National Ninja League Adult Finals taking place this weekend (Feb 24-25, 2018) in Atlanta, Georgia

The National Ninja League adult finals are scheduled to take place this weekend at Ninja Quest Fitness just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

For Stage 1, competitors will have 1:40 to complete the following obstacles, which are shown below in the course demo video

1. TIC TAC TOES : Competitor starts in taped area awaiting the starting buzzer. Competitor runs across 8 angled steps using only the angled sides to make it to final platform. May use as many or as few steps as needed. No use of upper body is permitted on this obstacle. Obstacle cleared by landing on designated ending platform.
2. Bazooka GO: Competitor must run / bounce down center of tumble track. Jump to bar to reach up / lache to pvc pipe. Slide down track to dismount on mat. Upon landing competitor must climb up ramp to traverse over to the next obstacle.
3. Zip Trip: Start on platform grabbing the ring, descending down zip line. Time release of ring in order to land on red crash pad only. Any portion of competitor body landing off of red mat will be considered a fail. Failing to release the zip line and going into the wall will also be a fail. Obstacle is complete upon dismounting onto blue platform.
4. Cat Burglar: Must use Bosu Ball and slanted steps to go up ramp and through the window in order to start next obstacle.
5. Flying Spider: Competitor jumps through window to landing area then swings from one bar down to trampoline in order to reach the next lache bar. May stop your bounce on tramp. Must lache into hallway. Must go over vertical black mat and through rest of hallway and land on black mat outside of hallway to complete.
6. Spinning Log: Competitor must cross the spinning log. Using lower body only, no use of upper body on any portion of balance obstacles. Competitor completes by making it to designated landing mat.
7. Warped Wall: 14 foot warped wall only. Both feet must clear the lip of the wall in order for obstacle to be completed.
8. Ghostbusters: After climbing up warped wall competitor must descend the fire pole safely.
9. Flying Squirrel: Competitor must jump from trampoline to grab first set of handles. Competitor then makes their way to land on designated platform using only handles and cross bar to hit buzzer to end time.

If you wish to follow all the action live, you can do so on the National Ninja League YouTube Page.

More than 200 ninjas will be taking on the course. These ninjas have qualified over the course of the past year at qualifying events across the country for their shot at winning Season 3 of the National Ninja League.

The full run schedule (always subject to change) is:

Feb 24th (Saturday) – Stage 1

  • 8:30a – 9a Rules block #1
  • 9a – 12:30p Block #1
  • 12:30-1p Break
  • 1p-1:30p Rules block #2
  • 1:30p-5p Block #2
  • 5p-5:30p Break
  • 5:30p-6p Rules block #3
  • 6p-9:30p Block #3

Feb 25th (Sunday) – Stages 2 & 3

  • 9:30a – 10a Rules stage 2
  • 10a – 2p Stage 2
  • 2p – 3p Lunch break
  • 3p – 3:30p Rules stage 3
  • 3:30p – 6:30p Stage 3
  • 6:30p Awards

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