TV Recap: S03E14 – American Ninja Warrior Junior 2021 SemiFinals Round 2

American Ninja Warrior Junior Season 3 2021, Episode 14 – Semifinals #2

It’s time for the 2nd set of semifinals!!!

Let’s review the format:

Ninjas compete in three divisions: 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, and 13-14 years old. They will compete in head-to-head races.

The semifinal round features four ninjas per division. The winner of the Semifinal Showdown and the fastest time of the three other ninjas in the division will advance to the Finals.

Ninja Mentors: Jesse Labreck and Najee Richardson

11–12-Year-old Division

The course: Hopscotch, Lunatic Ledges, Spike Crossing, Broken Bridge, Spring Forward, 13-foot Warped Wall (one hand hold)

Seeding Round: Nathanael Honvou vs Jake Scionti

It’s the defending champ against a fellow 5-1 ninja.

But it was Jake who raced out to the early lead.

Nathanael used his height advantage to pass Jake on Spike Crossing.

Jake created another lead change off of Spring Forward, but Nathanael raced past Jake up the Warped Wall and took the win.

Seeding Round: Ryan Cooper vs Joey Ray

Joey was quick off the start.

But he shockingly fell on Lunatic Ledges.

“Ninja Coop” went ahead and hit the buzzer.

Knockout Round: Nathanael Honvou vs Joey Ray

After a fast start by Joey, Nathanael passed him on Lunatic Ledges.

And for the 2nd straight race, Joey fell on the 2nd obstacle.

Knockout Round: Ryan Cooper vs Jake Scionti

Jake came off a Lunatic Ledges with a slight lead.

Ryan passed Jake on Spike Crossing despite landing chest first on the platform.

Trying to catch up, Jake fell on Spring Forward.

Ryan went ahead and hit the buzzer on his way to the Semifinal Showdown.

9–10-Year-Old Division

The course: Hopskotch, Lunatic Ledges, Liquid Pipe, Broken Bridge, Flying Saucers, 13 Foot Warped Wall (with two hand holds)

Seeding Round: Max Salebra (wildcard) vs Drew Bennett

Max took the win after Drew lost ground on Lunatic Ledges.

Seeding Round: Brandon Avila vs Zuri Harrison (Wildcard)

Brandon nearly fell on Lunatic Ledges.

He held on during the 2nd obstacle while Zuri fell.

Knockout Round: Brandon Avila vs Drew Bennett

Let’s see if Drew’s training on his backyard course can help him against the 7-0 baseball playing Brandon.

Brandon faced the same issue on Lunatic Ledges as he did in the first race.

That allowed Drew to race out to a lead he would keep going into Flying Saucers.

But Brandon ran him down by linking each wheel on Flying Saucers.

Brandon is now 8-0 and on his way to the Semifinal Showdown.

Knockout Round: Max Salebra vs Zuri Harrison

Max Salebra took the lead off a Lunatic Ledges to set up a rematch in the Semifinal Showdown.

13–14-year-old Division

The course: Hopscotch, Lunatic Ledges, Sideways, Broken Bridge, Spinball Wizard, 13-foot Warped Wall (no hand holds)

Seeding Round: Luke Milman vs Taylor Greene (wildcard)

Luke eats a burger before racing while Taylor juggles.

Luke had the lead at the halfway point.

Taylor stayed close behind, but Luke stayed ahead and took the win.

Taylor did record her fastest time so far.

Seeding Round: Evan White vs Jordan Carr (wildcard)

Evan can solve a rubik’s cube in ten seconds.

And Evan was fast on the course as well.

But Jordan was stride for stride with him until she fell on the platform of Spinball Wizard.

Evan went ahead and finished the course.

Knockout Round: Luke Milman vs Jordan Carr

Once again, Luke took the lead on Sideways and never looked back as he advanced to the Semifinal Showdown.

Knockout Round: Evan White vs Taylor Greene

Evan beat Taylor by just a second in the Quarterfinal Showdown.

Taylor hit Sideways with a slight lead.

She kept the lead all the way to Spinball Wizard where Evan fell on the fifth obstacle.

Taylor hit the buzzer with a time just above 28 seconds on her way to the Semifinal Showdown.

11–12-year-old Semifinal Showdown: Nathaniel Honvou vs Ryan Cooper

It’s time for the rubber match between Ninja Nutin and Ninja Coop.

It was tight after two obstacles.

But Nathaniel took a big leap on Spike Crossing to take the lead.

Nathaniel held that lead all the way to the buzzer clinching his spot in the Finals.

But Ninja Coop took the Wildcard Spot.

9–10-year-old Semifinal Showdown: Brandon Avila vs Max Salebra

Can Max end Brandon’s unbeaten record?

Brandon is Max’s only loss of the season so far.

Max made a quick move on Lunatic Ledges to take the lead on Lunatic Ledges.

But Brandon passed him on Liquid Pipes.

Things tighten up again and it was a tight finish up the Wall.

And Max finally delivered Brandon his first loss.

But Brandon will be in the Finals as a wildcard.

13–14-year-old Semifinal Showdown: Luke Milman vs Taylor Greene

Taylor and Luke were flying dead even on the first two obstacles.

In an attempt to keep up, Luke took a risk on Sideways that came up short of the platform.

Taylor went ahead and finished the course and clinched her spot in the Finals.

And because of a 25 second run in an earlier race, Luke advances to the Finals as well.

Your Finalists:

11–12-year-old division: Nathaniel Honvou

Wildcard: Ryan Cooper

9–10-year-old division: Max Salebra

Wildcard: Brandon Avila

13–14-year-old division: Taylor Greene

Wildcard: Luke Milman

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