American Ninja Warrior: USA vs The World 2020 to air Sunday, January 26th at 9pm Eastern on NBC

It’s time for the annual USA vs the World competition! The 2 hour special episode will air Sunday, January 26th 2020 from 9pm – 11pm ET. This episode actually filmed last June, on the stages of the American Ninja Warrior Season 11 National Finals Las Vegas course. Similar to last year’s episode, the special will see Team USA take on take on Team Australia and Team Europe.

The rosters for each team and the ninjas competing include:

Team USA

  • Drew Dreschel
  • Daniel Gil
  • Jesse Labreck
  • Karsten Williams
  • Adam Rayl
  • Michael Torres

Team Australia

  • Bryson Klein
  • Olivia Vivian
  • Cam D’Silva
  • Daniel Mason
  • Josh O’Sullivan
  • Matt Tsang

Team Europe

  • Anton Fomenko
  • Damir Okanovic
  • Kesu Ahmed
  • Magnus Midtbo
  • Steffi Noppinger
  • Thomas Hubener

Tune in Sunday night to see which team takes the crown this year!

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