Los Angeles walk-on line lottery time & location released for Season 12

With taping of the first region (Los Angeles, California) of American Ninja Warrior Season 12 set to take place next weekend, production is getting ramped up. Earlier this week tickets to be in the audience were released. Today, A Deign & Co have published information related to the walk on line!

Competitors wanting to take place in the walk-on lottery for the LA Season 12 episode should meet by 10am on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 at North Weddington Park. The address is: 10844 Acama St, North Hollywood, CA, 91602. The drawing will take place promptly at 10am, at which point names will be put into a hat and then randomly drawn.

As a reminder, starting in 2019 (Season 11), the walk on line changed formats. It used to be first come first serve, and people would camp for weeks. To make things more fair for people who couldn’t spend that much time in line, the production team decided to change the walk on line to be a lottery. They would announce a certain date & location, and anyone interested in being a walk-on competitor could show up. Everyone would place their name in a hat, and the production team would select 20 names. Those 20 names would get the walk on spots, in order they were drawn. As the filming progressed, production would let some of the walk on competitors run the course – but there was no guarantee anyone would get to run (if there were delays, weather, etc).

If you don’t get selected to be in the walk on line, or you are selected but then don’t actually get to run, you are welcome to try again at one of the other tapings.

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