TV Recap: S11E16 – American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 3 & 4 Season Finale 2019

American Ninja Warrior Season 11 2019: Las Vegas National Finals Stages 3 & 4 Season 11 Episode 16

Will this be the year a ninja makes it all the way through Stage 4?

Never have more ninjas had the opportunity as 21 have qualified for Stage 3 (an all-time record).

Here’s the format for tonight’s season finale:

Stage 3

The Course: Grip & Tip, Iron Summit, Crazy Clocks, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Pipe Dream (new obstacle), Cane Lane, Flying Bar

There’s no time limit. Complete the course and move onto Stage 4.

Ryan Stratis, 36-year-old Ninja Coach

Stratis last qualified for Stage 3 all the way back in Season 3.

There was no Vegas then. Stage 3 was filmed in Japan at that time.

Stratis is also the two-time beard battle champion.

Unfortunately, Stratis wouldn’t make it far on the course tonight, falling on Iron Summit.

Michael Torres, 24-year-old Gym Manager

Torres is one of many ninjas who train in Chicago.

He’s the first of three from Chi-town competing tonight.

Torres had no issues with the first two obstacles.

Torres continued to show his arm strength as he made it past Crazy Clocks.

The Ultimate Cliffhanger has taken out many ninjas on Stage 3 in the past.

Torres started to show some strain towards the end of the fourth obstacle, and that strain caused him to miss the landing by mere inches. He got a foot on the platform but couldn’t stick the landing.

During the break…

Chris Digangi fell on Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Ethan Swanson, Gym Manager

“The Swan” got off to a strong start, moving quickly through the first three obstacles.

And few ninjas have looked as comfortable as Swanson did on Ultimate Cliffhanger.

But like his training partner, Torres, Swanson came up just short of the platform.

During the break…

Hunter Guerard became another victim of Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Lucas Reale, 20-year-old Ninja Coach

Reale runs for his dad, who passed away four years ago.

Reale nearly dropped a handle on Iron Summit. But he kept his grip and moved onto the third obstacle.

Like most of the competitors so far tonight, Reale looked to be in great shape as he approached the Ultimate Cliffhanger.

And unlike those other ninjas, Reale stuck the landing becoming on the 8th ninja in history to complete the obstacle.

Reale is also the first ninja to attempt Pipe Dream, and he nearly slid down the first pipe.

And in the middle of the obstacle, Reale slipped and fell trying to swing between pipes.

Joe Moravsky, 30-year-old Meteorologist

“The Weatherman” is competing on Stage 3 for the fifth time.

Moravsky looked like the veteran he is completing the first two obstacles.

Two years ago, Moravsky made it through the Ultimate Cliffhanger.

And “The Weatherman” did it again, but Moravsky came away from the fourth obstacle with a significant rip in his hand.

The hand clearly bothered him on the fifth obstacle, but it did not keep him from completing Pipe Dream.

And “The Weatherman” looked to be in good shape when he suddenly slipped and fell near the end of Cane Lane.

During the break…

R.J. Roman fell on Iron Summit.

Drew Drechsel, 30-year-old Gym Owner

“The Real-Life Ninja” went farther than anyone last season.

But just like the rest of the field, he has never completed Stage 3.

Will the 4th attempt at Stage 3 be the charm for Drew Drechsel?

Drechsel stayed aggressive but calculating, attacking each obstacle while measuring each one before he starts.

That’s a far cry from the hurried pace we usually see from the “Real-Life Ninja.”

The approach worked as Drechsel made his way to Ultimate Cliffhanger, the obstacle that took him down last season.

But no problem this season as Drechsel put the fourth obstacle behind him.

Drechsel completed Pipe Dream, an obstacle he’d never done before, like he’s been doing it for years.

Then, “The Real-Life Ninja” made it past the extremely difficult Cane Lane.

No one has tried Flying Bar in four years.

But if Drechsel completes it, we’ll have our first Stage 3 completion since 2015.

And he did it!!!!

“The Real-Life Ninja” hits the buzzer and moves on to Stage 4!!!!!

Drew Drechsel completes Stage 3!!!!

During the break…

Tyler Gillett fell on Cane Lane.

Karsten Williams, 38-year-old Ninja Coach

“The Big Kat” is making his first ever appearance on Stage 3.

Williams took his time as his mom cheered him on through the first two obstacles.

As he approached Ultimate Cliffhanger, Williams was looking to become the biggest competitor to ever complete the obstacle.

He made it through, setting himself up for the 2nd half of the course.

On Pipe Dream, Williams had to balance himself on the opening wall that tipped back towards him.

“Big Kat” kept his composure and moved forward.

