TV Recap: S09E07- America Ninja Warrior Season 9 Los Angeles California Finals

America Ninja Warrior Season 9  Los Angeles City Finals

Your Announcers: Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Kristine Leahy

The Course, In Order: Floating Steps, Cannonball Drops, Flywheel, Block Run, Battering Ram, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Swinging Peg Board (New Obstacle), Stair Hopper, Elevator Climb

  1. Nick Hanson, 29 year old Coach

The “Eskimo Ninja” qualified seventh hitting the buzzer in the previous round.

And Nick moved through this course the second time fairly quickly as he only had any issues with Battering Ram.

On the Finals portion of the course, Hanson moved through Salmon Ladder before falling on the Swinging Peg Board. We’ll see if his time is good enough for top 15.

After the break, Scott Wilson and Sander Odish fell early in the course. However, Benjamin Humphreys made it all the way to the Springing Peg Board before falling.

  1. Natalie Duran, 25 year old YouTube Personality

Along with training for American Ninja Warrior, Natalie Duran’s been crashing major Hollywood award shows.

Natalie didn’t crash on her run until Battering Ram, where she missed the first cylinder all together.

After the break, Anthony Trucks fell on Battering Ram, while Brian Robinson fell on the Swinging Peg Board.

  1. Jackson Meyer, 24 year old Entreprenuer

The “Ninja Scout” recorded the 13th best time in qualifying.

And Meyer became the first competitor on the night to successfully complete the Swinging Head Board.

But only two competitors made it past the Stair Hopper last season. And Meyer was unable to get past it this season.

“The Scout Ninja” did advance father than any other competitor had so far on the night.

  1. Kevin Bull, 32 year old Stock Trader

The number 3 qualifier made quick work of the qualifying portion of the course.

Then, Bull joined Jackson Meyer as the only competitors so far to make it past Swinging Head Board.

But also like Meyer, Bull was unable to get past Stair Hopper.

  1. Zhanique Lovett, 30 year old Personal Trainer

Zhanique was the number one female qualifier. And she’s back for the City Finals with her back flipping son.

Despite being the top qualifier, Zhanique was disappointed she was unable to get to the top of the wall.

And once again, she was halted after three tries to reach the top.

Before the break, Steve Seiver , Riles Nganda, and Kapu Gaison all fell at the Swinging Peg Board.

After the break, Tiana Webberly fell at the Battering Ram, a place she’s never made it past in competition. Also, Anton Reichel fell at the dreaded Swinging Peg Board.

  1. Gabe Furtado, 32 year old Shoe Salesman

Gabe’s family lost everything in a fire a couple of years ago. So Gabe’s running in American Ninja Warrior helped them raise money to earn it all back.

Furtado became the 3rd man to get past the Swinging Head Board. Then, he took his time on Stair Hopper and became the first on the night to complete it.

To finish off his run, Gabe went up 30 feet of Elevator Climb only to fall five feet short of finishing.

Despite coming up just short, Furtado will be moving on to the National Finals.

  1. Charlie Andrews, 22 year old MIT Student

Andrews, the number 18 qualifier, has been training with Ninja star Josh Levin for 12 years.

And just like that qualifying run, Andrews made up the Warped Wall (but with a faster time this time).

The MIT mind of Andrews showed in his strategy on the Peg Board as he became the fourth man to complete the obstacle.

In fact, Charlie would make it all the way to the Elevator Climb, and he made it all the way to the top.

Charlie Andrews, Course Completed, 5:02.21

  1. Rebekah Bonilla, 30 year old Real Estate Agent

Rebekah trains with Adam Ryal, the number two finisher from the qualifying round, in Phoenix. Bonilla herself was the number four female to qualify.

Rebekah made it to Battering Ram once again, the obstacle she fell on in qualifying.

But it would not hold her back this time.

Bonilla made it all the way to the Warped Wall, where she climbed to the top on her second try (now 7 women have made it to the top of the Wall).

Rebekah’s run would not end until Swinging Peg Board, a run that moved her on into the National Finals.

After the break, Allan Conneally fell on the Battering Ram. Brian Wilczewski and Robin Pietschmann both made it past the Swinging Peg Board before falling on Stair Hopper.

  1. Josh Levin, 23 year old Engineering Student

Josh’s journey was eerily similar to his friend and training partner, Charlie Andrews.

And just like Charlie, Josh hit the buzzer, becoming the 2nd man on the night to do so.

Josh Levin, Course Completed, 6:27.98

After the break, Daniel Moreno broke through on the Warped Wall, an obstacle he couldn’t complete in qualifying. But he fell at the Salmon Ladder. Meanwhile, Flip Rodriguez made it all the way to the Elevator Climb before falling halfway up.

  1. Adam Rayl, 23 year old Concrete Worker

In only his second season, LA’s number 2 qualifier made his way easily to the Swinging Peg Board.

In fact, the Peg Board and Stair Hopper, obstacles that have been claiming ninjas all night, we’re handled easily by the 2nd year phenom.

Adam made it to the top of Elevator Climb, becoming the night’s 3rd finisher and setting the night’s fastest time.

Adam Rayl, Course Completed, 5:07.92

  1. Sean Bryan, 31 year old Catholic Worker

“The Faithful Ninja,” LA’s fifth qualifier, was very measured in his approach through the course as he took his time to catch his breath and assessed each obstacle.

Bryan clinched a spot in Vegas after completing Swinging Peg Board (And by the way, according to Akbar, Sean is now the “PayPal Ninja” because he’s so money).

“The Faithful Ninja” made it all the way to the Elevator Climb and just barely beat out Adam Rayl for the night’s fastest time.

Sean Bryan, Course Completed, 5:07.22

After the break, April Steiner Bennett, the Olympic Pole Vaulter, just missed qualifying, sending Zhanique Lovett to Vegas.

Also after the break, David Campbell fell on Swinging Peg Board, putting him squarely on the bubble for Vegas.

  1. Grant McCartney, 28 year old Flight Attendant

After some dancing on the top of Warped Wall, McCartney moved on to the Salmon Ladder, an obstacle that’s given “The Island Ninja” trouble. And it did just that this season. LA’s top qualifier will not be going to Vegas.

Your Vegas Qualifiers From Los Angeles Are….

  1. Sean Bryan
  2. Adam Rayl
  3. Charlie Andrews
  4. Josh Levin

Failed on Elevator Climb

  1. Flip Rodriguez
  2. Gabe Hurtado

Failed on Stair Hopper

  1. Brian Wilczewski
  2. Kevin Bull
  3. Robin Pietschmann
  4. Jackson Meyer

Failed on Swinging Peg Board

  1. Kapu Gaison
  2. Steve Seiver
  3. Benjamin Humphrys
  4. Nick Hanson
  5. David Campbell

Female Qualifiers….

  1. Rebekah Bonilla (Failed on Swinging Peg Board)
  2. Zhanique Lovett (Failed on the Warped Wall)

 The City Finals continue next week with San Antonio. See you then!!!

Photo Credit: Ryan Tuttle/NBC | 2017 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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