American Ninja Warrior introduces “Golden Tickets” allowing younger ninjas to compete on show

For Season 12, American Ninja Warrior will be allowing a few younger ninjas to compete on the show. The normal age requirements for casting are that a ninja has to be 18 years of age by the date filming takes place – and up until Season 10, the rule was that ninjas had to be 21.

However, starting for the 2020 Season 12 of ANW, a few ninjas even younger than 18 will be allowed to compete. There is no known application process or way to submit yourself for this, but the producers will be selecting a few up and coming younger ninjas to compete in the city qualifiers (and finals if they qualify). They are calling this the “Golden Ticket”.

The first known ninja to get a Golden Ticket for Season 12 is Sam Folsom. He will be competing in one of the city qualifiers taking place in St. Louis. A local NBC affiliate was at the Ultimate Ninjas gym in St. Louis, interviewing manager Jamie Rahn (Captain NBC), when they invited Sam over for a brief interview, and surprised him with his golden ticket. You can see the interview with Sam and Jamie here.

Want to know who else has been invited to compete on Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior? You can see the list of ninjas competing in Los Angeles here, and the list of ninjas in St. Louis here (keep in mind calls have just started for St. Louis, so names are being added daily!)

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