TV Recap: S12E08 – American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Finals Part 2 + Power Tower Championship Playoffs 2020

American Ninja Warrior Season 12 2020: Finals Part 2 + Power Tower Championship Playoffs Season 12 Episode 8

Well, we’ve made it to a point I never thought we’d see in 2020. The pandemic had me convinced that American Ninja Warrior would be off the air until further notice. But I must say, the producers of the show put together a great format considering the limitations put on them before the season started.

So, let’s find out who’s going to win this thing.

Here’s the format for the Finals:

The top 8 ninjas qualify for a single elimination Power Tower tournament, where the winner takes home the $100,000 prize.

Here’s a look at the Finals course:

Shrinking Steps, Spring Forward, Falling Shelves (new obstacle), Diamond Dash, Slingshot, Spin Hopper, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Slam Dunk, Spider Trap

This is part 2 of the finals.   20+ ninjas ran last week, you can read the recap here.

Jeshuah Lewis, 22-year-old College Student

Lewis and his family live in an RV and regularly attend ninja competitions.

And Lewis is one of two rookies who qualified for the Finals.

The rookie looked strong through the first three obstacles.

Lewis nearly slipped and fell on Diamond Dash, but he held on and kept his run alive.

Lewis completed the first half of the course and became a serious threat to make the top 8.

And if Lewis can pass Slam Dunk, that’s where he’ll be.

Unfortunately, Lewis slipped as he missed the second ball on 8th obstacle.

David Wright, 20-year-old Lifeguard

The Cake Ninja discussed his friendship with Amir Malik before his Finals run.

Wright started the course at a rapid pace.

But Wright couldn’t maintain it as he slipped and fell on the Falling Shelves.

Amir Malik, 20-year-old Ninja Coach

Malik came here this season with Wright and has had a fantastic rookie season.

Single swings on Spring Forward moved Malik onto the complicated Falling Shelves.

But Malik had no issues with the third obstacle and continued his attack on the 1st half of the course.

Moving onto the 2nd half of the course, Malik took aim at the 8th spot in the standings.

And after completing Slam Dunk, Malik replaced Jody Avila in the Top 8.

Malik had a great pace going. But he slipped and fell on Dragon Back.

However, thanks to that great time, Malik moves into the top 5 of the standings so far.

During the break…

Jon Alexis Jr. fell on Slam Dunk.

Daniel Gil, 27-year-old Worship Leader

Gil is running for his wife and future family as they are about to buy a home.

Gil always moves fast through the course, which is something needed to make the Top 8 tonight.

And Gil had no problems getting through the first half of the course.

Gil made it past Slam Dunk and prepared to attack Dragon Back.

If Gil moves past Dragon Back, he will qualify for the top 8.

And not only did Gil complete it, but he also ran straight from obstacle 9 to the Spider Trap on his way to the top spot!!!

Daniel Gil completes the course in 4:12.68.

Thomas Stillings, 26-year-old Gym Owner

Stillings’s wife survived brain surgery in February, and Stillings is dedicating this season to her.

Stillings had no issues with the first two obstacles.

But Stillings got the third shelf on Falling Shelves moving.

With the shelf rocking, Stillings was unable to grab it and his run ended.

RJ Roman, 24-year-old Musician

Roman is running tonight for grandma.

And Roman moved swiftly through the first half of the course.

Roman’s pace gave him a great shot at taking the top spot from Daniel Gil.

Unfortunately for Roman, the bar slipped and fell as Roman came up just short of finishing obstacle 9.

Roman is currently in the top 8, sitting at number 7 with four ninjas left to run.

Jessie Graff, 36-year-old Stuntwoman

Can Graff hit her first 10 obstacle buzzer?

It wouldn’t happen here as Graff became another victim of Falling Shelves.

Adam Rayl, 27-year-old Concrete Worker

Blaine Wilson, an Olympic silver medalist, was an inspiration of Rayl’s when Rayl was younger.

Now, Wilson’s kids are inspired by Rayl’s performance each season on ANW.

Rayl predictably moved quickly through the first half of the course.

Rayl moved past Slam Dunk and prepared for Dragon Back.

Rayl clinches his spot in the Top 8 if he gets past Dragon Back.

And Rayl completed obstacle 9 in style with a perfect barrel roll!!!

Rayl wouldn’t stop there, hitting the buzzer and moving into the top 5!!!

Adam Rayl completes the course in 6:24.15.

Jake Murray, 33-year-old Ninja Coach

If he dies while running the course tonight, name a school after him (classic!!!).

Murray’s had a great season this year with top times in each of the previous rounds.