But Williams began losing his grip on the poles and eventually fell after he tried to leap from one pole to the next.

During the break…

Tyler Smith fell on Pipe Dream.

Seth Rogers, 19-year-old College Student

Rogers is the youngest ninja to ever make it to Stage 3.

He took a little extra time on the first obstacle but there were no hiccups on Grip & Tip.

Rogers took even more time on Iron Summit, and he lost one of the handles.

But because he was near the bottom, Rogers was able to just step off at that point, and the 2nd handle was unnecessary.

Rogers made it all the way to Ultimate Cliffhanger, where a foot nearly touched the water as Rogers hit the landing point.

But Rogers kept his balance and his run alive.

The college student took his time on each obstacle.

And the patience paid off as he made it through Pipe Dream.

Rogers run would end on Cane Lane, but a solid first run on Stage 3 for the youngster.

During the break…

Nate Burkhalter fell on Iron Summit.

Casey Suchocki fell on Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Kevin Carbone fell on Cane Lane.

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi, 20-year-old College Student

In the first of what is likely to be many attempts at Stage 3 for the “Kid,” Owhadi got off to a great start.

He pumped up the crowd after completing the first two obstacles with no issues.

Crazy Clocks was an even quicker finish for Owhadi.

‘Kid’ flew across the first side of Ultimate Cliffhanger. But he slipped and fell just after the flip, where momentum pulled him off the fourth obstacle.

During the break…

Karson Voiles fell on Cane Lane.

Adam Rayl, 26-year-old Concrete Worker

From walk-on in 2016 to Stage 3 in 2019, Rayl’s star has risen quickly in the four seasons.

Rayl made quick work of the first two obstacles, looking like a competitor that could make it all the way to the buzzer.

Rayl’s impressive work continued all the way through Crazy Clocks and Ultimate Cliffhanger, his superior upper body strength showing as he prepared for Pipe Dream.

Rayl took huge swings on Pipe Dream and braced himself as the Pipes fell.

But Rayl did not fall as he prepared himself for Cane Lane.

Rayl neared the end of the 6th obstacle when he started weakening.

He got a hand on the final bar but couldn’t keep his grip.

Eventually, the cane started sliding back and Rayl fell.

Josh Salinas, 28-year-old Gym Owner

Sporting the Iron Man like outfit, Salinas would not even make it to Iron Summit.

Salinas fell on the very first obstacle.

Daniel Gil, 26-year-old Worship Leader

Can Gil join Drew Drechsel on Stage 4?

Gil looked very comfortable from the start, completing the first two obstacles with no issues.

After powering through Crazy Clocks, Gil took on Ultimate Cliffhanger.

The 4th obstacle took him out the last time Gil qualified for Stage 3 in 2016.

But “the Kingdom Ninja” had no issues with it this time.

Gil stayed confident as he fought his way through Pipe Dream.

On Cane Lane, Gil made the transfer and moved onto the final obstacle!!!!

Going with the switch grip, Gil moved from one bar to the next until…..

He made it all the way and hit the buzzer!!!!!

Daniel Gil is moving onto Stage 4!!!

Daniel Gil completes Stage 3.

And for the first time in four seasons, it’s time for….

STAGE 4!!!!!

Drew Drechsel and Daniel Gil now take their shot at the 75-foot Mount Midoriyama.

Both ninjas have 30 seconds to make it up the large tower. Whichever one makes it up faster wins the one-million-dollar prize. But if neither one makes it up in 30 seconds, neither completes the stage and neither gets the million dollars.

Daniel Gil had the fastest time in qualifying, so he’s chosen to go 2nd.

Drechsel set a great pace early.

He was halfway up with 18 seconds remaining.

The ten second countdown started when “The Real-Life Ninja” was at 60 feet.

And with just under three seconds to spare….

Drechsel hit the buzzer and completed Stage 4!!!!

Drew Drechsel completes Stage 4 in 27.46 seconds.

Now for Daniel Gil.

There will be a million-dollar winner this season. The only question is who it will be.

Gil used his feet from the beginning.

He was at 40 feet with 15 seconds remaining.

But when the clock hit ten seconds, Gil started to slow down.

When the clock hit zero, Gil was only at 70 feet.

And with that, Drew Drechsel, “the Real-Life Ninja” is the 2nd million-dollar winner in the history of American Ninja Warrior.

So ends one of the best seasons of ANW in the show’s history:

-Two more women added to the list of those who’ve hit a buzzer in City Finals.

-A record number of qualifiers for Stage 3.

-Two Stage 3 finishers.

-And a million-dollar champion: Drew Drechsel.

Thank you for checking out these recaps all season. See you next year!!!

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