TV Recap: American Ninja Warrior 2022 Women’s Championship

American Ninja Warrior 2022 Women’s Championships

The premiere of American Ninja Warrior’s 14th season is coming up on June 6th.

But like previous seasons, ANW filmed a couple of bonus episodes last season to air before the start of the new season.

This week’s bonus episode is the Women’s Championship.

Here’s the format:

Twelve women will run the six obstacle round one course.

Then, the top six will move onto round two.

And the final four will compete on the Power Tower to determine the women’s champion.

The ninjas who are taking part in the American Ninja Warrior Championship in 2022 are:

  • Allyssa Beird
  • Barclay Stockett
  • Casey Rothschild
  • Jeri D’Aurelio
  • Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck
  • Meagan Martin
  • Megan Rowe
  • Michelle Warnky-Burma
  • Rachel DeGutz
  • Sandy Zimmerman
  • Tiana Webberly
  • Zhanique Lovett

Round One

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Lunatic Ledges, Barrel Roll, Diamond Dash, Wall to Wall, Warped Wall

Michelle Warnky-Burma, 36-year-old Gym Owner

Warnky-Burma was the 2nd woman in history to complete an extended 10 obstacle course back in 2019.

Warnky-Burma just did hold the platform on Lunatic Ledges.

But she missed the platform completely on Barrell Roll.

Megan Rowe, 24-year-old Barista

Rowe broke out last season with an appearance in the National Finals.

Rowe did the near splits as she completed Barrel Roll.

And speaking of Barrell Rolls, Rowe did one to finish Diamond Dash.

Those were the only missteps on Rowe’s way to hitting the buzzer.

Megan Rowe completes the course in 2:39.67.

Barclay Stockett, 26-year-old Gymnastics Coach

Stockett returned to compete last season after taking 2020 off.

“The Sparkly Ninja” took a quick pace into the first two obstacles.

And Stockett made effective use of the butt landing to finish Barrell Roll.

The three-time national finalist nearly made it to the Warped Wall but slipped on the last part of Wall to Wall.

We’ll see if she made it far enough to advance to the 2nd Round.

Zhanique Lovett, 34-year-old Personal Trainer

Lovett’s goal for this run is to hit her first ever buzzer.

Lovett got off to a solid start on the first two obstacles.

Lovett used her fingertips on obstacle three and just kept her balance long enough to stay alive on Diamond Dash.

And after getting past obstacle five, Lovett was ready to hit that first buzzer.

And she did it with the top time of the night so far!!!

Zhanique Lovett completes the course in 2:36.58.

During the break…

Jeri D’Aurelio fell on the first obstacle.

Allyssa Beird stumbled her way to a buzzer!!!

Sandy Zimmerman, 44-year-old PE Teacher

A tree took out Zimmerman’s ninja course this year.

So, a group of ninjas and other friends in the Spokane community helped Zimmerman rebuild it.

The first mom to ever hit a buzzer had no issues with the first part of the course.

But things were not as smooth on Wall to Wall, where Zimmerman nearly fell on the middle wall.

However, Zimmerman just barely hung on and completed the obstacle.

Holding on to complete the fifth obstacle took a lot of energy out of Zimmerman.

So much so that she wasn’t able to make it up the Warped Wall.

During the break…

Rachel DeGutz fell on the 2nd obstacle.

Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck, 31-year-old Gym Owner

LaBreck overcome the hurdle of Stage One at the National Finals last season.

She also was the runner-up to Meagan Martin in last season’s women’s championship.

No woman has hit more buzzers than ‘Flex.’

And this run would be no different as LaBreck finished with the top time of qualifying and a guaranteed spot in the 2nd round.

Jesse LaBreck completes the course in 1:54.43.

Casey Rothschild, 22-year-old Business Analyst

Rothschild founded Queer Ninjas Unite, a support group of LGBTQ ninjas.

Rothschild qualified for the National Finals for the first time last season.

And that momentum carried over to the first half of the course here.

Rothschild’s pace put her in position to get the fastest time in the first round.

And she was still in contention despite a rocky trip through Wall to Wall.

After getting over the panel of the fifth obstacle, Rothschild climbed the wall and hit the buzzer with the fastest time and a spot in the 2nd round.

