TV Recap: S13E12 – American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Vegas Finals Stage 2 Part 2 & Stage 3 & 4 2021

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 2021: Vegas Finals Stage 2 Part 2 & Stage 3 + 4 Season 13 Episode 12

The season finale of ANW Season 13 is here!!!

Tonight, the rest of the National Finals with Stage 2 picking up where it left off.

One ninja (Vance Walker) advanced to Stage 3. Let’s see who’s going to join him.

Here’s the format:

Ninjas have three minutes and 30 seconds to complete the revamped six obstacles.

The Course: Striding Steps (new obstacle), Double Salmon Ladder, V Formation, Hammer Drop (the jaw dropping who thought of that obstacle the season!!!), Epic Air Surfer, Falling Shelves

Isaiah Thomas, 16-year-old High School Student

Thomas is one of seven teenagers remaining in the competition.

Thomas had some shaky leaps on Double Salmon Ladder. But “the Fly Boy Ninja” stayed patient and advanced to the third obstacle.

Thomas showed more fight as he climbed onto the top part of Hammer Drop.

But while Thomas completed Hammer Drop, he came up short of the leap on Epic Air Surfer.

Adam Rayl, 28-year-old Concrete Worker

Rayl moved to California to train and room with Sean Bryan.

Rayl almost knocked the bar off on Double Salmon Ladder. But he held on and completed the 2nd obstacle fairly quickly.

Rayl continued his solid pace (with a few more close calls) on V Formation.

Rayl took a breath before approaching the final two obstacles.

After completing Epic Air Surfer, Rayl had 35 seconds to complete the final obstacle.

But time wouldn’t be a factor as Rayl slipped and fell on the last shelf of Falling Shelves.

During the break…

Sean Bryan fell on Falling Shelves.

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson, 15-year-old High School Student

Last week, Wilson became the youngest ninja ever to complete Stage One.

Wilson looked better than anyone so far tonight on Double Salmon Ladder.

But Wilson’s run ended on V Formation.

During the break…

Tyler Yamauchi fell on Hammer Drop.

Brian Burkhardt fell on Double Salmon Ladder (but his Safety Pass gives him another shot).

Austin Gray, 24-year-old Ninja Coach

This year, Gray has a girlfriend!!!

And Jaelyn (Gray’s girlfriend) along with Austin’s student, Taylor Greene from ANW Jr., are on the sideline cheering him on tonight.

Gray only needed one minute to complete the first half of the course.

Gray stayed smooth on Hammer Drop.

And Gray entered the final obstacle with plenty of time to complete it.

After making the last grab on the final shelf, Gray hit the platform and hit the buzzer!!!

Austin Gray completes Stage 2 in 3:14.57.

During the break…

Jonathan Godbout fell on Hammer Drop.

Josiah PIppel, 15-year-old High School Student

Joined in progress, Pippel completed obstacle five with 40 seconds left to complete Falling Shelves.

But like so many others before him, Pippel could not hold on to the final blind grab.

Joe Moravsky, 32-year-old Meteorologist

Moravsky burned his safety pass on Stage One, so he’ll be running with no net tonight.

Moravsky is running for Matthew, who is watching tonight after surviving a life-threatening heart issue in 2018.

Tonight’s run would come to a shocking end for the Weatherman.

Moravsky started falling on Striding Steps and he fell on the first obstacle.

During the break…

Matt Bradley fell on Hammer Drop.

Isaiah Wakeham fell on Double Salmon Ladder.

Ryan Meeks fell on Epic Air Surfer.

Kyle Soderman, 26-year-old Stuntman

Soderman’s family owned a rock garden in Minnesota. Soderman used all the concrete and machinery in the rock garden to develop a love for ninja.

Soderman was cautious and quick as he moved efficiently through the first half of the course.

With his extra time, Soderman took a moment to collect himself before attacking the final two obstacles.

And the extra time paid off as Soderman made the blind grab, hit the buzzer, and moved onto Stage 3!!!

Kyle Soderman completes Stage 2 in 3:23.84.

During the break…

Mike Silenzi fell on Falling Shelves.

Kai Beckstrand fell on Striding Steps.

Jake Murray, 34-year-old Ninja Coach

Murray has been training with fellow Colorado ninja, Kaden Lebsack.

Murray always runs the course with top speed, and Stage 2 was no exception to that.

Murray was through the first half of the course in 45 seconds (the fastest of anyone so far).

Murray had almost two minutes to complete the final two obstacles.

And with time no issue, Murray looked ready to hit the buzzer and complete Stage 2 for the first time.

