TV Recap: S09E09 – America Ninja Warrior Season 9 Daytona Beach Florida Finals

America Ninja Warrior Season 9 Daytona Beach City Finals

Your Announcers: Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Kristine Leahy

The Course, In Order: Floating Steps, Rolling Pin (1st year), Wingnuts (1st year), Broken Bridge, Rolling Thunder, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Giant Cubes (1st year), Circuit Board, Elevator Climb

  1. Eddy Stewart 34 year old Firefighter

The number 18 qualifier did not learn his lessons from qualifying as Eddy hit his face again hard on the end of Broken Bridge.

With his lip bleeding, Stewart made it all the way to the Giant Cubes before falling. The first guy who tries a new obstacle never seem to figure it out, do they?

After the break, Cedrick Ididu, Bree Widener, and Brett Simms all fell on the course early on.

  1. Josh Butler, 31 year old Bus Driver

Josh and his wife have a wonderful story of a boy they adopted who had been abandoned.

Butler nearly missed on Wingnut twice as he just barely grabbed the front end of each one.

But Josh survived to make it all the way to Rolling Thunder: the obstacle he fell off of at qualifying.

“The Butler” made it through this time and up the Warped Wall.

But Butler fell on the Salmon Ladder, ending his courageous run.
After the break, Ricky Vu cramped on the course’s first stage, and Bootie Cochran fell at Rolling Thunder.

  1. Michael Johnson, 24 year old Events Manager

The rookie qualified 17th and hit the buzzer in his first ever run.

And Michael equaled that feat in his finals run.

The rookie became the 2nd competitor to reach the Cubes on the night. But like Eddy Stewart, Johnson could not complete the obstacle.

  1. Emily Durham, 33 year old Wakeboard Coach

Emily was a professional wakeboarder who wanted to try something new. She made it to Wingnuts before falling on her qualifying run.

She made it past the third obstacle this time. The former wakeboarder didn’t fall until Rolling Thunder, an obstacle no woman has made it past this season.

Before the break, Oscar Ramirez and Faris Xero fell on Salmon Ladder. Adrienne Alvord fell on Rolling Pin.

After the break, Nick Patel and Alexio Gomes became two more victims of the Giant Cubes.

  1. Rigel Henry, 29 year old Construction Worker

The 14th place qualifier was another rookie in Daytona to complete the course in qualifying.

And he made quick work again of the first part of the course.

But Henry’s impressive run came to an abrupt end when Rigel jumped for the platform on Giant Cubes too early.

After the break, Dustin Fishman, Royall Eason, and Reko Rivera all fell on you know what. Seventeen competitors in and no one has made it past the Giant Cubes.

  1. Kevin Carbone, 21 year old Tennis Instructor

The number 13 qualifier made easy work of the first part of the course.

And the obstacle creator became the first competitor of the night to get past the Giant Cubes.

Though Carbone fell on the Circuit Board, he did get farther than any competitor so far tonight.

After the break, Ryan Stratis fell at Giant Cubes (surprise, surprise), and Tyler Gillett made it all the way toCircuit Board before falling.

  1. JJ Woods, 30 year old Stuntman

JJ is running tonight for Zoe, an 8 year old girl who’s struggling with cancer.

And JJ had no issue at all with the first part of the course, clinching his spot in the National Finals before reaching the Giant Cubes.

The stuntman made it look easy, becoming the 3rd man to get past the 8th obstacle and the first to make it to the Elevator Climb.

Woods made it up about 25 feet before falling just short of completing the course.

  1. Lindsay Eskildsen, 35 year old Web Designer

Lindsay has been dating Ninja competitor Joe Greene since last season. And she travels from California to Alabama frequently to see him

The women’s #2 qualifier fell on Rolling Thunder in qualifying. And she made it their again in the finals only to fall just a few feet short of completing it.

But despite taking several shots to the face, Lindsay’s time was good enough to qualify for the National Finals.

Before the break, Les Bradley fell on Salmon Ladder, and Steven Cen fell on Broken Bridge

After the break, Casidy Marks fell on Circuit Board, and Lucas Gomes fell on Giant Cubes. Both men had times good enough to qualify for Vegas

  1. Sean Darling-Hannon, 32 year old Lawyer

Hannon also qualified for the National Finals after making it to Giant Cubes.

And no competitor moved as quickly through the Giant Cubes as Hannon did.

Hannon made it all the way to the Elevator Climb, where he fell just above 20 feet.

  1. Jessie Graff, 33 year old Stuntwoman

In order to even get through stage 1, Jessie must overcome Rolling Thunder, a very difficult exercise for female competitors to complete.

But Graff made it happen tonight, getting past Rolling Thunder and the Warped Wall.

Jessie moved all the way to Giant Cubes, where she did the splits between the Cubes. I think Akbar did the splits at the broadcast position in his own excitement.

And in the night’s most exciting run, Graff made it 20 feet up the Elevator Climb before falling.

After the break, Travis Rosen fell at Circuit Board. But Rosen will be heading to Las Vegas.

  1. Drew Drechsel, 28 year old Ninja Gym Owner

“The Real Life Ninja” had the top qualifying time. Eddy Stewart sits 15th, and Drew must fail in order for Eddy to advance (little chance of that).

And as expected, Drew Dreschel did not pull a Grant McCartney and fall on Salmon Ladder. He qualified for Vegas with ease. But Drew didn’t come here just to qualify.

He came here to be Daytona’s only finisher.

Drew Drechsel, Course Completed, 7:34.60

Your Vegas Qualifiers from Daytona….

  1. Drew Drechsel

(Failed on Elevator Climb)

  1. JJ Woods
  2. Sean Darling-Hammond
  3. Jessie Graff

(Failed on Circuit Board)

  1. Travis Rosen
  2. Casidy Marks
  3. Tyler Gillett
  4. Kevin Carbone

(Failed on Giant Cubes)

  1. Rigel Henry
  2. Nick Patel
  3. Lucas Gomes
  4. Reko Rivera
  5. Ryan Stratis
  6. Dustin Fishman
  7. Michael Johnson

Your Top 2 Women

  1. Jessie Graff
  2. Lindsay Eskildsen (Failed on Rolling Thunder)

City Finals are halfway done. Next week it’s Cleveland. See you then.

Photo Credit: Daniel Cristo/NBC | 2017 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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