TV Recap: S01E16 – American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids 2019

American Ninja Warrior JR Kids Season 1 2019 Episode 16

This is the last week of qualifying for the semifinals.

Here’s a breakdown of the format:

-Ninjas will compete in three divisions: 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, and 13-14 years old. They will compete in head to head races.

The qualifying rounds feature four ninjas per division. They will start in a seeding round, with the two fastest ninjas from that round taking on the two slowest ninjas in the knockout round.

The winners of the two knockout rounds move on to the final showdown, where the winner will move on to the semifinals.

-The winner of each division at the end of the season receives a $15,000 prize.

Also, Laurie Hernandez will be joining Matt and Akbar as co-host this season.

9-10 Year Old Division (Ninja Mentor: Drew Dreschel)

The course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, I-Beam, Floating Tiles, Spin Cycle, 13 Foot Warped Wall (with two hand holds)

Seeding Round: Julian Browning vs Miguel Serrato

It’s the “Caveman Ninja” vs the “Ninja Minx.” Julian’s brother,  Elijah, has already qualified for the 13 and 14 year old semifinals. Julian’s grandfather built the ninja course for Julian and his brother and survived a fall off a mountain thanks to quick action by Julian.

Sorry I don’t have more info on Miguel, but he’s fast and has wrestled for 3 years and trains with Flex LeBreck.

Miguel was out to a nice lead early.

Julian took some extra swings on Tic Toc, allowing the Ninja Minx to grow his lead.

Miguel’s pace continued to outpace Julian until he fell on Spin Cycle, opening the door for the Caveman.

But Julian missed a tile on Floating Tiles, ending his run and giving Miguel the win.

Seeding Round: Brynli Smith vs Jason Behrens

Jason is only 4’1, but he considers his height to be an advantage, while Brynli is 4’0 tall and an advanced level gymnast who spends 36 hours in the gym.

The two were close until Brynli pulled ahead going into I-Beam.

And even though she hesitated on Spin Cycle, Jason fell trying to catch up.

But Brynli didn’t stop there heading up the Warped Wall and hitting her first buzzer.

During the break…

Knockout Round: Miguel Serrato vs Jason Behrens

Jason took the win after Miguel fell on Spin Cycle again. Jason hit the buzzer and moved on to the Final Showdown.

Knockout Round: Brynli Smith vs Julian Browning

Brynli got off to another quick start while Julian once again stumbled a little on Tic Toc.

That lead only grew as Brynli headed up the Wall once again, hitting the buzzer and advancing to the Final Showdown.

11-12 Year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Natalie Duran)

The course: Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Ring Toss, Floating Tiles, Fly Wheels, 13 foot Warped Wall (one hand hold)

Seeding Round: Cal Plohoros vs Gabe Lopez

Both ninjas did a backflip before hitting the course.

Gabe has been practicing karate since he was five and is proficient in using chop sticks, while Cal competes in national ninja competitions regularly.

Both ninjas were out of the gate fast.

Gabe had a slight lead going into Ring Toss.

But Cal’s dismount on the third obstacle put him in front.

Cal would keep that lead all the way up the Warped Wall, edging Gabe to the buzzer and taking the win.

Seeding Round: Elijah Echeverry vs Peyton Sherrill

Peyton wants to be a stuntwoman while Elijah trains in Jiu Jitsu.

Peyton raced out to the early lead, but a slight hesitation on Tic Toc allowed Elijah to catch up.

She took the lead back on Ring Toss, but another hesitation on Fly Wheels allowed Elijah to catch back up again.

In fact, Elijah had the lead going up the Warped Wall, but Peyton sped past him.

Elijah missed his first attempt up, while Peyton successfully completed hers and took the win.

Knockout Round: Cal Plohoros vs Elijah Echeverry

“Ninja Cal” posts his completion of training obstacles on Instagram.

Cal had a slight edge going into Tic Toc.

Elijah stayed close until Cal’s quick dismount on Ring Toss.

Cal would keep that lead all the way up the Warped Wall, advancing to the semifinals.

During the break…

Knockout Round: Peyton Sherrill vs Gabe Lopez

Gabe took the win after Peyton slipped and fell early in the course.

13-14 year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Meagan Martin)

The course: Archer Steps, Tic Toc, Floating Tiles, Devil Steps, Flying Shelf Grab, 13 foot Warped Wall (no hand holds)

Seeding Round: Even McNeill vs Jonathan Godbout

Jonathan is a drummer in a band called “The Crushers,” while Even can land a 12 foot lache.

Jonathan stumbled out the gate and missed the first swing on Tic Toc.

Even’s lead grew as took on Flying Shelf Grab, and he never looked back, taking the win.

Seeding Round: Aidan Wood vs Olivia Colasuonno

Olivia started “Project Gidget,” a nonprofit that provides supplies for animals in foster care, while Aidan has been a Boy Scout for 10 years.

Aidan took an early lead, but Olivia was close behind.

Aidan’s lead grew on Devil Steps, and he never looked back, completing a flawless run.

During the break…

Knockout Round: Even McNeill vs Olivia Colasuonno

Even put in another dominant performance and advanced to the Final Showdown.

Knockout Round: Aidan Wood vs Jonathan Godbout

Aidan has climbed mountain peaks all over the world.

Jonathan’s stumbled continued, but he stayed close with Aidan all the way through.

Aidan had the lead until the Flying Shelf Grab, when Jonathan raced past him.

And in a bit of a shocker, Jonathan climbed the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer, moving on to the Final Showdown.

9-10 year old Final Showdown: Jason Behrens vs Brynli Smith

It’s the first of 3 rematches as “Big E Smalls” takes on “The Beast.”

The two were even going into Tic Toc, but Brynli slipped and fell on the third obstacle.

Jason advances to the semifinals.

11-12 year old Final Showdown: Cal Plohoros vs Gabe Lopez

The key to Cal’s strong runs so far has been his long dismount on Ring Toss.

He would need it here as Gabe raced out to the early lead.

That signature dismount gave Cal the lead in the race once again.

He would keep that lead all the way up the Warped Wall and into the semifinals.

13-14 year old Final Showdown: Even McNeill vs Jonathan Godbout

Can Jonathan avoid the slips that kept him out of the race with Even, who has flown through the course both of his previous runs?

Jonathan avoided the stumbles this time, but Even was even faster, building a big lead going into Floating Tiles.

But just like in his knockout race, Jonathan made quick work of Flying Shelf Grab, passing Even and hitting the buzzer just before Even.

Jonathan comes from behind to advance to the semifinals.

Your Semifinalists:

9-10 year old division: Jason Behrens

11-12 year old division: Cal Plohoros

13-14 year old division: Jonathan Godbout

The semifinals begin next week featuring the 9 and 10 year old division. See you then.

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