TV Recap: American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship 2021

Hello again!!!

It’s almost time for a new season of American Ninja Warrior. And the upcoming Season 13 will look far more (though not exactly) like previous seasons than last season’s COVID-19 adjusted season.

But before we get to that, we’ve got a special women’s competition of American Ninja Warrior that was filmed in the COVID bubble in St. Louis last year.

Here’s the format:

Twelve of ANW’s best female competitors will face the qualifying course.

The top six will move onto the expanded ten obstacle course.

The top four finishers of round two will then race head-to-head on the Power Tower with the winner taking home $50,000 and the tournament championship.

The Qualifying Course:

Shrinking Steps, Off the Hook, the Beehive, Burn Rubber, Sideways, Warped Wall

Ashley McConville, 20-year-old College Student

McConville, a ninja superfan since she was 13, chose ninja over gymnastics when the age limit to compete was lowered to 19.

McConville moved quickly through the first two obstacles.

And it was smooth sailing as McConville moved past the Beehive and Spinning Bridge.

But halfway through Sideways, McConville slipped and fell.

We’ll see if making it to obstacle five is enough tonight.

Sandy Zimmerman, 44-year-old PE Teacher

Zimmerman’s family have all (and still do) competed in ninja competitions.

And Zimmerman is also here competing on her wedding anniversary (22 years together!!!)

Zimmerman took her time to stick the landing on Off the Hook. And she completed obstacle two flawlessly.

Zimmerman picked up the pace on the next two obstacles.

The first mom to ever complete a ninja course set herself up nicely with a perfect pursuit through Sideways.

And after climbing the Warped Wall, Zimmerman added another buzzer to her resume.

Sandy Zimmerman completes the course in 03:07.62.

Michelle Warnky Buurma, 36-year-old Gym Owner

Warnky may not be running the course for awhile after this, as she and her new husband plan to try and start a family after this run.

Unfortunately, it was not Warnky’s best run as she fell on the Beehive.

Tiana Webberley, 28-year-old Stuntwoman

Tiana thanks here mom and grandmother for inspiring her to be what she is today.

And her grandmother (also known as Mor Mor) was expected to die at 40 with MS. She’s alive at 89 today!!!

Coming off her first buzzer ever last season, Webberley came up a little short on the platform of Off the Hook.

She completed the obstacle, however, and put together a great time on the next two obstacles.

Another save was needed right at the end of Sideways.

But “Sweet T” held on and mad her way up the Warped Wall with the night’s fastest time so far.

Tiana Webberley completes the course in 2:26.25.

During the break…

Jeri D’Aurelio fell on the Beehive.

Mady Howard completed the course in 2:12.02 (the night’s fastest time so far!!!).

Meagan Martin, 30-year-old Fitness Model

Martin is currently on a four-year drought without a buzzer.

No issues for Martin through the first two obstacles.

Martin took the deliberate approach as she moved flawlessly through the Beehive.

Then, Martin overcame the obstacle that took her out in the Semifinals in Season 12 (Burn Rubber).

Martin made a fingertip save on Sideways on her way to completing the fifth obstacle.

And after Martin climbed the Wall, the drought was officially over!!!

Meagan Martin completes the course in 03:04.43.

Round 2 Update: Mady Howard has clinched her spot in Round 2.

During the break…

Rachel Goldstein fell on Bee Hive, clinching a spot in Round 2 for “Sweet T!!!”

Alyssa Beird, 30-year-old Teacher

Beird came out with a quick pace completing the first half of the course in great time.

Beird moved past Burn Rubber in three bounds.

Beird took her time on Sideways and it nearly paid off.

But Beird couldn’t hang on and fell on the last rotating board of the obstacle.

Round 2 Update: Meagan Martin joins Howard and Webberley in the next round.

Jessie Graff, 37-year-old Stuntwoman

Graff’s performance on ANW got her a job working on Wonder Woman 1984.

And Patty Jenkins (the director of that movie) is looking on.

Graff got off to a great start completing the first two obstacles with ease.

The strong pace continued as Graff bounded her way to Sideways.

Graff showed no issues on Sideways and as she made her way up the Warped Wall…

Graff clinched a spot in Round 2!!!

Jessie Graff completes the course in 2:50.48.

During the break…

Zhanique Lovett fell on the Bee Hive, clinching a spot for Sandy Zimmerman in Round 2.

Jesse Labreck, 30-year-old Gym Manager

Labreck qualified for the Power Tower in Season 12.

And if she completes Sideways, (or gets there in less than 58 seconds) she advances to Round 2.

