The first step to American Ninja Warrior success just got a little more challenging.

The first obstacle in this year’s course will be the “Shrinking Steps,” replacing the Floating Steps and Quintuple Steps seen in previous seasons.

We got our first peek at this new obstacle in Matt and Akbar’s facebook live update from the qualifying round in Los Angeles.


As you can see, the Shrinking Steps live up to their name: five progressively smaller platforms, flat on the top, but with slanted sides, making it harder to land on each one as you go.

American Ninja Warrior Nation was at the event, after watching several ninjas struggle with the new obstacle had this to say:

Last season’s Floating Steps allowed competitors to decide on their preferred strategy. …That can’t happen with the Shrinking Steps. You have to hit them hard and fast and leap to the rope. Also, keep an eye out for that water, it’s closer than you think with this new arrangement.

We are looking forward to seeing how this new obstacle plays out when Ninja Warrior returns on May 29th.

Are you excited about the Shrinking Steps? Share your thoughts on the change and how you would tackle this obstacle in the comments. 


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