TV Recap: S02E12 – American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids 2020

American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids Season 2 2020, Episode 12

It’s time for the third quarterfinal episode of American Ninja Warrior Jr!!!

All the winners from the previous three episodes return to compete in the quarterfinal round, with the winner of each division advancing to the finals at the end of the season.

9-10 Year Old Division (Ninja Mentor: Barclay Stockett)

The course: Shrinking Steps, Little Dipper, Spider Walls, Block Run, Flying Squirrel, 13 Foot Warped Wall (with two hand holds)

Wildcard Race: Trinity Rocho vs Jax Neubaeur

Trinity won the first race between these two, but Jax has a slightly better best time.

Trinity took the early lead.

Jax stayed close behind, but had a small slipup on Spider Walls.

Pushing to catchup, Jax slipped and fell on Flying Squirrel.

Trinity went ahead and finished the course, hitting the buzzer and advancing to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Matchup #1: Owen Pham vs Carter Samuel

Owen raced out to a fast start as Carter surprisingly went down on the very first obstacle.

Owen finished the course with his best time as he moved onto the Final Showdown.

Quarterfinal Matchup #2: Brynli Smith vs Trinity Rocho

Brynli won the first matchup between these two.

The pair were even going into the Little Dipper.

But once again, the Little Dipper took out another ninja, with Trinity falling on the 2nd obstacle.

Brynli finished the course and moved onto the Final Showdown.

11-12 Year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Grant McCartney)

The course: Shrinking Steps, Little Dipper, Double Tilt Ladders, Block Run, Wing Nuts, 13 foot Warped Wall (one hand hold)

Wildcard Race: Carson Dean vs Jack David

The soccer star vs the basketball star…

This race was tight after two obstacles.

On Double Tilt Ladders, Carson slipped and fell.

Jack moved onto the quarterfinals with his best time of the competition so far.

Quarterfinal Matchup #1: Lexi Vasquez vs Jordan Carr

A battle of unbeatens with Lexi holding the faster time while Jordan holds the advantage in height.

Jordan built a nice lead after two obstacles.

Lexi was not far behind, but Jordan kept her advantage, showing her superior climibing skills on the Double Tilt Ladders.

The race came down to the Flying Squirrel, where Lexi nearly caught up to the “Gritty Ninja.”

But Jordan held the lead and hit the buzzer a split second before Lexi to move onto the Final Showdown.

Quarterfinal Matchup #2: Sean Arms vs Jack David

Jack made up for a stumble on Double Tilt Ladders with a quick dismount.

Jack took the lead all the way into Flying Squirrel.

That lead only grew as Jack made another quick dismount on his way to the Final Showdown, defeating last season’s 9-10 year old runner-up.

13-14 year old Division (Ninja Mentor: Meagan Martin)

The course: Floating Steps, Little Dipper, Crazy Cliffhanger, Block Run, Sky Hooks, 13-foot Warped Wall (no hand holds)

Wildcard Race: Ella McRitchie vs Caleb Brown

A pair of finalists in the 11-12 year old division from last season meet in the wildcard round.

Caleb raced out to the early lead.

Ella stayed close behind, making up a little time on the Crazy Cliffhanger.

But Caleb made quick work of the Sky Hooks, hit the buzzer, and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Matchup #1: Josiah Pippel vs Vance Walker

The champ is here!!!! Well, defending champ that is.

But he’s got a tough draw here against Josiah.

Josiah had a little stumble on Little Dipper.

And that stumble was all the defending champ needed to take the race.

Vance hit the buzzer and advanced to the Final Showdown with the fastest time by any ninja in this competition so far.

Quarterfinal Matchup #2: Josh Auer vs Caleb Brown

A pair of season 1 semifinalists are meeting here.

Caleb was in the lead following Little Dipper.

That lead only grew as the “Bathrobe Ninja” struggled a bit with Crazy Cliffhanger.

Josh made a desperate move to catchup on the Sky Hooks, but he slipped and fell.

Caleb hit the buzzer and advanced to the Final Showdown.

9-10 year old Final Showdown: Owen Pham vs Brynli Smith

A battle of unbeatens for a spot in the Finals.

Both ninjas came out fast.

Brynli had the lead after the 2nd obstacle.

That lead grew slightly going into the Flying Squirrel.

But Owen moved quickly through the fifth obstacle to pass Brynli on his way to the Finals!!!

Owen will join Nathanael Honvou (who he will meet in his next race) and Daniel Woods in the Grand Finale!!!

11-12 year old Final Showdown: Jordan Carr vs Jack David

Jack had a slight lead going into the Double Tilt Ladders.

The third obstacle is Jordan’s best and she came out of it with the lead.

But Jordan stumbled and fell on Block Run.

Jack finished the course and moved onto the Grand Finale!!!!

Jack joins Sienna Perez (his opponent in the next race) and Tate Allen in the Grand Finale!!!

13-14 year old Final Showdown: Vance Walker vs Caleb Brown

Can Caleb take down the defending champ in a rematch from qualifying???

Caleb had a slight edge going into Crazy Cliffhanger.

But Vance took over the race on the third obstacle.

He raced quickly onto the Sky Hooks.

And while Caleb stayed close behind, Vance’s usual quick work of the fifth obstacle kept Vance on top.

Both times were sub 30 seconds, but it’s the defending champ who moves on!!!

Vance joins Devan Alexander (Vance’s next opponent) and Kaden Lebsack in the Grand Finale!!!

Advancing to the Finals:

9-10 year old division: Owen Pham

11-12 year old division: Jack David

13-14 year old division: Vance Walker

Come back next week when the final round of qualifiers begins.





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