Casey Rothschild completes the course in 1:41.42.

During the break…

Tiana Webberly made it to the Warped Wall but was unable to get to the top.

Meagan Martin, 31-year-old Sports Commentator

The champ is here!!!!

Martin is here to defend her title from last season.

And a buzzer (or possibly just completing the fifth obstacle) will keep Martin’s title defense alive.

Martin looked the part of champ on the first part of the course.

Martin did have some issues on the second part.

There was stumble on Diamond Dash (though she made the platform).

There was a slower than usual Wall to Wall.

Time became such that Martin had to hit a buzzer if she wanted to advance.

And she did it, moving onto the 2nd round!!!

Meagan Martin completes the course in 3:00.51.

Moving onto the 2nd round

  1. Casey Rothschild
  2. Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck
  3. Zhanique Lovett
  4. Megan Rowe
  5. Alyssa Beird
  6. Meagan Martin

2nd Round

The Course: Shrinking Steps, Lunatic Ledges, Barrel Roll, Diamond Dash, Wall to Wall, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Crazy Clocks, Split Decision (The Invertor or the Diving Boards), Spider Trap

Alyssa Beird

Beird credits her mom’s support for her ninja career.

Unlike round 1, Beird landed on her feet on both the third and fourth obstacles.

But the landing was not smooth on obstacle 5, which left a mark on Beird’s knee.

Beird advanced to the 2nd half of the course where she made it all the way to Split Decision and chose the Invertor.

Diving Boards gave Beird some bad memories from the All-Star Special back in 2020.

But Beird fell on the Invertor as well.

We’ll see if that’s enough to get Beird to the Power Tower.

Megan Rowe

Much like round 1, Rowe had no issues with the first half of the course.

And Rowe kept pushing forward after a minor correction on Salmon Ladder.

Rowe was having such a good time on the course that she performed a tumbling pass after Crazy Clocks.

Then, Rowe took a big leap on the last Diving Board of obstacle nine to move onto the final obstacle.

And after making it up the Spider Trap, Megan became the night’s first finisher on Round Two!!!

Megan Rowe completes the course in 6:25.21.

During the break…

Casey Rothschild fell on Salmon Ladder.

Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck

As expected, LaBreck had few issues with the first half of the course.

After completing Crazy Clocks, LaBreck clinched her spot in the Power Tower playoffs.

On Split Decision, ‘Flex’ chose the upper body heavy Invertor obstacle and completed it.

And for the fourth time, LaBreck hit a buzzer on a 10-obstacle course!!!

Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck completes the course in 5:33.85.

During the break…

Zhanique Lovett fell on the Salmon Ladder.

Meagan Martin

If Martin completes Salmon Ladder, she’s through to the Power Tower.

And following a minor stumble on Diamond Dash, Martin moved past Salmon Ladder to get there.

After qualifying for the Power Tower, Martin chose the Invertor on Split Decision…

And she completed it!!!

It was a labor to get there, but Martin became the third woman tonight (that’s a first) to hit a buzzer on the 10-obstacle course.

Meagan Martin completes the course in (time not given).

Moving onto the Power Tower Playoff

  1. Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck
  2. Megan Rowe
  3. Meagan Martin
  4. Alyssa Beird

Power Tower Playoff

Megan Rowe vs Meagan Martin

Can the upstart take down the defending champ?

Rowe took a slight lead early.

But Martin passed her on the Ring Drop.

That lead only grew as Rowe got stuck on the Ring.

The champ coasted to victory and advanced to the championship race.

Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck vs Alyssa Beird

LaBreck has competed on the tower several times in the past. This will be Beird’s first attempt.

The pair was near even at the start.

But just like the first race, the Ring was where LaBreck pulled away.

And ‘Flex’ coasted to a rematch from last season.

Meagan Martin vs Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck

Martin was up by just a nose at the start.

But on the Ring, ‘Flex’ attacked with purpose and threatened to pull away.

Martin closed the gap. But while trying to catch up, Martin fell right before the platform.

LaBreck hit the buzzer and took home the 2022 ANW Women’s Championship!!!

Your American Ninja Warrior Women’s Champion: Jesse ‘Flex’ LaBreck


Image credit NBC.

Image credit NBC.

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