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Ninja Warrior Playground Super Hero Ninja Warrior Competition 2018

June 30, 2018 - July 1, 2018 | Cost TBA
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Calling Athletes of all kinds, Are you ready to show the world your superpowers? Well I hope so.

This will be a full 4 Stage Ninja Warrior Competition, where each stage is designed to test your might in different styles of character movement. As well as force you to determine whether you are in fact a superhero or a supervillain. Each course will have difficult decisions to make, which will take you down different paths, and ultimately see who has what it takes to truly be a Super Hero.

Everyone has superpowers, but it’s how we use them that defines us as a hero or villain. As we geeks have seen, everyone has the ability to change and make a different decision at every crossroads, however if you stray down that path too long you will lose the ability to become the TOP SUPERHERO. Ultimately we are defined by our actions, so each stage you will have to prove who you are. Everyone will get the opportunity to compete in each stage, there will be no eliminations.

Standard Ninja Warrior Rules apply, farthest the fastest. Stages will have between 6-10 obstacles and each stage will have a designated time to beat (consider a standard comic explosive situation to either survive or save the day). After each stage the decisions you made will place you on either the hero side or the villain side. Top hero and villain will receive fun prizes and everyone will be awarded points, based on their position. Points from each stage will be accumulated and used to determine who is in fact the Top SuperHero and Top SuperVillain in the end. In order to be considered for the Top SuperHero prize a competitor must have competed as a hero in at least 3 of the courses. Same goes to those competing for Top SuperVillain, you must have at least 3 villain courses. Those competitors who split 2/2 will resort back to most recent [stage 4] decision (hero/villain)

Kids Competition Details

16 & up

Prizes & Awards


Event Schedule

Saturday Stage 1 – Agility based course Stage 2 – Power based course Sunday Stage 3 – Endurance based course Stage 4 – All around Hero course


June 30, 2018
July 1, 2018


Ninja Warrior Playground (East Coast Gymnastics)
370 Gateway Dr., Suite 5
Winchester, VA 22603 United States
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