TV Recap: S02E04 – American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids 2020

American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids Season 2 2020, Episode 4 – Quarterfinal #1

It’s time for the first quarterfinal round of American Ninja Warrior Jr!!!

All the winners from previous episodes return to compete in the quarterfinal round, with the winner of each division advancing to the finals at the end of the season.

But let’s open things up with the first ever wildcard race after a look at the course for the 9-10 year old division.

9-10 Year Old Division (Ninja Mentor: Najee Richardson)

The course: Shrinking Steps, Little Dipper, Spider Walls, Block Run, Flying Squirrel, 13 Foot Warped Wall (with two hand holds)

Wildcard Race: Shae McCarl vs  Daniel Woods

The best time for these two was separated by less than 7 tenths of second.

The two were about even going into Little Dipper.

But Daniel was smoother on Spider Walls, taking a slight lead.

Shae fought to catch up and was in position to do so, but she fell on Flying Squirrel.

Daniel hit the buzzer and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Matchup #1: Bella Palmer vs Abil Mondo

Two unbeatens meet in the first matchup. Bella’s best time was 13 seconds faster in the qualifiers.

Bella took the early lead as Abil got caught up in the cargo net on Little Dipper.

Trying to catch up, Abil fell on Spider Walls.

Bella continued her max pressure campaign on the competition, hitting the buzzer and advancing to the Final Showdown of the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Matchup #2: Lindsey Zimmerman vs Daniel Woods

Both competitors in this race overcame a loss to get here. These two have almost identical best times.

And Daniel came out fast building a nice lead after the first half of the course.

But Lindsey made it a race on the Flying Squirrel, making it a dead heat as the ninjas made their way to the Warped Wall.

Lindsey stumbled on her way up the Warped Wall, and Daniel hit the buzzer first advancing to the Final Showdown.

11-12 Year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Jessie Graff)

The course: Shrinking Steps, Little Dipper, Double Tilt Ladders, Block Run, Wing Nuts, 13 foot Warped Wall (one hand hold)

Wildcard Race: Holden McNeil vs Emily Keener

Holden’s time is about four seconds faster than Emily’s.

Emily raced out to the lead after two obstacles.

Unfortunately, Emily slipped and fell on Block Run.

Holden completed the fourth obstacle and advanced to the Quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Matchup #1: Taylor Greene vs Luke Beckstrand

Taylor was a finalist last year who is unbeaten so far while Luke overcame a seeding round loss to get here.

Taylor had a slight lead after the Little Dipper, but the dismount added significantly to that lead.

The lead for Taylor grew even more as she pulled a one armed dismount on Tilt Ladders.

Taylor held off a surging Luke on the Wingnuts, hitting the buzzer and advancing to the Final Showdown.

Quarterfinal Matchup #2: Tate Allen vs Holden McNeil

Holden is here as the Wildcard, while “Big Game Tate” brings an unbeaten record to the Quarters.

Tate took an early lead that grew after a long leap on Double Tilt Ladders.

Trying to catch up, Holden fell making the leap on the same obstacle.

Tate advances, setting up an epic Final Showdown.

13-14 year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Drew Dreschel)

The course: Floating Steps, Little Dipper, Crazy Cliffhanger, Block Run, Sky Hooks, 13-foot Warped Wall (no hand holds)

Wildcard Race: Nate Pardo vs Jonathan Godbout

A finalist from last year is about to be eliminated before the Quarterfinals.

And that ninja is last year’s runner-up, Nate Pardo, who saw a shocking end to his season, falling on Little Dipper.

Jonathan finished the race and advanced to the Quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Matchup #1: Cal Plohoros vs Devan Alexander

It’s “Ninja Cal” vs “the Devanator.”

Devan raced out to an early lead.

He kept that lead all the way to Sky Hooks.

Trying to take the lead, “Ninja Cal” went for a risky one leap dismount on the fifth obstacle.

He slipped and fell.

Devan made his way up the Warped Wall and advanced to the Final Showdown.

Quarterfinal Matchup #2: Carson Edwards vs Jonathan Godbout

“C-Money” brings an unbeaten mark to this race, but Jonathan has the better fastest time.

The two were about even halfway through the course.

Jonathan took a slight lead going into Sky Hooks.

But on the fifth obstacle, Carson took quick swings from one hook to the next to pass last year’s finalist.

Jonathan pressed to catch up, but he slipped and fell.

Carson went up the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer, advancing to the Final Showdown.

9-10 year old Final Showdown: Bella Palmer vs Daniel Woods

Our only wildcard competitor takes on the unbeaten Bella for a spot in the finals.

And Daniel is a finalist as Bella fell on the Little Dipper.

11-12 year old Final Showdown: Taylor Greene vs Tate Allen

An epic battle of unbeatens for a spot in the finals.

Both came out fast, with Tate taking the lead with his trademark leap on the Double Tilt Ladders.

It was a lead he would hold until the end, climbing up the Warped Wall and advancing to the finals.

13-14 year old Final Showdown: Devan Alexander vs Carson Edwards

In a matchup no one expected, “The Devanantor” takes on “C-Money” for a spot in the finals.

Both ninjas were even until Little Dipper, where Carson took a slight lead.

But Devan raced ahead with an impressive climb through the Cliffhanger.

Carson began to press, and he fell on Block Run.

Devan hit another buzzer and advanced to the finals.

Advancing to the Finals:

9-10 year old division: Daniel Woods

11-12 year old division: Tate Allen

13-14 year old division: Devan Alexander

Come back next week when the next round of qualifiers begins.

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