TV Recap: S02E07 – American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids 2020

American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids Season 2 2020, Episode 7

Season 2 of American Ninja Warrior Jr. rolls on!!!

Let’s review this season’s format:

-Just like last season, ninjas will compete in three divisions: 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, and 13-14 years old. They will compete in head to head races.

The qualifying rounds feature four ninjas per division. They will start in a seeding round, with the two fastest ninjas from that round taking on the two slowest ninjas in the knockout round.

The winners of the two knockout rounds move on to the final showdown, where the winner will move on to the quarterfinals.

-New this season: instead of waiting until the end of the season to see all the winners, there will be a quarterfinal round episode after three episodes to determine who goes on to the semifinals.

-With the new format, there will only be three semifinal qualifiers, so the fourth spot will be determined with the two fastest non-winners competing for a wildcard spot.

9-10 Year Old Division (Ninja Mentor: Barclay Stockett)

The course: Shrinking Steps, Little Dipper, Spider Walls, Block Run, Flying Squirrel, 13 Foot Warped Wall (with two hand holds)

Seeding Round: Josslyn Siembor vs Evelyn Schmitz

It’s “Blast and Fast” vs the “Pig-Tail Ninja!!!”

Josslyn (the Pig-Tail Ninja) takes artic plunges to raise money for the Special Olympics while Evelyn (Blast and Fast) writes short stories and enjoys working on her great aunt’s farm.

Evelyn got off to the fast start.

But Josslyn caught up on the Little Dipper.

The two ninjas alternated the lead all the way to Flying Squirrel, where it was neck and neck.

Evelyn dismounted first and held off Josslyn to get to the buzzer first.

Seeding Round: Kaleb Perez vs Jake Scionti

Kaleb trains with Thomas Stillings (The Genie Ninaj) while Jake is the “Six Pack Ninja” because he literally has a six pack (at 10 years old)

Jake came off the Little Dipper first.

Kaleb got stuck on the 2nd obstacle and couldn’t reach the platform when he tried to jump across.

Jake finished the course and recorded one of the fastest times for the division so far.

During the break…

Knockout Round: Jake Scionti vs Josslyn Siembor

Jake picked up the win and moved onto the Final Showdown.

Knockout Round: Evelyn Schmitz vs Kaleb Perez

Kaleb made it through Little Dipper this time, but he slipped and fell on Spider Walls.

Evelyn Schmitz takes the race and advances to the Final Showdown.

11-12 Year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Grant McCartney)

The course: Shrinking Steps, Little Dipper, Double Tilt Ladders, Block Run, Wing Nuts, 13 foot Warped Wall (one hand hold)

Seeding Round: Hunter Rowland vs Tiago Lima

Tiago participates frequently in dance fighting known as Brazilian Capoeira while Hunter is known for her famous one handed grab on Spin Cycle from last season.

Hunter raced out to a big lead through the first two obstacles.

Tiago’s tentativeness cost him as he didn’t release from the bar quick enough on Little Dipper.

The “Positive Ninja” kept going all the way to the buzzer to record a top time.

Seeding Round: Anavi Angst vs Asa Solberg

“Das Ninja” Anavi grew up in Germany and is one of the top gymnasts in the Atlanta area, while Asa is a Hip Hop dancer on an elite ninja squad that trains four times a week.

Asa raced out to the early lead.

Anavi became the lastest victim of Little Dipper, coming up short of the rope.

Asa went ahead and finished the course.

Knockout Round: Hunter Rowland vs Anavi Angst

Hunter had a slight lead after two obstacles.

Anavi survived Little Dipper this time and stayed right behind Hunter.

Hunter nearly slipped on Wingnuts but (guess what) performed another one handed save.

Hunter held on to the lead all the way to the buzzer and advanced to the Final Showdown, while Anavi hit her first buzzer.

During the break…

Knockout Round: Asa Solberg vs Tiago Lima

Asa took the win after Tiago fell on Little Dipper again.

13-14 year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Meagan Martin)

The course: Floating Steps, Little Dipper, Crazy Cliffhanger, Block Run, Sky Hooks, 13-foot Warped Wall (no hand holds)

Seeding Round: Evan Lavallee vs Addy Herman

Evan’s mom is fighting Colon Cancer and Auto-Immune Disease, while Addy made last year’s semifinals in the 11-12 year old division.

Addy showed her experience as she looked very comfortable on the first two obstacles.

But Evan put some pressure on Addy at the fifth obstacle, and she slipped trying to make a big leap on Sky Hooks.

Evan then became the shortest competitor (at 4 feet 7 inches) to make it up the Warped Wall, though he needed two tries to make it up there.

Seeding Round: Autumn Mathisen vs Gabby Romano

Both competitors in this race made it to the semifinals last season in their respective divisions, and Gabby loves offroading in her Razor.

Autumn had a slight lead going into the Crazy Cliffhanger.

The pair was even going into Sky Hooks.

Autumn was first to the final ring on the fifth obstacle and first up the Warped Wall.

During the break…

Knockout Round: Autumn Mathisen vs Addy Herman

Addy earned redemption, hitting the buzzer and advanced to the semifinals.

Knockout Round: Evan Lavallee vs Gabby Romano

The two were even through two obstacles.

Evan raced out to the lead after Crazy Cliffhanger.

Evan got through the Sky Hooks first.

But just like the first race, Evan needed a second attempt to get up the Warped Wall.

Gabby took advantage as she made it up the first time and advanced to the Final Showdown.

9-10 year old Final Showdown: Jake Scionti vs Evelyn Schmitz

Jake had the lead after two obstacles as Evelyn just held on at the end of Little Dipper.

Jake kept the lead all the way to the buzzer as he made an impressive one swing dismount on Flying Squirrel.

11-12 year old Final Showdown: Hunter Rowland vs Asa Solberg

Asa’s had two free runs, so we will see if Hunter can push him on his third race.

Asa got stuck on the cargo net at Little Dipper.

Hunter took that lead all the way to the Wingnuts.

And after exceptional form on the Wingnuts, Hunter made it up the Warped Wall and on to the Quarterfinals.

13-14 year old Final Showdown: Addy Herman vs Gabby Romano

An unusual Final Showdown where both ninjas lost their seeding races.

Addy had a great start.

She kept that lead all the way through the first half of the course.

And Addy maintained a wire to wire lead, advancing to the Quarterfinals in her new division.

Your Quarterfinalists:

9-10 year old division: Jake Scionti

11-12 year old division: Hunter Rowland

13-14 year old division: Addy Herman

Wildcard Qualifiers:

9-10 year old division:

Noah Daul

Zav Maningo

11-12 year old division:

Rebekah Cornwall

Andreas Johnson

13-14 year old division:

Kaden Lebsack

Emma Liskey

Come back next week for the second quarterfinal episode!!!!

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