TV Recap: S09E02 – America Ninja Warrior Season 9 San Antonio Texas City Qualifier

America Ninja Warrior Season 9 San Antonio Qualifiers

Your Announcers: Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Kristine Leahy

Your Opening Song: (I have no idea. Please help in the comments)

The Course, In Order: Floating Steps, Tic Toc, Spinning Bridge, Sky Hooks (Brand New), Pipefitter, Warped Wall

  1. Rynel Gervacio, 28 year old Enginerring Student

The first of the “210 duo” made it through the first three stages before missing the first ring on sky hooks.

  1. Katie Haymaker, 22 year old Engineering Student

Duos seem to be a theme in San Antonio as the first of the “twinjas” (or the Haymaker twins), Katie, made her run.

And Katie’s run took two hard hits: the first in the gut at the end of Tic Toc and the second on her butt. The second fall took her into the water on the Spinning Bridge.

  1. Connor Daly, 25 year old Indy Car Driver

The “IndyCar Ninja” didn’t make it through the first obstacle and it was ugly.

  1. Brandi Monteverde, 33 year old Fitness Instructor

Brandi stepped on the opening platform with her family in honor of her mom, the woman who inspired her to train for American Ninja Warrior.

Brandi did make it through the first stage but was unable to stick the landing on Tic Toc.

  1. Tremayne Dortch, 31 year old Gym Owner

“The Muscle” fell last season in qualifying while his wife (who was near her due date with the couple’s baby girl) watched on a phone. But she’s here tonight with a large contingent to watch the native Texan.

By the way, the “Sky Hooks” was created by a 7 year old. Do child labor laws allow the show to profit from that?

OK, I’m getting distracted. “The Muscle” became the first competitor to make it to the Pipefitter. And Treymayne nearly made it to the end. But he fell trying to jump to the last pipe.

After the break, Donnell Brown, Geanna Meanors, and Kevin Jordan, all rookies, fell.

  1. Nico Gentry, 22 year old Engineering Student

Nico suffers from Nystagmus, a condition that causes him to go blind whenever he moves towards something or whenever something moves towards him.

So in other words, we’ve got Daredevil running the course in San Antonio.

And the “Blind Ninja” (that was me who came up with that) did amazing through three stages before falling on Sky Hooks. Though Nico didn’t finish, that was still remarkable!!!

Andrew Swinghammer, Flip White Jr. (A Harlem Globetrotter), and Cara Haymaker (the other “Twinja”) all fell. Also falling on that post commercial break were all three puns used by Matt Iseman.

  1. Jody Avila, 31 year old HVAC Technician

The biggest competitor in San Antonio says he wants Akbar to give him a nickname when he completes the course.

And Avila does it, becoming the first competitor tonight to complete the course.

Jody Avila, Course Completed, 3:02.59

And Avila’s nickname: “The Big Dog Ninja.”

  1. Charlotte Eccles, 41 year old Pediatric Physician

Charlotte used her training for American Ninja Warrior to recover from a brain tumor. She couldn’t walk two years ago, but she is now here competing.

And Charlotte made a great showing for herself completing floating steps before falling at Tic Toc.

Before the commercial, both the “Pirate Ninja” and “Bayou Ninja” fell.

After the break, Gerardo Huerta (the Matador Ninja), Tawnee Leonardo, and Brandon Parnell all fell.

  1. Brent Steffensen, 36 year old Gym Owner

The San Antonio native and six-time national finalist did not hit the buzzer last season. He had few issues this season, grabbing the warped wall on his first attempt.

Brent Steffenson, Course Completed, 3:20.38

Kesh Phillips, Thomas Stefanik, and Ephraim Taylor all fell on the sky hooks after the break.

  1. Barclay Stockett, 22 year old Gymnastics Coach

At five feet tall, Barclay hit the second part of Tic Toc standing up. Stockett makes her little frame fly through the spinning bridge. Like most of the competitors tonight, sky hook was a struggle. But Barclay completed the stage before just barely missing on pipefitter.

Though she didn’t complete the course, Barclay’s spirited run was enough to qualify her for the city finals.

  1. Michael Moore, 59 year old Business Owner

Moore is running for his father, who died of prostate cancer last year.

Moore nearly fell on the floating steps before barely hanging on. But like many competitors tonight, Michael fell on sky hooks.

  1. Josh Salinas, 26 year old Ninja Coach

So there are now Ninja coaches? I am being completely genuine when I say that is awesome!!

A rookie on the course, Josh turned in the fastest time of the night so far.

Josh Salinas, Course Completed, 2:10.29

Before the break, two guys fell on the pipefitter. But Jonathan Parr (I think) became the fourth person to complete the course.

After the break, Sherrie Laureano fell on the spinning bridge. But Thomas Stillings (who recorded the new fastest time of the night) and Brian Burkhardt (2nd member of the 210 duo) both completed the course.

  1. Daniel Gil, 23 year old Worship Leader

The recently married Gil followed up Stillings performance by topping it with the night’s fastest time (a mark that would stand).

Daniel Gil, Course Completed, 1:43.25

Nicholas Coolridge and Grant Clinton both completed the course following the break. But while Max Soria didn’t, he did propose to his girlfriend after the run (and she did say yes).

  1. Kacy Cantanzaro, 27 year old Gym Owner

Kacy was the first woman to ever complete the course back in 2014. But she hasn’t qualified for the city finals since.

She qualified this year, however, after she completed the spinning bridge. But like many of the competitors, Kacy fell at sky hooks.

After the break, Nate Burkhalter, Karsten Williams, and Abel Gonzalez all qualified for city finals. (Burkhalter fell at pipefitter, but still made the top 30, while Williams and Gonzalez completed the course).

  1. Jonathan Horton, 31 year old Former Olympic Gymnast

The night wrapped up with Jonathan Horton, the former Olympic silver medalist, becoming a new ninja star. Horton completed the course in style, holding onto the warped wall with one arm and flexing the other before climbing up and hitting the buzzer.

Jonathan Horton, Course Completed, 4:27.28

Here’s your Top 30:

  1. Daniel Gil
  2. Thomas Stillings
  3. Josh Salinas
  4. Brian Burkhardt
  5. Karsten Williams
  6. Nicholas Coolridge
  7. Kevin Klein
  8. Grant Clinton
  9. Jody Avila
  10. Andrew Lowes
  11. Brent Steffensen
  12. Victor Juarez
  13. Abel Gonzalez
  14. Jonathan Horton
  15. Tanr Ross
  16. Jonathan Parr

Failed on Pipefitter

  1. Will Smithee
  2. Kye Ackel
  3. David Yarter
  4. Cass Clawson
  5. Kenny Niemitalo
  6. Nate Burkhalter
  7. Blake Devin
  8. Brandon Pannell
  9. Matt Holt
  10. Damir Okanovic
  11. Tremayne Dortch
  12. Sam Ballard
  13. Jared Bandy
  14. Barclay Stockett

And your women’s top 5:

  1. Stockett
  2. Kacy Cantanzaro (Fell at Sky Hooks)
  3. Sherrie Laureano (Fell at Spinning Bridge)
  4. Kaiti Haymaker (Fell at Spinning Bridge)
  5. Brittnay Hanks (Fell at Tic Toc)


Next week, American Ninja Warrior heads to Dayton Motor Speedway!!! See you then.

Photo Credit: Ryan Tuttle/NBC | 2017 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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