And with his fast time tonight, Murray qualified for the Finals after completing Slam Dunk.

But he wasn’t done there.

The theme for Jake Murray this season has been top times.

And that theme continued as Murray climbed the Spider Trap, hit the buzzer, and recorded the night’s fastest time so far.

Jake Murray completes the course in 3:56.20.

Joe Moravsky, 31-year-old Meteorologist

Moravsky will be a father for the third time this year.

And now, Moravsky is the final ninja looking to enter the top 8.

Moravsky needs to complete Slam Dunk at the 2:40 mark to qualify for the playoffs.

And he was off to a good start getting there after the first four obstacles.

But Moravsky’s pace slowed a bit as it took the Weatherman 90 seconds to get through the first half of the course.

Moravsky had 30 seconds to get past Slam Dunk.

But Moravksy shockingly fell reaching for the third ball on Slam Dunk.

Top 8 Ninja finalists advancing to the power tower playoffs:

Completed Course

  1. Jake Murray
  2. Daniel Gil
  3. Lucas Reale
  4. Najee Richardson
  5. Austin Gray
  6. Adam Rayl
  7. Jesse LaBreck

Failed on Dragon Back

  1. Amir Malik

American Ninja Warrior Power Tower Championship Playoffs 

1 Jake Murray VS 8 Amir Malik
4 Najee Richardson VS 5 Austin Gray
3 Lucas Reale VS 6 Adam Rayl
2 Daniel Gil VS 7 Jesse LaBreck

Round 1 Power Tower Playoffs

Najee Richardson vs Austin Gray

It’s been a comeback season for Richardson after not hitting a single buzzer in season 11. But Richardson attacks the Power Tower after hitting three buzzers.

Gray’s been extremely fast on the course with three buzzers of his own.

The pair were dead even, but Gray took a lead off the platform.

The Phoenix nearly caught up, but Gray edged Richardson by a split second to the buzzer.

Austin Gray moves onto the semifinals.

Lucas Reale vs Adam Rayl

Reale placed in the top 3 in each round this season.

But Reale’s speed will have to hold off Rayl’s strength.

Rayl came off the steps with the lead.

But Reale stayed close behind.

A massive jump at the end by Rayl put the matchup away for the concrete work.

Adam Rayl moves onto the semifinals.

Jake Murray vs Amir Malik

The top seed Murray has had one of his best seasons to date. He also has experience running the Power Tower.

Malik has had a fantastic rookie season and is looking to pull off a major upset.

Malik was fast on the steps and took a big lead!!!

As he climbed the poll, it looked like the unbelievable could happen…

and it did!!!!

Malik hit the buzzer and knocked off the top seed!!!

Amir Malik moves onto the semifinals.

Daniel Gil vs Jesse LaBreck

LaBreck is the first woman to compete on the Power Tower.

Gil was three seconds short of completing all four stages of National Finals last season.

Gil raced out to a big lead.

Gil kept that lead as he reached the poll first.

But Flex stayed close behind.

It wouldn’t be enough to catch the Kingdom Ninja as Gil hit the buzzer and moved onto the semifinals.

SemiFinal Power Tower Playoffs

5 Austin Gray VS 8 Amir Malik

2 Daniel Gil VS 6 Adam Rayl

Moving onto the semifinals, a cliffhanger portion will be added to the Power Tower.

Austin Gray vs Amir Malik

Gray has the advantage in height. We’ll see if Malik can use the speed, he used in his opening match up to offset that.

Gray raced out to the early lead.

Gray kept that lead through the cliffhanger portion.

Gray lead from bell to bell and advanced to the championship race!!!

Austin Gray moves onto the Finals!!!

Daniel Gil vs Adam Rayl

I don’t know how anyone keeps up with Rayl on the first part of the Power Tower.

But Gil was neck and neck with him to the firepole.

The pair stayed even as they entered the home stretch.

And it was Gil who hit the buzzer a split second before Rayl to move onto the championship race!!!

Daniel Gil moves onto the Finals!!!

Power Tower Playoff Championships

2 Daniel Gil VS 5 Austin Gray

It’s redemption time for the Kingdom Ninja.

Can he atone for coming just short on Stage Four of the National Finals to wining this season?

For Gray, he’s bounced back from falling at City Finals to one step away from a championship this season.

Gray raced out to the lead off the steps.

Gil caught up on the cliffhanger.

And Gil passed Gray on the final stretch, hitting the buzzer and claiming the Season 12 championship!!!

Your American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Winner:

Daniel Gil

Kudos to the producers of this season for putting together a great distraction from so much going on in our world today.

See you next season!!!

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