New Obstacle for ANW Season 11 – The Power Tower head to head competition

With American Ninja Warrior Season 11, a brand new element is being introduced to the competition in the form of the Power Tower (or the “Tower of Power”).  This new obstacle/mini-course will be a head-to-head competition between 2 ninjas – similar to how the competitions in Team Ninja Warrior worked.  The official Ninja Warrior account teased the new obstacle in a promo for Season 11 this week across social media.

What is known for sure at this point is that the winner of the Power Tower competition will advance directly to the first stage of the Las Vegas finals – they do not have to compete in the City Finals competition.

What is speculated at this point is that the ninjas who will get to have a go at the Power Tower will be the 2 fastest ninjas who complete the City Qualifier courses.  This will add an extra element of strategy for ninjas – do they go all out in the qualifiers, hoping to get the chance to take on the Power Tower? That decision could lead to a costly mistake if they are going too fast and mess up, which could see them out of the competition totally.

We should see The Power Tower / Tower of Power in competition for the first time on Wednesday, May 29th when the first episode (the Los Angeles California City Qualifier course) airs.   Will you be tuning in?


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