National Ninja League announces Rec Ninja League & Master’s Division

National Ninja League announced two big changes for their upcoming season 4 this week. The first change is that the National Ninja League is adding a master’s division for athletes who are 40 years of age and older.

The second announcement is for the new Rec Ninja League, which is designed to be a feeder system into the National Ninja League. The season (for this year) will run from April to June, and then the NNL competitions will start in July.

There are some format & rule tweaks to differentiate the Rec league from NNL. Instead of 10-20 obstacles in the NNL, the Rec Ninja League will be only 10 obstacles, all of an easier level than NNL obstacles. Competitors will get to attempt every obstacle, even if they fail an early one. There is a course time limit, but time is not a component of scoring, which is based simply on number of obstacles completed on the course. Ninjas will be able to qualify for the NNL finals as well through the Rec Ninja League.

The Rec Ninja League will allow anyone ages 6 & up to compete. Even if you have competed or qualified for the National Ninja League world/national championships, you can still compete in the Rec Ninja League. The points system between the two leagues is totally separate.

The full schedule of Rec Ninja League competitions is still be finalized, but so far two dates & competitions are known:

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