Product Review: Duonamic Eleviia Portable Pull-Up Clamps & Handles

The $99 Duonamic Eleviia pull-up handles are a simple, yet effective tool for the traveling ninja. The compact size and easy setup allow you to get a grip strength workout completed in places you might not have been able to otherwise. With installation instructions that can be summarized as “open the clamps, place over doorframe, begin workout”, you’ll be able to have them set up in any location in under 15 seconds. Don’t take it from me though – here’s Allyssa Beird demonstrating how quickly and easily they can be placed and put into use!

Each handle is 10 inches x 10 inches x 4.5 inches, and they are rated for a maximum weight of 250lbs, or 113kg. If you want a bag perfectly fit for carrying them, Duonamic provides an optional carrying bag for another $19.

The Eleviia clamps are well constructed, and seems like it will handle a good bit of abuse. The tips of the clamps are made of a rubber material, and in our testing, didn’t leave any scuffs or marks on any of the doors we used it on. It comes with an instruction manual that you won’t really need. Simply open the clamps, make sure they are clamped over the door, and go. The clamps use springs to ensure they close over the doorframe. The only area of concern would be to make sure the door frame is wide enough for the clamps to fit on. Any door that is built to code should be fine, however, the Duonamic team has provided the minimum required dimensions, which are included below.

Are these for everyone? No. If you are simply looking for a product to allow you to do pull-ups in your house, and won’t be traveling, you might be better off with a pull-up bar for your door frame. These are nowhere near as mobile as the Eleviia, but generally cheaper. However, depending on which pull-up bar you get, a pull-up bar might be more likely to scuff up your wall or door frame. On the flip side, if you think you want to do pull-ups in more than one location (or if the one location isn’t somewhere you can leave a pull-up bar in place), then consider the Eleviia!

In summary, if you travel a lot and want a quick and easy way to knock out some arm workouts in a hotel room or wherever you are, these might just be the product for you. If you can afford them, we recommend the Duonamic Eleviia.

Disclosure: We were sent a set of Eleviia for review, and links included in this review are affiliate links.

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