Ninja News Weekly – Week of August 7, 2017 – Rockford Ninja Warrior, Two NNL Finals,  ANW Cleveland City Finals, and more!

Ninja News Weekly is your look at what has happened in the last week in the ninja world, from TV shows, local competitions, gym openings, and more. We’ll also take a peek of what is coming up for the next week!  In this week’s Ninja News, the annual Rockford Ninja Warrior event took place over the weekend, two National Ninja League qualifiers happened at Kinetic Ninja Warrior and NOLA Muscle Park, and American Ninja Warrior took on the Cleveland Ohio City Finals course.

Ninja News Last Week

Rockford Ninja Warrior

Showing the sport continues to grow, Rockford Ninja Warrior took place in an arena packed out with spectators in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   The UNAA champs Adam Rayl and Jesse Labreck took the top honors at this competition as well.

Rockford Ninja Warrior – Male Division

  1. Adam Rayl
  2. Joe Moravsky
  3. Drew Drechsel
  4. Kevin Bull
  5. Ethan Swanson
  6. Andy Lowes
  7. Jake Murray
  8. Jamie Rahn
  9. Daniel Gil
  10. Karsten Williams

Rockford Ninja Warrior – Female Division

  1. Jesse Labreck
  2. Rebekah Bonilla
  3. Kirsti Pratt
  4. Alyssa Beird
  5. Kat Ratcliff
  6. Leila Noone
  7. Michelle Warnky
  8. Karen Sabo
  9. Maggie Hammer
  10. Jennifer Clawson

National Ninja League (NNL) Qualifier Competition @ NOLA Muscle Park

The first of the double-header National Ninja League qualifiers was in New Orleans, Louisiana at NOLA Muscle Park.

NNL – NOLA Muscle Park – Male Division

  1. Ernest Phillips
  2. Chris Cambre
  3. An Ly
  4. Bobby Zavala
  5. Calle Alexander

NNL – NOLA Muscle Park – Female Division

  1. Rachel Brown
  2. Deborah Buford

National Ninja League (NNL) Qualifier Competition @ Kinetic Ninja Warrior

Sunday was National Ninja Warrior with a qualifier at Kinetic Ninja Warrior in Maryland.

NNL – Kinetic Ninja Warrior – Male Division

  1. Kyle Soderman
  2. Mike Ravert
  3. Judas Licciardello
  4. Michael Torres
  5. Adam Grossman

NNL – Kinetic Ninja Warrior – Female Division

  1. Karter Ohlson
  2. Tori Clement
  3. Meiling Huang
  4. Jane G.
  5. Maura Sherman

American Ninja Warrior Cleveland City Finals

American Ninja Warrior was in Cleveland for the finals course. This proved to be quite a tough course with only two athletes (Joe Moravsky and Jamie Rahn), being able to make it past the new “Nail Clipper” obstacle. You can see the full recap here.

Upcoming Ninja News

The National Ninja League heads back to APEX NorCal for a qualifier competition on August 19th.  American Ninja Warrior will also air the Kansas City Finals for Season 9 on Monday, August 21st, from 8-10pm on NBC.

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