AZ on the Rocks to host a free ninja event in place of the cancelled American Ninja Warrior Experience

Many ninja fans and ninjas were shocked with the sudden cancellation of both the Phoenix and San Diego American Ninja Warrior Experience events, with the Phoenix event being cancelled just days before it was to take place [ANW Experience has updated their page with a FAQ for how to get your refunds]. Many people were left with non-refundable flights to the area.

The ninja community has made an effort to come together and make the best out of the situation. Local ninja facility AZ on the Rocks has opened up their facility to host a free ninja event from noon until 6pm on Saturday, February 10th.

Several ninjas have been working behind the scenes to make this event happen. Jessie Graff posted the following:

Meet, Hangout and run a Ninja Warrior Course with many of the top American Ninja Warrior competitors on the planet.
Saturday, Feb. 10th from Noon – 6pm.

AZ on the Rocks has stepped up and will be hosting a free event to all fans, so they can meet and hangout with many of the top American Ninja Warriors. Come watch them run a Ninja course, try it our yourself and hangout with your favorite Ninjas. Jessie Graff, Drew Drechsel, Jake Murray, Adam Rayl, Flip Rodriguez, Tiana Webberly, Noah Kaufman, Nicholas Coolridge, Sean Bryan, Gabe Hurtado, Rebekah Bonilla, April Steiner Bennett, Ethan Swanson, Andy Lowes.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we worked out the details to make this event happen. Please be patient and respectful of the fact that this event has been put together in a very short period of time in an attempt to make something good happen in light of an unfortunate situation.

What the fans need to know:

1. Space will be limited and we ask that you be sensitive to spending the entire time at the gym. Please give others a chance to meet their favorite ninjas.
2. Parking will be limited as well, so plan on parking off premises and walking to the facility.
3. This is a completely free event to all.
4. If you want to register to run the Ninja Warrior Course, please click this link and register. Space is limited and is open to adults, kids, pros and amateurs alike.
5. If you are climbing on anything, playing around, etc., you must fill out our waiver, PRIOR to arrival. You can find our waiver online, HERE. If you are under 18, your waiver must be completed by your parent, no exceptions.

Several of the pro ninjas who were scheduled to be at the ANW Experience event will still be attending. Those ninjas include:

  • Jessie Graff
  • Drew Drechsel
  • Barclay Stockett
  • Jake Murray 
  • Flip Rodriguez 
  • Adam Rayl
  • Gabe Hurtado
  • Andy Lowes 
  • Sean Bryan
  • Ethan Swanson 
  • Noah Kaufman 
  • Tiana Webberley 
  • Nicholas Coolridge 
  • Thomas Stillings 
  • Maggi Thorne
  • Jeri D’Aurelio 
  • April Steiner-Bennett
  • Rebekah Bonilla
  • Kevin Carbone

If you wish to take on their ninja course, you need to complete this free registration. Several companies including Atomik Climbing Holds have come together to offer more than $10,000 in cash prizes. This event is open to the public, regardless of if you were originally signed up for the ANW Experience or not.

For full details and to register, visit the event page on AZ on the Rocks website

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