree fell on Ring Chaser.

Abel Gonzalez, 36-year old Gym Owner

Gonzalez brought two of the ninjas from his gym in South Texas and is encouraging healthy eating habits in his local community.

Gonzalez made quick work of the first two obstacles.

Then, Gonzalez grabbed the ring on Ring Chaser and was halfway through the course in no time.

Gonzalez only took a minute to get to the fifth obstacle.

And after completing Ferris Wheel, Gonzalez headed straight up the Warped Wall and into the top qualifying spot.

Abel Gonzalez completes the course in 1:36.75.

During the break…

(Abel’s student)

Gloria Orta fell on Shrinking Steps.

Holly Cavazos, 29-year old Stay-At-Home Mom

Also, Abel’s student, Holly credits ninja with helping her overcome a troubled past.

After completing the first two obstacles, Cavazos used the smaller ring to get past Ring Chaser.

But she was unable to get past Rib Run.

Ethan Swanson, 30-year old Gym Owner

Swanson has done a backflip everyday since August 3, 2018.

Will he get to do one on top of the Warped Wall?

Swanson set a blistering pace as he was through four obstacles in 30 seconds.

And by the time Swanson had made it up the Warped Wall, he recorded the new top time!!!

The backflip on top of the Wall was number 731 in a row.

Ethan Swanson completes the course in 1:04.14.

During the break…

(Swanson’s students)

Cameron Baumgartner hit the buzzer!!!

Jack McCallie fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Donovan Metoyer (from Jamie Rahn’s All Missouri Squad) ran in a three-piece suit and hit the buzzer!!!

Jamie Rahn, 32-year old Gym Owner

Captain NBC lost part of his thumb after a table saw blade went across it.

Rahn says he cannot open a Ziploc bag.

So no to Ziploc bags, but yes to the course’s first three obstacles.

That includes the Ring Chaser, where Captain NBC grabbed the ring and completed the first half of the course.

After moving past Rib Run, Rahn approached the Ferris Wheel, the toughest challenge to his thumb yet.

But it sure did not look like a challenge as Captain NBC made it past the Ferris Wheel and all the way up the Warped Wall!!!

Jamie Rahn completes the course in 1:49.46.

During the break…

Akil Currie fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Kyle Worl (here with Nick Hanson from Alaska) fell on Lunatic Ledges.

Christi Marie (also with Hanson) fell on Rib Run.

Nick Hanson, 32-year old Motivational Speaker

Hanson lost his entire ninja course to a fall storm.

That did not stop Hanson from practicing on the course in the middle of that storm.

Hanson landed on top of the Mega Wall two years ago. Can he repeat the feat this season?

Hanson grabbed the big ring on Ring Chaser and made quick work of the first half of the course.

And the Eskimo Ninja did not stumble on a single stride on Rib Run.

Hanson looked a little gassed on Ferris Wheel, but he survived it with a one-foot landing.

The Eskimo Ninja took his time before preparing his march up the Mega Wall.

And Hanson became the first ninja to climb the 18-foot Wall this season!!!

Nick Hanson completes the course!!!

During the break…

David Hutchinson fell on Ring Chaser.

Caitlyn Bergstrom fell on Ferris Wheel.

Caleb Bergstrom, 20-year old College Student

Bergstrom made it up the Mega Wall last season.

But he would not make it this year.

In his attempt to get to the ring on Ring Chaser, Bergstrom slipped and fell.

Glenn Albright fell on Ferris Wheel.

Jake Murray, 33-year old Ninja Coach

Murray has taken up building cat towers.

Can he make it to the Power Tower this season?

Murray made a run towards that Tower with a lightning flash run through the course.

Taking little time between obstacles, Murray did just that, hitting the buzzer with the night’s fastest time so far (under a minute!!!!).

Jake Murray completes the course in 0:54.50.

During the break…

Jackson Twait and Roo Yori hit the buzzer!!!!

Brittany Holterman (here with Flex LaBreck) fell on Ring Chaser.

Chris DiGangi hit the buzzer!!!

Jesse “Flex” LaBreck, 30-year old Gym Owner

If “Flex” makes it to obstacle five, she moves onto the semifinals.

LaBreck helped her cause greatly grabbing the ring on Ring Chaser.

And after completing Rib Run, “Flex” secured her spot in the semifinals.

But LaBreck was not settling for just advancing.

For the fourth year in a row, LaBreck hit the buzzer becoming the first woman ever to hit five buzzers.

Jesse “Flex” LaBreck completes the course in 2:10.54.

During the break…

Josh Norton fell on Ring Chaser.

Gabriel Hotchkiss hit the buzzer!!!

Daniel Gil, 27-year old Worship Leader

Last season’s runner-up came up just short on Stage 4.

For Gil to get to the tower, he needs to get up the Warped Wall in 1:04.14.

The pace was quick as expected from the Kingdom Ninja.

As Gil made it through the Ferris Wheel, the time was getting away for a spot on the Power Tower.

But that did not stop him from attempting the Mega Wall, which he came up just short on.

Gil did make up the regular wall, ensuring his spot in the semifinals!!!

Daniel Gil completes the course in 1:18.57.

Power Tower

Jake Murray vs Ethan Swanson

The winner of this race will send both of his teammates onto the semifinals even if they did not qualify.

Swanson ran the tower last season, so he has the experience advantage.

The pair were even going up the steps.

Swanson took a slight lead the he lost quickly as he struggled to climb up the pole.

And Murray kept the lead all the way to the buzzer, sending his teammates onto the semifinals!!!

Top Ninja Qualifiers advancing to the Semifinals:

Completed Course

  1. Jake Murray
  2. Ethan Swanson
  3. Jackson Twait
  4. Daniel Gil
  5. Cameron Baumgartner
  6. Abel Gonzalez
  7. Donovan Metoyer
  8. Jamie Rahn
  9. Chris DiGangi
  10. Gabriel Hotchkiss
  11. Jesse LaBreck
  12. Roo Yori

Top 3 Women advancing to the Semifinals:

Completed Course

  1. Jesse LaBreck
  2. Ashley McConville

Failed at Ferris Wheels

  1. Caitlyn Bergstrom

Advancing to the Semifinals thanks to Power Tower:

  1. Glenn Albright
  2. Barry Goers

Two weeks of qualifying down with two more to go.

See you next week.

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