But like so many others, Murray missed the blind grab on Falling Shelves, ending his season.

During the break…

Brian Burkhardt (second shot) fell on Epic Air Surfer.

Jesse LaBreck, 31-year-old Gym Manager

LaBreck is the third woman in history to earn a shot at Stage 2.

LaBreck’s attempt did not go well as she came up short on Double Salmon Ladder.

Kaden Lebsack, 15-year-old High School Student

Lebsack made no mistakes through the first half of the course.

And Lebsack’s flawless run continued through Hammer Drop.

Most importantly Lebsack was flawless on the blind grab!!!

Lebsack hit the buzzer and became the fourth (and top) qualifier for Stage 3.

Kaden Lebsack completes Stage 2 in 3:01.44.

Full List Ninjas from Las Vegas Finals Stage 2 advancing to Stage 3 for 2021 (including last week’s):

Completed Course

  1. Kaden Lebsack
  2. Austin Gray
  3. Kyle Soderman
  4. Vance Walker

American Ninja Warrior 2021 Vegas Finals Stage 3 Recap

The Course: Grip and Tip, Stalactites, Up for Grabs, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Pipe Dream, Eyeglass Alley, Flying Bar

Stage 3: Vance Walker

Walker just made the platform on the first obstacle by his tippy toes.
Walker was the first ninja ever to attempt Stalactites.

And he nearly got stuck on the 2nd obstacle.

But Walker stayed patient and completed the new obstacle.

Walker had no issue as he moved smoothly through another new obstacle, Up for Grabs.

An obstacle, the Ultimate Cliffhanger, that has taken down so many ninjas in the past was no problem for Walker.

Those early issues on the course seemed a distant memory as Walker worked calmly through Pipe Dream.

Walker was giving his arms plenty of rest as he hung on during Eyeglass Alley.

And Walker looked as if he was ready to make it to the end of the sixth obstacle.

But Walker slipped and fell at the end of the new obstacle.

Stage 3: Kyle Soderman

Soderman got off to a good start with no issues on Grip and Tip.

And Soderman’s efficient run continued on Stalactites.

Soderman took on Ultimate Cliffhanger with little climbing experience.

And the lack of experience showed as Soderman fell on the fourth obstacle.

Stage 3: Austin Gray

Gray was the runner-up last season. Let’s see if he can take the final step tonight.

Gray got to spinning on Stalactites. But he stayed calm and kept his Stage 3 run alive.

After a smooth run through Ultimate Cliffhanger, Gray had a real shot at taking the top spot.

Gray had some platform problems to work through on Pipe Dream.

But once he did, Gray moved to the end of the Pipe Dream and took the lead in the race for last ninja standing.

Things looked perilous for Gray as he got stuck on Eyeglass Alley. And just as he finally got the eyeglass attached onto the hook, Gray’s arms gave out and his season ended.

Stage 3: Kaden Lebsack

Lebsack looked like a veteran through the first three obstacles.

That smooth run continued through Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Lebsack only needed to complete Pipe Dream in 90 seconds to claim the title of last ninja standing and the $100,000 prize that comes with it.

And he did it with 35 seconds to spare.

Now, could Lebsack take the entire Stage 3 course?

Like the other obstacles, no one looked as smooth as Lebsack on Eyeglass Alley.

And he became the first ninja ever to complete it.

Only four ninjas have ever completed the final obstacle, the Flying Bar.

But like every other obstacle on this course, obstacle seven was no problem for Lebsack as he hit the buzzer and advanced to Stage 4!!!!

Kaden Lebsack completes Stage 3!!!

Full List Ninjas from Las Vegas Finals Stage 2 advancing to Stage 4 for 2021

Completed Course

  1. Kaden Lebsack

American Ninja Warrior 2021 Vegas Finals Stage 4: Mount Midoriyama Recap

Most ANW seasons end with no one setting their sights on the climbing the 75-foot rope.

And it’s a 15-year-old with the shot at making that climb and earning $1,000,000.

Lebsack will have 30 seconds to climb to the top of Mount Midoriyama’s eight stories.

Lebsack was up 40 feet with 15 seconds to spare.

But Lebsack was relying on his arms exclusively at the start.

And the 15-year-old started slowing down on the 2nd half of the course.

The time ran out with Lebsack at 60 feet.

Kaaden Lebsack still goes home this season as the last ninja standing for Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior in 2021, and earning $100,00.

And he, along with all the other teen ninjas plus some returning veterans will be back for season 14 next season!!!

See you then.

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