National Ninja League Crowns 2019 Season 4 World Champions

Competitors from around the world descended on Hartford, Connecticut for the 2019 National Ninja League Season 4 World Championships. Designed by Drew Drechsel, previous NNL World champion and last man standing in American Ninja Warrior, the course proved to be a challenge.

Only eight of the Pro Men were able to complete Stage One. Adam Rayl finished in first for the men and was the only person in the competition to complete Stage Two. For the Pro Women, Jesse Labreck took home first place, completing the first two obstacles in 21.26 seconds. No women made it past the third obstacle of Stage One.

National Ninja League Season 4 World Championship Winners


3rd: Caleb Bergstrom & Tegan Roobol


1st: Michael McPherson & Mandy Raville
2nd: Todd Mitchell & Daria Beird
3rd: Matthew Tortoriello & Michelle Callanan

Young Adults:

1st: Nolan Lajoie & Julia Bainbridge
2nd: Luke Dillon & Kaitlyn Capelo
3rd: Jason Cenotti & Emily Orth


1st: True Becker & Addy Herman
2nd: Aidan Wood & Paris Juarez
3rd: Josiah Pippel & Peace Lopez


1st: Paul Woods & Ava Long
2nd: Jackson Erdos & Karina Choi
3rd: Kyle Rothan & Rebekah Cornwall

Mature Kids:

1st: Jake Scionti & Bella Palmer
2nd: Will Arnstein & Corine Capriotti
3rd: Charlie Ball & Lily Moninger


1st: Logan Zhang & Teafilia Walton
2nd: Isaiah Maningo & Skylar Awalt
3rd: Declyn Shifren & Charlotte Barrett

Full results can be found here.

National Ninja League will announce dates for both Season 2 of their Rec Ninja League as well as Season 5 of National Ninja League in the coming weeks.

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