But “Flex” hesitated before approaching Burn Rubber, meaning she has to complete obstacle five to move on to the next round.

Labreck went reverse in the middle of Sideways and it saved her some time.

But she slipped and fell on the last panel of sideways.

Fortunately for “Flex,” she fell on the proper side of the board and hit the platform instead of the water.

The break for Labreck allowed her to hit the buzzer with the fastest time in the qualifying round.

Jesse Labreck completes the course in 2:04.23.

Round 2 qualifiers

1 Jesse Labreck

2 Mady Howard

3 Tiana Webberley

4 Jessie Graff

5 Meagan Martin

6 Sandy Zimmerman

Round 2 Course:

Shrinking Steps, Off the Hook, the Beehive, Burn Rubber, Sideways, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Corkscrew, The Dungeon, Spider Trap

Mady Howard, 25 -year-old ICU Nurse

Howard is only in her 2nd year, but many star ninjas are singing her praises.

And Howard looked very comfortable on the first four obstacles.

After climbing the Warped Wall again, Howard moved onto the 2nd half of the course.

Howard put the Salmon Ladder behind her and approached Corkscrew, the obstacle that took out many ninjas during Season 12.

But Howard handled both wheels and completed the 8th obstacle.

Howard made it all the way to the last pegs on the Dungeon.

But her arms gave out and Howard fell just before she could make the dismount.

Sandy Zimmerman (joined in progress)

Zimmerman climbed the Warped Wall and prepped herself for the second half of the course.

After completing Salmon Ladder, Zimmerman took aim at Corkscrew.

After lots of spinning, Zimmerman put obstacle eight behind her.

Zimmerman did fall in the middle of the dungeon. She’s now in the clubhouse just behind Howard due to time.

Jesse Labreck (joined in progress)

Labreck made much easier work on Sideways this time and made her way to the 2nd half of the course.

Labreck completed this course in Season 12. We’ll see if the experience pays off.

After completing Corkscrew, “Flex” took on the Dungeon. And completing the 9th obstacle would send Labreck onto the Power Tower.

And she did it!!!

Now, does she have the energy to complete the Spider Trap again??

Labreck’s foot started slipping.

But she kept fighting all the way up to the 35-foot mark.

However, Labreck slipped and fell just before the finish.

Meagan Martin (joined in progress)

Martin is engaged!!!

And she gave her fiancé a scare as she nearly fell on the end of Burn Rubber.

But Martin hung on and completed the first part of the course.

After completing the Salmon Ladder, Martin held on through the spins of Corkscrew to move onto the Dungeon.

And after completing the Dungeon, Martin advanced to the Power Tower and made it to the 10th obstacle for the first time ever.

Martin was having fun for sure during her Round 2 run.

And she rode that spirit all the way to the top of the Spider Trap and hit her first ever 10 obstacle buzzer!!!

Meagan Martin completes the course in 7:14.41.

Tianna Webberley (joined in progress)

Webberley hit the Corkscrew needing to complete obstacle 8 in 30 seconds to qualify for the Power Tower.

And she did it (five seconds ahead of Howard)!!!

In fact, “Sweet T” was looking great on the Dungeon.

But her hands slipped and fell on the last pegs of Obstacle 9.

Jesse Graff

If she can make it past Corkscrew in 4:30 or complete the Dungeon, Graff will advance to the Power Tower.

Graff kept a quick pace through the first four obstacles.

But Graff got stuck in the middle of Sideways and shockingly fell on obstacle five.

Onto the Power Tower

1 Meagan Martin

2 Jesse Labreck

3 Tianna Webberly

4 Mady Howard

1 Meagan Martin vs 4 Mady Howard

It was even after the stairs.

Martin took the lead down the Pole.

But Howard fought back to keep it close as the pair climbed the 40 feet.

And in the end, it was Martin who hit the buzzer to move onto the final race!!!

2 Jesse Labreck vs 3 Tianna Webberly

The two were even up the stairs.

“Sweet T” took the lead on the steps.

But Labreck caught up and passed her up the pole.

And “Flex” kept the lead all the way to the buzzer!!!

1 Meagan Martin vs 2 Jesse Labreck

It all comes down to one final run on the Power Tower!!!

Labreck took the lead on the stairs.

But by the time they made it to the pole, they were even.

The duo took turns with the lead on the final stretch.

Labreck had the lead until Martin took one swing instead of two on the final section.

The risk paid off and Martin passed Labreck on her way to the $50,000 and the Women’s Championship!!!

Meagan Martin wins the ANW Women’s Championship!!!

That will do it for the first ever Women’s Championship. Join us May 31st for the 13th Season of American Ninja Warrior!!!

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